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04-03-2009, 14:20
Well today I'll be playing against a new deamon player, the problem is that my chariots and BSB are 450 km away...

The answer? Time to try out my magic heavy list :D

So here's the list: (Trying to stay as close to my all-comers as possible)

(Storak)Lvl 4 great shaman w/ staff of baduum, power stone, itty ring
(ShroomyLvl 2 night goblin shaman w/ 3 magic mushrooms
(Grumpy)Lvl 2 goblin shaman w/ horn of urgok
(Welpsly)Lvl 2 night goblin shaman w/ staff of sneaky stealing

25 savage orcs w/ spears and full command
25 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
25 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
25 boyz w/ shield, banner
25 boyz w/ shield, banner
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician

2 spear chukkas
2 spear chukkas

Doom diver

Total: 1997

I'm not totally sure what list she will be using but I know she has at least these models to pick from:

Lord of change
Keeper of secrets
Those mount deamonettes

I'll obviously post the list when I do up the report.

In the mean time make your bet and we'll see if Storak can start his reign with a win :D

Gharof von Carstein
04-03-2009, 15:20
simple...tha chuck will prevail!

all kidding aside this might have a chance against daemons. you have enough PD and DD to run with him in the magic phase and enough units to hold him off.

04-03-2009, 15:32
Is this the former WE player?

04-03-2009, 15:33
You have a good chance of winning if you get Bash'em Ladz. If you don't, it will be more difficult...

04-03-2009, 15:46
Think that's a goo list to deal with Daemons, give em a beating!

04-03-2009, 16:09
Is this the former WE player?

Yup, that's her.

04-03-2009, 16:37
Yup, that's her.

Congrats on the win !

04-03-2009, 16:54
Now now, lets be fair. Wood elves aren't exactly a beginners army (other than a tree army).

You mess up with woodelves and you're toast. You mess up with deamons and you're probably still ok. (They are kinda like the space marines of 40k.)

04-03-2009, 18:11
That is very true, still you'll win :)

04-03-2009, 19:54
even with demons being a forgiving army, I'll give you the vote of confidence on this one.

04-03-2009, 20:08
I would have changed my vote if I had known that it was the WE player.

Daemons are undoubtedly in a whole different league than Orcs, but Malorian so far outclasses his opponent's in skill that he should easily be able to win. Only way I can foresee it going differently is if he has to roll on the Orc magic miscast table or he fails a bunch of fear tests.

05-03-2009, 00:30
Yeah, since it's her, it's less of a "who will win", and more of a "what turn will she give up". I say Malorian's turn 3.

05-03-2009, 04:53
Well at the tmie I'm writing this the votes are: 11-Orcs 9-Deamons 3-Tie 6-Chuck

Her list was:

Lord of change w/ power vortex
(Ninja) herald of khorne
herald of slaanesh
*there was a scroll somewhere*

20 deamonettes w/ full command, siren standard
20 bloodletters w/ full command, icon of endless war
20 bloodletters w/ full command

8 seekers
8 seekers


The board was 6X4. I had a long hill at the back of my deployment zone and there was a forest on either flank.

She deployed from left to right: seekers, bloodletters w/ skulltaker, deamonettes w/ herald, bloodletters, lord of change, fiend, and the other seekers on the other flank.

I deployed from left to rigth: the three shamans, wolves, orcs, orcs, troll, orcs w/ Storak, savage orcs, wolves. the warmachines were all on the hill with the doom diver in the center.

She won first turn.

Pre-game thoughts: The plan was simple, shoot the hell out of the lord of change, the blocks on the wings should be able to handle the seekers, the savage orcs will shredthe right bloodletters and I'll just slow down and deal with the rest.

Turn 1 Deamons:

Line moves up with the fiend and LoC moving to just left of the right trees. The left seekers moved all the way to my line on the left and sweeped around the flank on the right. In the magic phase flickering fire killed a couple savage orcs.

Turn 1 Orcs:

Both outer units squabble, but troll passes stupidity. The inner left block charges the left seekers with the troll hitting the flank. The shaman start making their way to the trees. Storak leaves the unit. The right wolves move to block the seekers. I get off bach em lads on the orcs and the get off the horn. Then between foot of gork, a direct hit of the doom diver, and all four spear chukkas (3 needing 3+) I do ZERO wounds to the lord of change (grumble grumble). In combat the seekers kill 1 oc before going pop. The troll overruns and ends up just in front of skulltaker.

