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Desert Rain
05-03-2009, 15:01
I had my first game with the new Lizardmen yesterday. The game was about 1400 points and I faced the Greenskins.
I picked the following army:

Scar-Veteran: Light Armour, Great Weapon
Skink Priest: L.2, Plaque of Tepok, Dispel Scroll, Engine of the Gods
20 Saurus: Spears, full command
16 Skinks: 2 Kroxigors
11 Skink Skirmishers
5 Saurus Cavalry: full command, war banner
1 Salamander

Mostly I picked units that I wanted to try out with the new rules.

The Scar-Veteran was amazing and did 4 wounds on a giant in 1 turn of combat. He's wonderful for only 96 pts.

I LOVE the Engine of the Gods. I never used Portent of Warding as my opponent only had 10 'arrer boyz as shooting troops. Burning alignment killed of some about 7 orcs and I only managed to hit two units with it. The power that lowers casting values are good, but not as good as Burning Alignment or possibly the Portent of Warding. It's abillity to make the priest a L.3 wizard is amazing as well. The stegadon is really good as well and it gives your priest very good protection unless he gets challanged by some nasty character or possibly a nasty unit champion.

Saurus warriors with 20+ attacks are simply to good not to be taken. Spears for them are a no brainer.

The sink unit with the Kroxigors in it worked fine as well, and I am very pleased with how the worked. I guess that they would suffer against strong high WS and AS troops, but those troops should be faced with saurus units and the skink+krox units should take care of softer targets.

The skirmishers and the knights worked as well as they did before, the boost to the cavalry is good to have though.

Unfortunately I didn't get to kill anything but my own handlers with my salamander :(

Overall I believe that the new list is well rounded and it's really fun to play with. Let's just hope that my salamander decides to kill some of the enemy's troops instead of my own.

05-03-2009, 15:30
can you check how well razordans do, I feel
they have a more diverse role, than salamanders
Also Try making a jag charm scar-vet.

Desert Rain
05-03-2009, 17:15
I don't have any razordon models and I don't have the money to buy any, not at the moment at least. Maybe I can proxy one with my salamander. Which you should choose depends on the army you're facing. Salamanders are good versus foes with high AS and/or low Ld. Razrodons are good against foes with low to medium AS and as flank protectors.

05-03-2009, 18:13
My experience has also been that razordons are a little more consistant but the damage potential for salamaders is much higher. Often the salamanders overshoot, undershoot or roll badly for the partial hits. But everyone once and awhile when they roll a great hit you do a ton of damage all at once. Last night I had 2 of them only kill 3 black guard in the first 2 rounds of shooting (4 shots), then on the first shot of the 3rd round one killed 9, then the second killed 6. The razordons were pumping out a regular amount of shots and did more even damage and were a good support for them. The salamanders would fire and do what they could, then the razordons would mop up.

I've also noticed that people are usually more scared of the salamanders because of their potential, but potential does not equal realistic results in any way.

05-03-2009, 18:50
In my experience with sallies vs. razzies, the sallies average more hits per turn right up until the razordons get charged :D That in addition to the fact that salamanders have a higher effective range (8" template with scatter) makes sallies much more 'agressive' units, and razordons very effective flank guards that can shoot far enough to kill while staying on the flank, then launch a devastating stand-and-shoot and still be able to fight (and cause fear).

But overall I prefer the Salamanders, I think. Even when they whiff and only get five or six partials, that's still the same as average for a Razordon, so they don't have too much trouble keeping pace. S3 instead of S4 is counterbalanced by -3 armor and automatic panic checks. The razordons have more pure blasty, I guess, and are better for single targets, but the salamanders are so flexible that I always regret not bringing them.

Another big factor for me is the fact that I pretty much always field my stegs with characters on them, and hence have two free rare slots; razordons tend to work better in large packs, whereas a single salamander can still do some damage, and two are guaranteed to cause some havoc. So instead of a pack of 3 razors i usually field 2 sallies and 1 sally.

05-03-2009, 18:57
The problem with razerdons is that your basic core troops perform their role.

Compare them to javelins (because they have simmilar immunities to -'s while shooting) Razerdons MAY get 10 shots, it MAY kill your own skinks. Its got to roll to hit so usually your MAXIMUM hits is 5 at S4.Javelins get more wounds in a unit, overall more hits, because they guarantee 10 shots a turn and will in general perform to the same degree, if not better.

Salamanders perform niche roll, they can pose a threat to any T3 knight unit and if they hit a rank and file unit, they have the potential not only to decimate it, but to make it run away a as well.

For me, its a no brainer, skinks and salamanders will provide you with more options over skinks and razerdons.