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05-03-2009, 09:37
Well this is my first battle report, so lets see how I do.

Me and a friend where over at his house to play some Warhammer, both of us trying out relatively new armies to each of us, He with his Dark Elves, and me with my Lizardmen. We set up four pieces of terrain, him placing a hill on both sides of the board, and myself placing a piece of rough ground on one side a forest on the other. We then rolled off for deployment and he chose the side with the smaller hill, as well as deploying first. We rolled off and he won the roll, choosing to go first.

On his side from right to left was a hydra, protecting that flank, aside it a unit of corsairs with Lokir Felheart (sp?) leading them and a sorceress taking up cover behind them. Next to that unit was his repeater bolt thrower, along with another unit of corsairs with Dreadlord, armed with a great weapon, as well as another sorceress protected behind their ranks, a block of cold ones beside them, and finally a unit of crossbowmen upon the hill.

On my side, a unit of skink skirmishers and Terradons sat across from his hydra, next to them a unit of Saurus armed with spears, flanked on thier side by another unit of Saurus with a Scar Veteran. Beside him was my Stegadon with Engine of the Gods (I mean, who doesn't take it?), Razordons an accompaniment to the Stegadon, aimed for the rough ground, and finally my Slann with temple guard.

Top of the First Turn-Dark Elves

Cautious moves from all of his units as they advanced towards my line save his cold ones and Hydra, marching their full distance to meet with my units as quickly as possible. During his magic phase, little was accomplished as my dispel pool managed to stifle his casting attempts, and his shooting phase fared little better as my units easily soaked the rain of arrows that landed upon them.

Bottom of the First Turn-Lizardmen

The Lizardmen exploded into action much faster then their enemy, all marching forward to meet the feckless elves, Terradons taking cover within the nearby forest as the Razordons marched into the rough ground, gaining cover from the elven shooting. The Saurus and Stegadon all marched forward apace, keeping close together as the Temple guard maneuvered around the other side of the rough ground. My magic phase was equally unimpressive as I simply failed to gather any good rolls, the lore of death's high casting costs being my bane for this round. A minor rain of javelins from my skinks did little against the hydra, and so on came the next turn.

Top of the Second Turn- Dark Elves

Terror tests were forced against my skinks and Terradons, the flyers passing with ease as the cowardly skinks broke, flying from the massive multi headed beast. The Hydra chose not to pursue as the cold ones flew into my Razordons, allowing me a powerful stand and shoot reaction, but unfortunatly, ended in disaster as my entire contingent of handlers was devoured by my own beasts. His Magic again held little fear for me, though his shooting improved, as the Hydra's breath weapon singed my flyers, burning one to a crisp and wounding another. Combat was joined with the cold ones, who easily over powered the now masterless Razordons, crushing them, and my opponent chose to charge forward, landing him to the side of my temple guard.

Bottom of the Second Turn- Lizardmen

Again no charges for myself, rallying my skinks as I moved my right hand Saurus unit (without Scar Veteran) To meet the corsairs with Lokir, The Stegadon and other Saurus marching forward to meet the dreadlord, trying to tempt him to charge upon the next turn. My temple guard turned towards the encroaching cold ones, putting pressure on his only cavalry unit. My Terradons flew out and over Lokir's unti, landing just inches from his bolt thrower. In my magic phase I took one of his arches as well as his cold one champion, gaining a wound for my Slann in the process thanks to a well timed Drain Soul. The only shooting to be had was the sound of rocks crushing four Corsairs as my Terradons sailed overhead.

Top of the Third- Dark Elves

There were no charges for my opponent either as he turned Lokir to a more favorable position to my incoming Saurus, his dreadlord retreating in fear from my combined Stegadon and Saurus, his Hydra refusing to charge as he again positioned it to breath upon my skinks. Two Saurus fell to his magic this round, but little else, as the hydra continued to be the dominant force of his shooting, though the archers managed to score two wounds against my stegadon, causing me to worry somewhat at this new development, as well as his repeater bolt thrower removing my Terradons from play. Again no close combat.

Bottom of the Third- Lizardmen

A charge finally, as my temple guard crashed into his cold ones, and battle was joined, my stegadon and Scar Veteran continued to advance slowly but inoxerably, and my other unit of saurus turning to face Lokir's unit. In magic I removed three of his cold ones before battle could begin, widening my advantages against the dinosaur riders. My skinks showed true mettle in this round, scoring a wound against the Hydra as it failed both its armor and regeneration saves! In melee another cold one fell to the blade of the temple guard, one also falling in its divine duty to the slaan, though victory was mine, the cold ones refused to budge.

Top of the Fourth- Dark Elves

Again his dreadlord retreated, growing ever closer to the edge of the board as he continued to fear the crushing might that stood before him. Lokir charged the saurus and another battle was joined! Again the hydra moved, infuriated with my skinks inability to break, their cold blood steeling them against the horrifying creatures presence and terrible halitosis. Magic continued to be rather...unspectacular for my friend, and again his hydra continued to cut down skink after skink with its acidic breath. In melee this time, the cold ones lost once again, failing thier leadership check, narrowling avoid pursuit from the fierce temple guard. Lokir unfortunatly mowed through the first rank of Saurus, but thanks to thier spears managed to kill a few themselves. but alas, only losing by one, they failed thier leadership even on cold blooded, and proceed to flee eight...or so I thought as my opponent made me reroll my highest die, causing me to flee only four inches...but luck was with me, as he only pursued three, allowing me to escape!

