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04-03-2009, 16:02
I am planning on going to a tournament soon with this army:
Slann with +1 die and all spells, cup of the old ones, BSB
Priest on EotG with Diadem and Dispel Scroll
Scar Vet with Scimitar, LA, Shield
10 Skinks Skirmishing with Blowpipe
10 Skinks Skirmishing with Blowpipe
21 Saurus with Full command
16 Temple Guard with Full Command and Hornet sword on the champ
3 Terradons
1 Stegadon
2 Salamanders
1 Salamander with extra handler

I have been thinking about lore choices a lot. Pretty much obvious choice is to take the lore that is often seen to be the best against the particular army, like metal against Dwarfs and such.

Another thought i had was to take death pretty much always and try to really hammer my opponents leadership with my slann and cause panic checks with my sallies.

Also, I thought about taking life mostly, and especially against gun lines to use the rain and help keep my steggies alive from war machines.

What does everyone else think?

04-03-2009, 18:29
Life is very strong against an army with a high missile component (especially if you take Focus - you've got Howler to keep the core of the army completely safe from missile troops while you get into position and Rain Lord to deal well with cannons and gunpowder troops, but you've also got Master of Stone, which is brilliant when they try and castle up on a hill.

The healing spell's pretty good too if one of your stegs takes a cannonball to the face...

Von Wibble
04-03-2009, 19:37
The annoying thing about Howler wind though is that if the enemy doesn't stop it he can dispel in his own turn because its RIP not lasts one turn. And if he has enough missile fire to matter he will do this. That said, life is a nice lore, though terrain obviously needs to be considered.

Personally my favourites are beasts and metal. Beasts is great against uber cavalry blocks and has a movement spell too. Metal is particularly good against Chaos and Brets, a major advantage being it has no bad spells at all (only if the enemy has no chariots or war machines). Fire and light are nice vs Daemons with so many flaming spells to stop plaguebearers.

Death is OK - I've always considered it overrated mind. Too much doesn't work vs ITP for example. Same with Shadow- overrated.

Heavens is very good but you already have it on your priest so it isn't needed again.

Da Black Gobbo
04-03-2009, 21:19

--Brets (other cavalry heavy armies): beasts or metal (due to good armour saves)
--Daemons-Undead: Light
--Elves-humans-goblin-skavens: fire
--Low Ld armies: shadow
--Dwarves: Metal.

05-03-2009, 02:05
Doing it by race is kinda silly, it's way more situational than that. Metal can be extremely useful against almost every race except Demons, assuming they have anything with 3+ or better armor. Limiting it to Dwarfs and Chaos is wasting a lot of good opportunities! Spirit of the Forge can devastate anything with medium/heavy armor. Treemen especially! Distillation of Molten Silver is good (2d6 S4 spells are very desirable), Transmutation of Lead can take the teeth out of almost any combat unit (Wardancers for example, but anything that relies on pure damage to win fights), Commandment of Brass can be a lifesaver at times, and Law of Gold can be fun if it neuters a magic banner or something. Strongly consider this lore, even against Elves.

Anyway I think Light and Metal are two of the best rounded lores out there. They both have direct damage (flaming!!) attacks and some good unit buff/debuff/support spells as well. Very versatile.

Life is also good, nice to heal nearby Stegs. Fire is straight-forward and one of the best if your opponent has no magic defense. Every spell is useful and if you could cast all but Flaming Sword in one phase then you would be quite happy with the results.

I wouldn't bother taking Heavens on a Slaan, because Skinks have it covered. It's a nice Lore, but your L2-3 dude on the Engine has it covered.