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06-03-2009, 12:12

I've been putting together a vampire army for a future tournament, and this thread is really just an attempt to clean up the army list ready for it. The basics of the list is simple: a solid block of ghouls that seeks to get into combat as quickly as possible, supported by powerful magic and support units. It has proven to be fairly successful in my playtesting games, and i'm reasonably happy with the basic theme.

Please do not suggest i swap out the ghouls for skeletons, for the simple fact that my goal is not to create the most powerful vampire list possible, but instead to create a powerful, competitive list with a solid theme, the theme being ghouls.

List is as followed:


Vampire Lord: Level Three, Master of the Black Arts, Ghoulkin, Summon Ghouls, Flayed Hauberk, Skull Staff, Biting Blade
Total: 440


Necromancer: Extra Spell, Book of Arkham
Total: 105
Corpse Cart: Balefire
Total: 100
Necromancer: Extra Spell, Two Dispel Scrolls
Total: 120
Corpse Cart: Balefire
Total: 100
Vampire: Dread Knight, Walking Death, BSB, Helm of Commandment, Black Pariapt
Total: 220


25 Ghouls: Ghast
Total: 208
20 Ghouls: Ghast
Total: 168
20 Ghouls: Ghast
Total: 168
20 Ghouls: Ghast
Total: 168


Total: 175
5 Cairn Wraiths: Banshee
Total: 275

Power Dice: 10
Model Count: 95
Dispel Dice: 7
Dispel Scrolls: 2

The list should hopefully speak for itself, the characters each join a unit of ghouls, which using ghoulkin seeks to get a second turn charge against most armies. The army is kept alive through the magic of the vampire lord, with the BSB providing support and combat res to the army. The corpse carts provide dispel scrolls, book of arkham, magic defense and ASF - which have proved to be vital in my games. The varghulf and wraiths provide a bit of speed and flanking, particular against shooting units.

Thoughts include getting some power stones onto the necromancers, but the book of arkham and dispel scrolls are more of less required in my mind - and the lord combo has proven to be effective enough to make not want to change it.

Any hepful advice would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance.

06-03-2009, 12:48
No puppy dogs. Generally your list looks pretty good. I do not play them but I play against them. Your raise dead spell allows you to get your army into combat more or less intact. Your are spacing your vamps out to allow everyone to march, which you have to do. The spell I forget, which usually costs me the game, is the dance spell or whatever that allows a unit to make another move. See I run a dragon mage with a sun dragon. Its breath weapon is weak but can really make mince meat out of a block of ghouls I have to remember that movement spell. The Banshee unit can give normal people problems because of the non magic no hit. Her scream can be pretty impressive also. Do not let the HE get their drain magic spell off.

07-03-2009, 15:19
This army of dice (sorry ghouls reinnon knows what I means.) is very nasty. You play it well and I cant really think of much to improve it with without going into the vast realms of OP nees tha can occur.

Though it certainly is missing something Slann like, but you cant have them :p