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05-03-2009, 01:45
Well with the new release of WotR and my O&G army coming to a close I figured it was about time to play Lotr. I have 8 Pikemen, 8 Sword Uruks and 3 Berzerkers. I want to start out in SBG but I want my force to be compatible with WotR so here is my planned list.

28 Uruks with Pikes
28 Uruks with Shield
6 Warg Riders
9 Berzerkers

I want this force to be pure Isengard. No Trolls or Mordor Orcs. Just a few questions I have.

1- Can you only take 1 named hero per game?
2- Are scouts any good?
3- Does this list look good or is it trash?

Any tweaks or advice will be appreciated.

05-03-2009, 02:25
The list is pretty solid as I run something similar to it myself. Lurtz is probably the most fun character available to Isengard, however he has a low defence and dies rather easily. You'll find you lose a lot in to kill a king or contest of champions or other such scenarios so if you play Lurtz don't expect to win tournaments unless you have a really good and specific use for him. Scouts are Ok. They are the same as normal uruks except they have less armour. For one point less scouts aren't going to save you many points and the lower defence can hadicap you a lot but in a themed army they are fun (Together with Lurtz!) so again, don't expect ot go winning GTs with them and such. Otherwise a pretty solid list, a little overkill on the berserkers, their -1 to hit really hurts them, curse my opponents allways rolling sixes.

Oh, yeah. I'm pretty sure Grishnakh is an orc, not an Uruk-Hai. Double check me on that though.

05-03-2009, 02:26
28 Uruks with Pikes
28 Uruks with Shield
6 Warg Riders
9 Berzerkers

This list looks ok although you can only take them in companeis of 8 for foot and 2 for cavalry - take 1 beserker off, 4 uruk shield and 4 uruk pike and that will fix that up. Your cavalry is fine.

You can't take Grishnak in your Isenguard army unless you take a unit from mordor and put him in a unit of orc trackers. Replace him with Vrasku and get 8 crossbows.

I want this force to be pure Isengard. No Trolls or Mordor Orcs. Just a few questions I have.

I would suggest getting a troll as they are pretty tough in WOTR.
1- Can you only take 1 named hero per game?
No, you can take as many as you have common formations - ie uruk sheid, pike, scouts, etc
2- Are scouts any good?
Personally, I would use them as cheap archers. They are good for flanking as they move faster than normal uruk hai.
3- Does this list look good or is it trash?
Overall, this list looks okay but may need a little tweaking.

Try this -
VRasku with 8 crossbows
24 uruks with sheild
24 uruks with pike
8 berserkers
1 isenguard troll

05-03-2009, 02:27
Besekers are tough though - on roll of 6 = strength 10 lol

06-03-2009, 00:32
Will the troll+crossbow force give me enough for a standard size game?

With a rulebook, looks like it's gonna set me back around $225, But I like that list. I've heard crossbows are nasty. Oh and will i need the scorce book for this army?

06-03-2009, 01:56
Definetely get the source book - essential for the rules and the stats
Troll + crossbow would be intimidating - highest strength shooting

09-03-2009, 02:13
Ok, sir,

The one thing i want to bring up is that you will use different numbers and combos of troops in the SBG than in WoTR ( i plan on playing both). For the SBG, you want to go 'pure' isengard. which is cool and very powerful. heres my sugestion.

use More pikemen than swordsmen for your phalanxes in SBG. the Uruk phalanx works best as follows,

about 10-16 pikemen forming the support.
then about 8-12 swordsmen, enough to cover the whole front and about 2 on each side of
the pikes,
1-5 beserkers, which can replace your swordsmen,

in the end your actual phalanx should have the same number of pikemen as both the
swordsmen and beserkers combined

the beserkers are key to this, keep them with one or two swords men on each side of the
This serves three purposes, 1 it covers their flank,2 the swordsmen and beserks will do their
thing as they lap around, even if they dont kill alot, they distract and prevent the ennemy
from being able to effectively fight the phalanxe, and 3; this allows the unit to easily
change into a turtle formation( semicircle or circle formation). so heres my SBG list

Lurtz or Uruk commander
Sauraman ( if u use him, give him a bodyguard unit of 3 swordmen, and 2 beserkers, this really has payed of for me, and can really ruin your ennemies plan to kill your wizard with an ambush

pike unit 1:
16 pikemen
10 swordsmen
6 beserkers
2 banners

12 uruk scouts with shields ( flanking and arrow cushion models)
16 crossbowmen ( groups of 8)
can increase to 24 if u want, but expensive $ wise

6 warg riders
consider a troll.... the killing power is fantastic, and in the middle of a phalanxe, it is
mean! but i agree that the isenguard troll is not quite fluff cool

this is just a guideline list for SBG, and is not plausible in anyway in WoTR, and i will not give u advise on armies for WoTR because i have not read the book and dont like to comment and give advise until i have read through everything

the only thing isengard cant really get is heavy cav, and i dont think even with allies they can get them.. just be wary, if your formations are scatered and your pikemen are killed, you can get run down by heavy cavalry like every one else... ( nothing is as fun as watching your opponents cavalry get butchered by the phalanxe)