Turn 2 Deamons:

With a nice high roll for the icon of endless war the right bloodletters, along with the fiend, charge my savage orcs, Skulltakers unit charges the troll, and the seekers charge my wolves (who amazingly pass their fear test). The deamonettes move up a bit and the LoC flies to my left flank. Flickering fire kills a couple of orcs. In combat the wolves are slaughtered, the troll is slaughtered and the unit overruns just enough to his my outer left unit, then the worst happens: ninja herald of khorne!!! I knew my savage orcs could handle a unit of bloodletters and even with the fiend added in I'd be fine, but I hadn't noticed the herald of knorne (giving them hatred) which comlpetely changed things. I lose a handful and kill some back (damn ward saves), lose combat but hold.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Terror test passed. The outer right unit squabbles AGAIN. The inner right unit turns to face the right bloodletters flank, and the wolves setup so when skulltakers unit overruns they will hit them and show the outer left unit their flank. Shamans run into the forest. I get the horn off but take a wound. I get off fists of gork on skulltakers unit and kill a few. I cast hand of gork on the unit waiting to hit the flank but it is scrolled. All shooting aims at the LoC and I do one wound (grrrr). In combat the savage orcs lose again but hold, and the I lose against skulltaker but hold.

Turn 3 Deamons:

Deamonettes charge the inner right unit. The LoC charges the far right spear chukka which fails it's terror test and he flies off the table. Seekers reform to face my flank. Without the LoC the magic phase is shut down. In combat the savage orcs are broken and ran down with the fiend hitting the outer right unit. The deamonettes win combat but I hold. Skulltaker wins but I hold.

Turn 3 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing. The horn goes off but I roll a 1 and kill my goblin shaman. Fists of gork kill 5 deamonettes, and the rest is stopped. Warmachines pound the right bloodletters and kill 5. In combat the fiend goes pop, but this time when skulltaker wins my unit fleesand is ran down as they hit the wolves.

Turn 4 Deamons:

Rigth bloodletters charge a spear chukka and the seekers charge the flank of the right orcs. LoC flies over to the left flank (beside the unit waiting to flank skulltaker). Flickering fire goesoff with irresistable force and kills a few orcs. In combat Deamonettes lose and a rank fades away. The seekers break the orcs and run them down stopping at the bloodletters (at this point the doom diver is knocked off the table and breaks into every piece possible). Those bloodletters then easily wipe out the spearchukka and skull taker and his boys wipe out the wolves.

Turn 4 Orcs:

I can't wait to charge skulltakers flank, but the orcs fail their terror test and flee. At this point I give up.

Victory to the deamons! (Storak orcyness is at -1)

Post-game thoughts: Well to start off with, the thing that pisses me off the most is the broken model... man I can't stand it when a painted model breaks... Anyway I really had mixed feelings about the orc magic. I love their spells but killing myself with my own bound item was a real kick in the nutts. Also with no combat characters or chariots to support the blocks it was like my shamans were helpless shepards watching their flock get killed and unabel to do anything about it. Some of those dice rolls went way to her favor but I can't really say it determined the winner of this game. Basicaly I lost because: 1. Although I had the blocks to tie them up in combat I had nothing to win combat with, and 2. not taking the time to realize there was a herald of khorne supporting the other bloodletters (it was placed with the unit, but I still should have looked for myself or asked).

So there you go. Sorry I failed my loyal readers. I'll give it another go when I get my chariots and BSB back.

05-03-2009, 06:14
rough game, but then again... its DoC.
make all checks payable to:
Matt Ward
1234 Borken Army road
Whine-country, uber 133+

05-03-2009, 09:30
I demand a recount!

05-03-2009, 13:49
I scrolled down quickly, triumphantly thinking, "Oh, she made it to turn 4?", and then I saw the truth... wow. Daemons are harsh! ;)

05-03-2009, 14:07
It truely was a beat down and she was obviously very happy. Before this game she had just wiped out the local empire player, meaning so far she is 2-0.

