View Full Version : 2000 Point Shade Tribe [Cheese];

06-03-2009, 19:47
Here is a little list I have been thinking about;

Lord; Pendant, Whip of Agony, 2 Null Talismans. Heavy Armour, Cloak, Steed, Crossbow, Shield.
Master; BSB, Banner of Nagarythe, Shield, Steed, Cloak, Heavy Armour, Crossbow.
Sorceress; 2 Scrolls, Steed.

Assassin; Extra Wep, Rending Manbane Stars.
25 Shades; Great Weps
10 Crossbows;
10 Crossbows;
10 Crossbows;


I wanted it to represent a whole Shade tribe in one unit, the Shade nobles being mounted. I didnt know what to take as troops to fit with this, I figured young shades consigned to ranged support so Crossbows?. Shades are known for capturing Hydras.

I have 5 DD and 2 Scrolls to keep that Shade unit safe from magic. It should also be a fairly good VP denial unit and can down almost a unit a turn at range with an effective range of 29''. It is Unbreakable and the Assassin and Lord pack a bit of a punch.

I am thinking of using Corsairs as the shades, their Sea Dragon cloaks could be Hydra skins and their Swords look pretty beefy.

Would the list actually work at all in your opinions or is it too much of a 1 trick poney?. Its a deathstar list really but a deathstar that is hard to avoid thanks to its 50 29'' BS5 Shots. The Hydras also deny points and can win me some by picking on smaller enemy units. The only easily available points are the Crossbows.

06-03-2009, 19:59
Hey, well themed list... no seriosly, quite cheesy, will most likely work as an army. only thing I'm missing a bit is the ring of hotec

06-03-2009, 20:05
I was thinking that but to get a Master on Peg with it, I would have to drop a Hydra, worth the trade off? Both are good points denail units but the Hydra actually puts out some hurt.

07-03-2009, 10:16
one thing that bothers me for a very long time, manbane replaces your poisoned attacks... and the rules of the assassin say that he only has poisoned attacks on his handbow and handweapon. Does he get poison on his rending stars or manbane (any other poison) on it?

fluffy list, not unbeatable but real strong! ^^