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06-03-2009, 03:04
hey guys, ive recently regained interest on 40k (i played for a short period of time 5 yrs ago) and im planning on for now, to just get to the painting/modelling aspect of the hobby.

I saw this space wolf terminator conversion set on forgeworld (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/cgi-local/ss000001.pl?PRODREF=IA-ISM-I-007&NOLOGIN=1) and plan on purchasing it along with some bits to make the terminators. This is simply an aesthetic choice but i ask the following questions because i want them to have atleast functionality should i decide to start playing again.

I wanted to use the "cool one" as a wolf lord but i need advice what equipment it should have. Im thinking the simple choice of storm bolter+powersword as a stereotype one. But what i really wanna do is put lightning claws just for the "coolness" factor lol, but i dont know if this is a bad idea or not. Are there any accesory options i should worry about aswell?(like wolf pelts, standard flags, etc)

And as for the 4 other terminators what's the most useful weapons for them in a space wolf army. Im guessing the only place for them is really as wolf guard for the commander so should they be like heavy weapons or melee weapons or just plain storm bolters.

So what im looking for is almost like a army/equipment list type of thing for these guys.

These questions might seem kinda stupid lol but i dont wanna build/paint them and find out i made the wrong choice in the event that i decide to play the game again.

static grass
06-03-2009, 08:44
The rumour is that the space wolves are going to be released later this year in Q4.

My advice would be to buy all the cool stuff you like now (and the rest) and then assemble and paint all of the normal stuff first. It is unlikely that the average space wolf or vehicles will change very much. I would expect some cool new SW bits though, the basic marine already look plenty cool so GW are not likely to change very much there. Most probably you will get molded shoulder pads, with Great company symbols and probably new parts for termies. Given that the old metal ones looked awesome but are now in the wrong scale- I would expect GW would want the new SW termies to look just as awesome.

For characters I suggest you use blue tac to hold arms in place. Blue tac gains strength over time so after a week or two will be firmly in place (within reason).

By the time you are finished with all the boring stuff you should have some good idea about what the new dex will contain and can make some more decisions then.

It depends on you - If you play a 1000 points buy 1000 points of stuff and paint and assemble the most of it. Your opponents will not mind and would probably do the same thing.

Penguin of Death
06-03-2009, 09:17
Terminators are big enough that if you really want you can magnetise the arms. If you want to keep them permanent then use the interesting bodies for special character/heavy weapons.

If you have the SW accessory sprue it is possible to make fair approximations of the FW torsos using the back of a plastic termi and the SW marine fronts, even the AoBR simpler termis


it's also worth looking for beardy/hairy heads from WHFB for heads

Boss Kopstud
06-03-2009, 13:05
I agree with the Penguin of Death. Rare earth magnets are the way to go. I picked up two sets of FW Space Wolf torsos several years ago and magnatized them all. I bought three boxes of plastic terminators (2 shooting, one CC) , so I had plenty of weapon options. Haven't painted them yet.... :rolleyes: The torsos and arms are plenty big for the big round magnets. Just remember to keep the polarity the same on all the arms and torsos so they are interchangable. I'll try to get some pics of them this weekend and post or PM them to you to show you what I did. As to wargear for the Wolf Lord, I'd suggest a "basic loadout" of stormbolter or combiweapon (the ones from the SM Commander plastic sprues work well if you cut a stormbolter off the regular terminator arm) and a Frostblade (Ragnar Blackmane's sword is a good fit, but on the harder side to get off the model without a some damage). Use the torso that has a wolf-tooth necklace and a runic charm. A wolf pelt is a good idea, too. I use pelts from the last generation of WFB Chaos Marauders on foot. Also a good source of a bearded head (takes a little putty work to fit). Another good source of bearded heads is the Mordhiem sprues for the Midenhimers (spelling??), I think that's the one, bearded guys with hammers. I also like replacing the regular skulls on the terminator models with the little wolf skull from the top of the SW back banner pole. Also, you can "wolf up" the thunder hammers by cutting the "wing" part on the back ot the hammer off and replacing it with a wolf head from the SW specific power armor backpack and file off the storm shield icons and replace them with the diamond shaped vehicle decoration from the SW sprue. Regular SW helmetless heads also fit well in the terminator torsos.

06-03-2009, 20:48
I would wait until more concrete info is available in a few months before tackling the Termies. Buy now and build later. The current Wolf Guard entry is extremely flexible with what you can choose, but that may change in the new codex. Terminators and Forgeworld upgrades are too expensive to make decisions you later regret. Also, remember to be careful of resin dust when you sand and drill the Forgeworld bits. Very nasty stuff.