View Full Version : What should I buy?

Captain Micha
05-03-2009, 14:43
Three Wraith

or Three Crisis suits?

or a Nightbringer?


So we just got a new local friendly hobby store (not just for games), and our semi local gamestore has started covering 40k and warhammer.

I'm stuck between deciding to get Wraiths, or Crisis suits.

The problem is I don't have money for both and both of my armies need these respective upgrades.

My Crons will be closer to being finished than my Tau if I get the wraith (and are closer to being finished now. I just need a second monolith and two more wraith after I get the Wraith)

My Tau will still need, another box of fire warriors and devil fish (for pathfinders, going to convert the pulse rifles so that they are Rail Rifles), a box of tactical space marines (so I can rob the power pack and bolters off of them, and stick em to guard so I have "Vespid").

Note I do hate the look of Crisis suits but I think at this point I need them to have a mechanically viable Tau army.

The Nightbringer just looks so cool.