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Brother Constantine
06-03-2009, 21:41
I am new to fantasy and I am thinking that the Skull Pass boxed set is probhably the best route to go for starting out. I am currently (slowly) building a Wood Elf army, but I have always had a soft spot for Night Goblins and would not be opposed to playing them in order to learn the game while I build my Asrai.

The way I see it, the boxed set is only $10 more than the rule book and you get all those models and goodies to boot!!!! So why not?! My other option would be to buy a Wood Elf Battalion box set and hold off a while longer on learning how to play......

I was wondering if anyone else has bought the box set for similar reasons to those stated above, and how it all worked out. Were you happy, is the small print rule book usable? etc... I have read on-line reviews but would like to hear your feedback.

Any replies would be muchly appreciated. It is my B-day tomorow and I will have money to spend!!!! :D

06-03-2009, 21:46
Go for it. The box set is excellent value. The only hazard is...once you start on the night goblins you need more....and more....and oh THAT'S where I left the wood elves....

06-03-2009, 22:47
The small rulebook was the best thing that ever happened to my Warhammer life. It's easy to browse, easy to carry, easy to read, and most importance of all, it doesn't have the rubbish in it.

Furthermore, the skull pass gives you the easy-to-play night gobbos. You'll love'em.

07-03-2009, 01:08
Yes, get the box. I think it has something for a lot of armies, and not just goblins and dwarfs. For example, if you play WoC or BoC you can convert the troll to a chaos troll (or just use it as is). The goblins can be converted to skaven slaves (I have about 40 like this). The cannon could probably be used in an Empire army. And so on. :)

07-03-2009, 01:19
The BfSP box is a great buy. I highly recomend it. Not only does it come with a rulebook and templates to play the game. It also comes with some decent terrain. The two armies that come with it are very simple to build and make a great tool for learning the game. Besides, even if you dont keep the armies that come with it, you can still use them to learn how to paint with or you can trade them with other players!

07-03-2009, 02:21
there is always the opportunity to sell the excess dwarfs online and then end up with a very very cheap force and rulebook

07-03-2009, 03:39
The box set isn't bad, easy to assemble and start playing and learning to play.

The only downside is the one piece models, such as the dwarf thunderers have a block of plastic in between their rifles and their shoulders where it should just be open air. But other than that it's a great deal

07-03-2009, 04:06
Back when I first started playing in 5th edition (I think?) I got the nice Bretts vs. Lizardmen box set. Granted it was the only way to get the rules then... but anyway, I was able to sell the models that I didn't want and recoup a lot of the cost. It was a good buy.

That said, I think an argument can be made for buying that Wood Elf battalion too if you know that is the army that you want to play. You can always find a friend who knows the game well and is willing to lend you his copy of the rulebook and hopefully even tutor you in the ways of warhammer =)

07-03-2009, 05:00
I converterd one of those tall fat things into a Kroxigor -- instant $20 savings, right there. Everything in the box is plastic and pegged, making for easy conversions, and you get some dice and measuring sticks, as well as that awesome mini-rulebook. Well worth it for any army, I think, just even more so if you know someone that plays (or wants to play) OnG or Dwarves, or if you're willing to do a little cut-and-paste *grin*.

07-03-2009, 15:06
No reason whatsoever not to buy BfSP- the rulebook is required anyways (and bumming one doesn't really work, you need to spend some time looking through it) and the extra $10 is more than covered by the dice, terrain bits, templates, etc. Selling the extra starter armies should net you at least $20 each, or you could keep one or both as a side army.