View Full Version : raider reptile dark elves list

05-03-2009, 20:49
I am starting a dark elf. I wanted to do a themed list. Any suggestions?
I have a hydra ten CoK and two boxes of corsairs.

05-03-2009, 22:55
Those models all fulfill different theme roles. There were some lovely 6th ed. variation lists that gave great flavour to DE armies. try and find the Raiding force and City Garison lists for ideas. Even the Army and Malus Darkblade books for army ideas.

Cold ones / infantry /RXB elves/ monsters : "Average"/march to battle type

Shades/ Dark riders/ corsairs / bolt throwers : raiding

All Khaine stuff : Khaine

All Cav / no lords/ min magic: northern patrols

go together imo for theme-hammer, but ofc so many variations apply