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06-03-2009, 03:02
Tomb King w/ Destroyer of Eternaties, Collar of Shapesh
*Goes with Skelies
Tomb Prince w/ LA, Chariot, Flail of Skulls
*Goes in one Chariot Unit
Priest w/ Cloak of the Dunes, Jieratic Jar
Priest (Hierophant) w/ Dispell Scroll x2, Steed
*Goes in Heavy Horsemen Bunker
Total: 785

23 Skelies w/ LA, Champ, Standard, Banner of the Undying Legion
5 Heavy Horsemen
3 Chariots
3 Chariots
3 Chariots
Total: 692

5 Carrion
20 Tomb Guard w/ Champ, Standard, Icon of Raleph
Total: 594

Total: 180

I'm a big fan of the King on foot combo, love watching my opponents stress about the DoE/smiting combo. Collar + Undying Legion works really well together.

I'd really love it if my Chariot unit with the Prince could have taken Icon of the Sacred Eye for some real line breaking potential, but then I would lose the 3rd Chariot unit. Flail of Skulls on charge with +1 to hit in a challenge... Makes a real mess of things.

06-03-2009, 05:47
For the most part, I like the list, but I wouldn't risk my heiro in a unit of (kind of)heavy horse. I would swap them for an extra unit of regular skellies. The more bodies the better.
Also, my usual critique of lists ends in me saying you need a casket. There is no TK army I can imagine that is not enhanced by the presence of this thing. Casket + SSC = big time hurt. Of course, feel free to field whatever you want.

06-03-2009, 06:03
Might be a bit of an obvious statement, but you seem to be building this list more around combat and not the magic, which is, most of the time, TK greatest strength. While I, personally, would recommend swaping the TK for a HLP and putting a LP on a CoS, I'll work with what you've given me.

Having your Heirophant in a squad of 5 Hv. horsemen does give him a bit of protection, but his biggest risk is the simple fact that, if you lose a single model from that squad, he becomes very vunerable to cannons and the like. For the same points, you could take a squad of skeleton warriors, which would be a better bunker, simply because of the wounds. Not to mention, it makes it better as there is less chance for the entire squad to be wiped out so you can heal the squad before they get shot again. Plus, if you keep them at the back of the army with the catapults, this gives a squad with a better standard CR than the Horsemen, so any pontential machine hunters will have to be a bit more wary when trying to kill the crews/machines. Also consider with the TK's skeleton warriors to take shields, as you have already taken Lt. armour, this gives them more durability.

As for the rest of the army, it looks good to me, but just FYI, it is 1pt over. If it is just being used for friendly games, there shouldn't be a problem, but if it comes to it, just drop 1 skele and you'll be fine.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
06-03-2009, 11:37
He likes the Tomb King maybe change the prince into a priest? the catapults are dirty. I would be afraid to fight the list.
Anyone without those seemingly all popular all powerful magic lists would have a difficult time holding off the magic the entire game as well as having quite a fighty force.
Good luck let us know how it does.

07-03-2009, 03:44
I agree with havoc626, great advice. The only thing I'll add is that the cloak on your hierophant may be a better option than on your other priest. It comes down to an offensive vs. defensive choice. Do you want to fly around and cause mischief (as is your current set-up), or do you use it for added protection on your hierophant. Normally your build would decide based on personal preference. However, the hierophant is SO important that cloak + hierophant might trump every time.

07-03-2009, 04:19
Looks very solid

but I would have made some small changes

I would have taken a normal flail and the Chariot of Fire instead of the Flail of Skulls for the Tomb Prince
since the flail skull ability 1w becomes 2w only applies when your target has more than 1w, dont happened that often versus
The Chariot of fire gives a 1d6+1 impact that are both magical and flaming (normal d3 impact) something very usefull against a lot of targets that are only hit by magic weapon or take double damage by flaming attack as well as regeneration doesnt work and also always counts when you charge. Basicly 2,5 str5 more impact magical and flaming, very good and also gives you the point over to buy that banner you wanted. OBS (That being said I am not sure you can use a flail magic or normal in a chariot since the text says under tomb prince may choose great weapon or flail And If riding in chariot you may INSTEAD choose spear.
Not sure about this tho but something our TK players plays by.)
If the flail not a option the spear cost as much 2pts
So regardless this would give you 18pt more
Drop 4 skellies+shield for another 36pts and then you can buy the Icon of the Sacred Eye for the unit something very handy on the charge with the Tomb Prince as you mentioned yourself earlier.

I would also as the other says skip the 5hv horsemen and get 10 skeletons and shift theCloak of the Dunes, Jieratic Jar to your Hierophant
Drop the steed and for those 8pts and the 4pts you had over from previous change you could get LA for the 10 skeletons as well

Voila ;)