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Ultimo ninja
06-03-2009, 02:47

Exalted Champion (general)
- Mark of Khorne, Juggernaught, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Battle... 215 points

Sorceror of Chaos
- Mark of Tzeentch, Level 2, Disc of Tzeentch, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Sword of Might... 205 points

Sorceror of Chaos
- Mark of Tzeentch, Level 2, Spell Familliar, Book of Seecrets, Favour of the Gods, Conjoined Homonculus... 205 points

Command total: 625


12 warriors MoT, musician....205

25 Marauders, MoS, FC, Armor and shields 180

25 marauders, MoS, FC, armor and shields 180

2x5 hounds 60

Core total: 565


5 knights, MoT, musician 235 points

5 knights, MoT, Musician 235 points

Total Special: 470 points

Rare: (340 points left)

Hellcannon 205 points

135 points left....maybe 2 spawns??

I bet this list has problems in it....

1. Im trying to make a balanced list, hence no push for a single strategy of all cav hammer force or a massive battle lne of infantry....2 units of knights, a jugger, and a disk, with 2 marauder units and a warrior unit...backed by a hell cannon...does this make sense or is it insane/ naive?

2. The second tzeentch sorc will be on foot, and probably with a marauder unit...maybe he should be nurgle? I honestly dont know much about magic, last time i used it, there were winds of magic cards...should i get some dispell scrolls by dropping items?

3. what to do with the leftover points...would a BSB in an infantry unit make sense here? the general would be on a jug probably somewhere else killing stuff...so the troops would re roll ld tests with their leadership i think....is this a waste of points? Should ii just get a warshrine?

4. the models I have so far:

12 warriors

10 hounds

10 knights

They are painted in red gold and grey (for the horses, boots, gloves) but not marked with khornate stuff,
and look great

So...with this in mind...any ideas for cool purchases?

This is allot, but I want to do this right, so any C&C is greatly appreciated.

06-03-2009, 19:48
Shields on the Warriors eat 12 points, add Hallberds as well, that is 24 points.

That leaves 111 points, that makes for 2 spawns. Should round it out nicely, list looks good. The one opposition might be a certain lack of higher strength than 5 on, well, anything, but you should still be able to do allright without it.

07-03-2009, 05:24
If your taking a -1+AS exalted you must be expecting some real S7 opposition or you would just settle on the norm shield or just the 1+from jug + CA, you might want to consider the rending sword over the SOB as your to hit ratio should be up there so its to wound your going for and to re roll failled is better than to add 1 to the pile of going to fail

07-03-2009, 07:09
actually, considering the dice, if he wants to boost his rolls, he should boost his "to hit" rolls, since he will happily roll through toughness 3 people if he only manages to hit with his attacks. Sword of Striking would be the better option, not Rending Sword.