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05-03-2009, 15:43
hey guys. first time posting a list here. this is alot different than my normal list. wanting some comments cause im trying to make it as hard as possible, to face some of the tougher opponents at the lgs. let me know where i can improve (make it cheesy!). thanks

grey seer EotHR, warpstone charm, warpstone amulet
3 engineers 1 storm daemon 3 dispel scrolls, full kits, no pistols

25 clanrats x4, banners, musicians, ratling guns (4)
21 slaves X4 , musicians
4 giant rat packs
8 jezzails
5 gutter runners X2 tunnel teams, poison wep's

05-03-2009, 15:56
I think it sounds pretty solid already, though a couple of small points;

1. giant rat packs aren't cheesy, nightrunners are alot better for screening your ratling guns and diverting charges.

2. i always take PwG's in 3+, why have you just got two out of interest? You need a few to make sure you hit/wound.

3. Gutter runners are quality, and probably aren't points efficient, but for this kind of army tunneling gutter runners are good for taking out warmachines and necessary imo

4. Get rid of the musicians on the slaves, and drop them to 20...

5. Cannon sounds good, try hide it within a wood if you can and then just fire out

6. Grey seer looks pretty solid, there's noone to defend him so be careful in screening him. And in doing so his LoS will be restricted. I'd advise getting a screaming bell but in tournies the bell is next to useless because of all the undead/daemons/itp units.


05-03-2009, 15:56

your list makes baby Jesus cry.

you dont need all that crap to compete with skaven. go ranks and numbers. take a warlord, 2 warlocks, 2 scrolls & the storm demon, battle standard bearer, and ethier 2 cannons, or 12 jezzails. that will be enough to take care of most big scarey things. then just play rank and flank hammer. clanrats and slaves. LOTS of clanrats and slaves.

nothing should cost more than 175 points. this includes characters.

The SkaerKrow
05-03-2009, 16:04
Warpstone Charm on a Grey Seer? That's a lot of points to be lost in one out of six games.

05-03-2009, 22:07
thanks for the advise guys. Foegnasher, i know what you mean about the horde, and i am a big fan of your warlord horde list's....but as title states im trying a SAD list. i want a list that a retarded monkey could field and probably win with. moose, thanks for the night runner idea. i might add them instead of the giant rats and i might give them slings for more dice annoyance. when i started the list, i had 3 units of 2 pwg and had to cut back and ended up with 2 only. didnt have anymore jezzails to field so i just left them. i know 1 out of 6 games im gonna lose the grey seer cause of his equip, but i think that ward save may save him more than that. its also fun to roll the dice and see if you lose that huge chunk of points. gonna reform it a bit and get back with you guys. thinking of taking out engineer for chieftain with stormbanner since the wlc and ratling guns dont need to hit. it definitely needs some work. thanks for all the help and feel free to help more!!!;) cya

07-03-2009, 14:37
@ moose
"giant rat packs are not cheesy" im gonna leave them in cause there prolly the cheesyest thing we got. one row of seven move up a flank, wheel toward ranked unit. they can turn to face them and expose flank, shoot them (30 pt unit) or take a flank charge and lose rank bonus, while getting charged by clanrats. the most they can kill is 2 giant rats in combat.