Bottom of the Fourth- Lizardmen

The fleeing Saurus easily rallied, as my temple guard continued to chase down the cold ones, forcing them to flee even further, my own advances continuing, goading the dreadlord, mocking his fleeing corsairs. Magic tore apart more of the cold ones, leaving 3 riders, as dark magic also settled upon lokir's unit, Doom and Darkness falling upon thier shoulders with a massive roll with little he could do to stop it. My shooting was pitiful at this point, but the skinks continued to poke and prod at the enraged Hydra. The Battlefield was silent the sounds of swords on shields this round.

Top of the Fifth- Dark Elves

Finally his dreadlord charge, barely brushing bases with my stegadon, the battle ensuing as Lokir once again charged, my Saurus standing bravely to accept it. His cold ones manage to rally, again facing the temple guard that have given pursuit for the last two turns. Magic and shooting held little threat to me again, save for my skinks, reduced to a pathetic amount, though still they stood against the hydra, holding its attention still. In melee, the priest was forced into a duel, though barely survived against the dreadlord, though his unit still won combat. On stubborn however my stegadon stuck, keeping either unit from going anywhere. And finally my saurus acheived victory by the slimmest of margins, though even with the handicap placed upon Lokir's unit he stuck with a well timed leadership roll.

Bottom of the Fifth-Lizardmen

Again the cold ones were charge, narrowly so however, bases barely touching, though enough for them to fall again to the temple guards halberds. My scar veterans unit finally entered combat, joining the stegadon in its fight against the dreadlord's unit, bringing thier numbers and might to bear. Magic saw the removal of all of the cold ones before melee could ensue, allowing for a useless shot at the hydra, and my shooting had gone to ****. Melee was the turning point for my army, continuing to hold his dreadlord at bay as my saurus turned upon Lokir, using the low number of casualties against them to return the favor a hundred fold, killing a fair number of corsairs, and forcing an insane courage roll, which Lokir failed, fleeing three inches, the saurus barely pursuing at four, brinigng down the terrifying unit. My friend concedes at this point, finding no way to turn the tide.

And there we go, my first victory with my Lizardmen against one of the toughest opponents I had ever played

05-03-2009, 10:26
Congratulations on your win :) Any chance of an armylist?

05-03-2009, 12:00
Grats on what sounded like a good win and a tough game. I am with Selone, lists are great. Even approximations. I owuld have read differently had I known a Slann was afoot. Did oyu have Becalming Cogitation? It seems like a must. Where were his spearmen or warriors?

I played my first game with the new Lm against De too, and did about the same. Took a couple turns to get where I wanted and for magic to take over, but by 3 it was in the bag. Sounds about the same for you.

The only thing I would caution is letting that Hydra run so rampant, SKinks can tear it apart. I have found javelins to work wonders on it. At 8" they are getting a shot off befrore any breath weapon and without moving or long range penalties. Also skirmishers should have little to fear against breath weapons. Line em up, dont bunch em up.

Love those Temple Guard. Hard to not take a slann just for that combo. Did you find an issue with getting into combat?

05-03-2009, 14:46
Nice clear battle report. All I ask is for army lists ;)

05-03-2009, 21:06
Sure thing, my apologies, still getting my chops ;)


Slann Mage Priest-Rumination and Mystery
Skink Priest lvl 2 on Ancient Stegadon with Engine of the Gods
Scar Veteran with Burning Blade of Chotec, Enchanted Shield, Bane Head

20 x Saurus Warriors with Spears
19 x Saurus Warriors with Spears
16 x Temple Guard
16 x Skink Skirmishers
3 x Terradon Riders
2 x Razordon Hunting Packs

Dark Elves

Dreadlord with great weapon, Armor of Blood?
Sorceress with Familiar
Lokir Felheart

10 x Crossbowmen
19 x Corsairs with two hand weapons and banner of frenzy
20 x Corsairs with two hand weapons and banner of armor piercing
10 x Cold One Riders
Repeater Bolt Thrower
War Hydra

05-03-2009, 21:08
Love those Temple Guard. Hard to not take a slann just for that combo. Did you find an issue with getting into combat?

I might have if his cold ones hadn't been in perfect position, but I think I could have maneuvered them into the dreadlord's unit otherwise, but its hard to say

07-03-2009, 17:07
nice rep, and congratulations on the win.

08-03-2009, 08:17
Very nice report, and its absolutely wonderful to see a DE player not using the same build as everyone else and getting some value out of the corsairs. Any reason why you have such a huge unit of skink skirmishers?

09-03-2009, 23:23
very nice rep. I think the only issue is that his hydra should of pursued. It to has eternal hatred and has no choice to restrain. I'm pretty sure you can't do a ld test to restrain, kinda like frenzy if your with in charge range you have to charge. Other then that was a good report.

I think your friend should look into spearmen. They are cheap and have out performed my corsiars time and time again. I just have found corsairs to be a bit limp, to be honest.