View Full Version : Battle of the dark gods! chaos warriors vs deamons

the johnanator
05-03-2009, 19:11
Hey guys

I have an upcoming battle against deamons and am using the warriors of chaos. We have decided that the deamon player will use khorne and slannesh units while i will be using nurgle and tzeentch.

My question is what units do yoou think will excell against deamons?
Its a 1500 point game, the units i have are as follows

2 chariots
20 warriors
40 marauders
7 knights
7 hounds
mounted lord
hero on foot

unfortunatly i dont have a huge amount to choose from.

he usually runs

a big block of bloodletters and a big block of deamonettes
5 mounted bloodletters
a unit of flesh hounds with the character.
2 hero level characters one slannesh and one khorne.
he has other things but cant remember.

So what would you do?


05-03-2009, 19:43
First of all, assuming he sticks with the army you're predicting and avoids using a Bloodthirster, you have an excellent chance of smoking him. The two "must have" items in your armory are the Bronze Armor of Zhrakk and the Crimson Armor of Dargan. The reason I think you'll smoke him is that the Slaaneshi daemonettes have no business going up against Chaos Warriors or Chaos Knights. They'll make mincemeat of your Marauders, but honestly, who cares about them? Once they've crushed your Marauders, they'll have to take on your Chaos Warriors, and with Strength 3 attacks they have little or no chance of making a difference.

So, with that in mind, you need to gear up to face the Bloodletters. They rely on Killing Blow to win the day, so give your General the Crimson Armor of Dargan. You can't take a Lord character at 1500 points, but you can still afford the Crimson Armor for an Exalted Hero. Makes him immune to killing blow, which negates your opponent's ability to kill your lord outright. Give the Bronze Armor of Zhrakk to the BSB for the same reason, and consider mounting him on a chariot for the extra damage potential. The rest of the army can take care of itself.