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06-03-2009, 04:50
Hi guys!

So, I am pretty new to Warhammer and have been playing with different lists. However, I would like to have other people's opinion. Please let me know what you thing.

Vampire Lord (455)
MotBA, Forbidden Lore, Summon Ghouls
Skull Staff, Cadaverous Cuirass, Power Stone
Vampire (200)
Flying Horror, Avatar of Death
Skabacrath, Cursed Book
Vampire (185)
Ghoul Kin, Avatar of Death
Blood Drinker
Necromancer (105)
extra spell, Book of Arkhan


Corpse Cart (100; for Necromancer)
10 Ghouls w/ Ghast (88)
10 Ghouls w/ Ghast (88)
15 Skeletons (165)
Full Command
Banner of Dead Legion


20 Grave Guard (329)
Champion, Standard
Great Weapons
Banner of the Barrows


5 Blood Knights (360)
Full Command
Royal Standard of Strigos

Vamp lord and other vamp with SG will start off with summoning Ghouls from Skeletons. Flying Vamp to hit war machines and to march block. Cairn Wraiths and Blood Knights will be used together.

So, what suggestions do you guys have for me?


06-03-2009, 11:28
What cairn wraiths?

Your core units are a little small all round. The Ghoul units are going to be difficult to raise to combat effectivce levels, perhaps give summon ghouls to one of the vamps. Also, if the skele unit is a bunker, it does not need the banner, basically just a champ to accept challenges, a real bunker should only see combat if your opponent has a flying unit.

Your Bloodknights also need protecting, a Dire Wolf or Fell Bat screen might be an idea, to save points you could drop the Kastellan, and maybe the extra spell on the necro. With book of Arkan you are already set up for Van hels, without going overboard.

To summarise, make you ghouls bigger, skeles smaller and add some screens.

07-03-2009, 01:03
yeah agree with previous post ... and play three of the same core imo! That way you could at least try to replanish and make the bunker bigger if attacked, i e if you decide to move to another unit when the bunker is charged in the ass by a flyer,