I really have nothing bad to say about her army (other than the ninja herald of knorne) and I'm really looking forward for a rematch with my regular list.

05-03-2009, 14:15
Well it's good she's getting some wins now just a shame its with DoC and not her WE's. DoC are a much better starter army as said though.
The worst thing as far as demon armies goes hers wasn't too bad was it? I mean bad as in "I stand no chance" type of thing.

05-03-2009, 14:25
Unlucky Malorian, that was a pretty tame Daemon list in the whole scope of things but when you think about it, it was a very good list to take against what you had. Normally good Daemon lists avoid big blocks like that but against your Orcs who rely on static res, they could beat you with their few kills plus their own static res of 4.

So overall It wasnt really a beardy list I dont think Selone, despite Skulltaker [nobody for him to kill here anyway] but it was a very effective one when faced with a static res army that Malorian had.

Did she make it with that in mind? Even I thought when I seen the list 'Mal will win this' not because of the player but because of the list, but the more I think about it, its quite effective in this match up.

05-03-2009, 14:26
oh man!! You were so unlucky with shooting, and the horn of urgok

I think the only chance with Orcs v Daemons is magic heavy with orc shamans and lots of power stones. Then hope you Waaagh alot, that way you don't fail fear tests. I think you need the charge on those bloodletters. If you do that though, Orc Chariots instead of spear chukkas

05-03-2009, 14:33
Well, not knowing the player in question, I went with the Daemons this time, and yes, I did vote before the rep was posted. I know some folks do well with greenskins, but I generally fail miserably with them, and I always watch at least one Shaman's head explode (except for the most recent game used them in against my Boy's warriors.) If I had seen the list before voting, I would probably have gone with the Orcs, but such is life.
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05-03-2009, 16:14
win some loose some, no real errors and not to horrific luck on either part? sounds like a proper win to me, and thats a decent demons list, nice mix of hitting power and speed (+magic)

06-03-2009, 09:12
I think one of the major problems with O&G against Daemons and VC is the character match-up. If you go fighty characters, you get out-maged and out-combatted. If you go all mage, you have no hitting power to win the battles with (as you noted). I think chariots is a must against them as well, better get them back.


07-05-2009, 21:42
Huzzah for the Forces of Chaos! Kill those Greenskinned animals...*ahem*

tough luck man <.<

next time you lose to a girl, you could always go to the default excuse of you were too distracted cuz the girl was wearing a low cut shirt or something lol

and if that doesnt work say you were admiring the daemonette models i dont know :P

Ultimo ninja
08-05-2009, 14:39
I suggest Grimgor, black orks, max spear chuckas , 2 scroll caddies, and boar chariots. Throw in a Giant too. You might be able to beat her then.

08-05-2009, 18:39
I suggest Grimgor, black orks, max spear chuckas , 2 scroll caddies, and boar chariots. Throw in a Giant too. You might be able to beat her then.

reading comprehension fail!

vinny t
09-05-2009, 16:17
What is the ninja herald of khorne?

09-05-2009, 17:25
What is the ninja herald of khorne?
by the sounds of it a herald that was not spotted by OP, which ment a block of savage orks that looked like winning lost

warlord hack'a
10-05-2009, 22:41
yep, your list was not realy balanced, for which you gave the explanation.. If you go magic heavy you need something to stall the enemy, like fanatics, or snot blocks.. In your case you had no stallers and no punch in CC.

Looking forward to the rematch!

10-05-2009, 23:38
I'm confused about that. Did she not announce what her characters were and where they were when she placed them? Or did he just forget it was there cause it didn't stand out alot from the regular rank/file in the unit?

I'm guessing he just forgot and the model just didn't stand out enough for him to remember.

In games I play, me and my opponents are constantly asking what characters are in units, even when there's a model that stands out, you can forget what it is(hero? champ? general?) during the game pretty easily.

17-05-2009, 00:29
Chuck Norris wins again.

17-05-2009, 14:16
To be fair, if someone is using the proper model (not a conversion/proxy) i wouldn't expect them to highlight where it is. So although the herald of khorne was unexpected, it was probably fair.

Poor Mal however, didn't notice/ask, so those orcs got mashed into the ground.