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05-03-2009, 22:56
I've played with my Dwarves for a while now but I've changed as a player and they don't interest me as much as they used to (though I do still love my little stumpies.)

I'm seriously contemplating selling them for some High Elves (that sound you're hearing is my Longbeards cursing) but I don't know if the army I want is even remotely viable. Basically, I want Dragons and Magic. I know those two are often mutually exclusive but, heh, we don't controll our wants.

What kind of army could I really have if, at 2k, I aimed to have atleast two mages with one of them mounted. I'd also prefer to have three mages if possible.

Also, the battle box contains my favorite non-dragon/mage unit in the game (especially Spear Elves and RBT.) Do my likes wholely prevent me from having a decent army? Should I continue debating High Elves or stick to my beardlings?

05-03-2009, 23:05
At 2000pts you can have 4 characters.

3 Mages fits the bill. One of those could be a Dragon Mage (they take 2 slots). You're probably looking at about 750pts for two regular Mages at Level 2 as well as a Level 2 Dragon mage.

Then you can have a couple of units of Dragon Princes, Sword Masters, Spearmen, RBTs, Eagles...

So yeah... why not.

06-03-2009, 02:40
Dragons in the army are viable. Mages in the army are viable. Taking both together is possible-though you will quickly find yourself with any army that 50% characters or more.

You can mount an archmage on a Moon Dragon, which is an average power level dragon or a Sun Dragon which is closer to the power level of a Griffon. Star Dragon's are the really deadly ones with S7 and 6 attacks, but they are available only to Princes. Prince's can take a magic item which turns them into level 1 wizards, however. So there are a number of options, which can be taken in addition to the Dragon mage.

As for the Dragon Mage:
The Dragon Mage's dragon is relatively weak; the Dragon mage's (fire) magic is pretty good. The combination of the two does not make for a very optimal unit (the mage is weak in combat and highly vulnerable to ranged fire), but it does make for an interesting one if you can make it work.

In general, of course, sticking your mage on a dragon that you intend to have see heavy combat is usually the last thing you want to do. You could perhaps ignore more dangerous enemy units, but when you invest so many points in one model, it's hard to justify using it only to munch on archers and warmachines. One clever trick you can use is to take Forlaith's robes, which makes a mage immune to non-magical attacks. As long as you avoid units with heroes in them, the mage can challenge stuff without being hurt. He still isn't going to help the dragon win CR, though, unless he takes the Lore of Beasts default spell or something.

In general, however, the army you want to do is possible, even though the focus on fast-flying melee mixed with ranged magic is a bit at cross-purposes. Still, it can be made to work.

06-03-2009, 03:22
I would say, borrows a friends army and try out a few game with highelves according to what you want to field in the list. Play test until you are really convince that that's the army you want before selling your dwarfs for them.

Personnally I wouldn't sell an army to buy another, because who knows you might want to go back to dwarfs again (assuming they are completed painting and collection wise). Unless you really can't afford to start a new army or keeping the dwarfs hold no value to you, I guess its understandable.

06-03-2009, 15:08
just like chaosVC, I would never sell an army to buy another army. I have 5 armies and only 1 of them doesn't get any attention, and that is because it is in pieces, as it was the first army I collected and has been in a box for the last 8 years. The paint on it, is also pretty crappy.... If your interested in HE, then just purchase a couple small units and slowly build your army. If you budget yourself to like on box per week, it shouldn't really break the bank for you, and it will give you time to paint them as you get them. One of the mistakes I always make is that I buy everything up front, and never get around to painting. If I were to buy them one unit at a time and not let myself buy another unit until the prior one was painted, I would probably have at least one painted army....