View Full Version : [2000] Woodelves and Lizardman team up for tourney

06-03-2009, 20:46
Yea, that's right. Gonna attend to a tourney next month in which each player fields 1000 points of his army in a legit list and teams up with his friend against two other 1000 point armies. Restrictions are: Max 4 chars (700 point limit, but stegadon doesnt count), max 2 same core, max 1 same elite, max 1 AST. Max 9 PD per round (only 2 Dice are generatet for both players together). There are "good", "neutral" and "evil" armies that cannot mix. Other than that you can fiel whatever you want.

Now to my list for your consideration:

Noble LA, Shield, Spear, HoDA; 181 points
on Great Eagle

8 Dryads; 96 points
8 Dryads; 96 points
10 Glade Guard; 120 points

5 Wardancer; 90 points
5 Wild Rider; 130 points

Treeman; 285 points

Skink Priest Lev. 2, War Drum of Xahutec, Plaque of Tepok ;on Ancient Stegadon with Engine of Gods; 435 points
Skink Priest , Lev. 2, Scroll 125 points
Saurus Scar-Veteran, Great Weapon, AST, LA, Shield, Charm of the Jaguar; 149 points

10 Skink Skirmisher; 70 points
10 Skink Skirmisher; 70 points

2 Razordon Hunting Pack 150 points

Maybe you got some ideas what to consider, esp. against other armies like DE with Hydras, Empire with steamtank etc.