View Full Version : blood knights - I'm just not sure..... two options?

Jack Shrapnel
05-03-2009, 11:22
One of the units I just haven't really tried out yet is Blood Knights... not entirely sure about this unit, and normally run the wraiths / vargulf double team... but figured I might as well give them a try - can't decide what list would give them a fair run? (or neither is a distinct possibility of course!)

Comments / recommendations greatly appreciated....

Version 1:

Vampire Lord: Level 3 upgrade, summon ghouls, master of the black arts, dark acolyte, book of arkhan, helm of commandment, nightshroud (in 10 ghoul bunker)

Vampire thrall: Dread Knight, walking death, blood drinker
(runs with the blood knights)

Wight King: BSB Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Kings
(goes with the Grave guard)

12 ghouls (2x6)
12 ghouls (2x6)
10 ghoul bunker
Corpse cart with balefire
6 dire wolves (AKA the screen)

17 Grave Guard with great weapons, full command and banner of the barrows

4 blood knights, full command with the royal standard of strigos

casting pool: 9 Dispel pool:5 total points 1999

Version 2:

Vampire Lord: Sword of might, Book of Arkhan, Helm of commandment, nightshroud, master of the black arts, Dark Acolyte, summon ghouls

Vampire: Dread knight, Blood drinker, Ghoulkin

Necromancer: Staff of damnation, Corpse cart with balefire, extra spell

Wight King: Sword of kings, barded Skeletal steed, BSB

12 Ghouls
12 Ghouls
12 Ghouls
5 dire wolves

5 black knights, barding, musician and standard, banner of the barrows

5 blood Knights, Musician, Standard, Royal Standard of Strigos

9 Pool, 6 dispel 3 bound spells, 1997 points

character placement is blooddrinker vamp with blood knights, wight king with black knights (escorted by vargulf), necro/corpse cart and Lord bunkered in one of the unit of ghouls shielded by the two other units. Dogs screen the Blood Knights.

Flanks have the knights (black knights and vargulf on the one with the most terrain) on each, with the ghoul blocks pretty central.

Jack Shrapnel
08-03-2009, 01:51
guess I should have specified - was looking at bringing blood knights to an upcoming tourney, but haven't played using them before, so was wondering which of the above lists would be good for a 2k tourney setting (able to handle all comers)

If neither list - then what supports blood knights well?

08-03-2009, 14:57
Did you forget a special choice or something with the first list? Is that really 2k points? I would consider the second list superior.

08-03-2009, 15:38
Bloodknights tend to need 4+ ward save vs shooting banner to actualy reach combat. Once there anything they hit is pretty much dead.

08-03-2009, 15:56
5 blood knights, nothing else.

The 4+ ward save on them just screams "easy points, use your shooting elsewhere as this unit is worth a good 400pts if you flank it".

The second list much better supports the blood knights, simply as you have multiple things that can actually keep up with them in the highly likely event of the enemy drawing them out of position.
You really want to keep some dire wolf units that are bigger than the blood knight unit's to make sure the enemy flees the way you want them to (away from the dire wolves, not the blood knights) as this stops your knights being drawn into a position where they can be flanked.

Jack Shrapnel
09-03-2009, 02:31
unwanted - would you advise then dropping the hatred banner on the knights - and even the standard as well?

I tend to get advice to either run the blood knights pretty much bare or with a big banner like blood keep or drakenhof

makina - the first list has a big block of grave guard which eats up quite a few of the points between the unit and banner.

My main worry about the first list is that nothing can really keep up with the knights - think the consensus is second one was superior so I'll try playtesting that out

Thanks alot for the recommendations!