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Brother Constantine
06-03-2009, 20:56
I just came up with this potential list as my starting WE force and was wondering if any of you Wood Elf Generals or WE destrying Generals could shed some light onto my potential list. This is my first list so please feel free to point out even seemingly obvious mistakes, I am learning.

The list does not include "extras" like spites, HOD arrows etc... just the units.

Eagle riding Noble
Spell Singer (I am thinking Glamourweave Kindred and a Unicorn)

Glade Guard 24 2 units of 12
Glade Riders 16 2 units of 8
Dryads 24 2 units of 12

Wild Riders 5
Tree Kin 3

Tree Man 1

This works out to be around 2k once I add all the extras. I like the fact that there are alot of fast units, and a nice balance of Asrai and Forest Spirits.

Does anyone know why there isn't a WE option in the "Fantasy Army" selection at teh top of new posts? :wtf:

06-03-2009, 21:36
Looks like the begining of a good list although I would definately drop the glade riders down to 5/6 models a unit, 8 is way to much.

It looks like your going character light however If you are going that way I would suggest that you atleast upgrade the spellsinger to a spellweaver and give it the reroll dispel thing( cant remember what its called). With the removal of 5/6 glad riders you should have enough to upgrade him.
Secondly If your only second choice character is a noble I would either make it an alter noble or bsb to support the treeman/treekin combo. The only problem with this is that your mage would be your general.

Other than that I really like this list, u'll suffer badly from any amount of magic but it's nice to see a list with more of a focus on troops, although many will argue that it is an unwise idea.
Hope it works for you.

06-03-2009, 21:46
I'd drop the dryads down to 10 at most, and the glade riders down to 6 at most. 12 glade guard isn't that bad, as long as you have a hill to get 'em ranked up; I prefer mine at 10. I also like fielding my wild riders at 6, just to maximize.
The spell singer turned into a spellweaver wouldn't be half bad either.

Maybe another eagle in the rare slot to help attack warmachines, or a unit of warhawk riders to go mage hunting.

The lists looks pretty good now though. I like core unit heavy lists.

07-03-2009, 01:39
I play wood elves, and one of the things you really need to get the hang of is minimalist thinking when it comes to your units.

You need to try to get units as small as possible while still doing their jobs.

Dryads - x8 large, no upgrades
Glade guard - x10-12 large, no upgrades
Glade riders - x5-6 large, musician only
Wild Riders - x5-6 large, musician, and maybe banner + warbanner

Also, you may seriously want to consider adding a standard alter noble in there. Every wood elf army seems to take one, but that's because he's so useful in every game. (Alter kindred noble, hail of doom, helm of the hunt, great weapon, light armor, shield).

Unless you go magic heavy, most people I know usually keep the hero and lord selection down to 2. One spellsinger or spellweaver, and a standard alter. If you do go heavier magic, you'll focus more on tree-singing things around, and trying to play a VP denial game (this may not be very much fun, depending on how you like to play your games). You basically kill a few units, and use forests to stop the opponent's army from hurting you for another 4-5 turns.

All in all, I think your model composition is fine, but you just need to break it down into smaller units. 3x5 glade riders, 3x8 dryads, and I think your list is looking pretty solid.

Brother Constantine
07-03-2009, 19:50
Thanks all. I REALLY appreciate the feedback, it is extreemly helpful. I will consider all of your advice and post my revised lista at a later date.
Thanks again. :D

Brother Constantine
08-03-2009, 20:34
Is it bad to have a Spell weaver as a General? Why/why not?
What is the advantage of having smaller units sizes as many of you have suggested?
I have already started work on an Alter kindred noble, hail of doom, helm of the hunt, great weapon, light armor, shield as was suggested above. I have seen this Alter Kindred used ALOT and like the fluff behind it.

08-03-2009, 20:51
The Spell Singer (I pressume you mean singer right? Weaver is the lvl 3/4) general shouldn't be that much of a problem for the Wood Elves - most of the time the units are spread out anyways and many are ItP... The same goes for the Weaver ofcourse if you take that

Smaller units are better as they are:
1) More manouvrable
2) You get more units for the same points! - thus will be able to threaten more flanks or spread out your fire as you'd like
3) Just as effective as the big ones - the only thing better with bigger units is when you go for ranks... Just remember your fighty skirmish units (Wardancers and Dryads) would want max models they can get to attack (so attacking a normal RnF unit in the flank that'd be 6-7... plus perhaps 1 extra incase of some shooting)... The same goes for your cavalry even though you technically only need 3 to break their ranks the hitting power of more would be nice... I'd say 5-6 for your WR's as above

By doing this you'll get 1 extra unit of Dryads and 1 extra unit of Glade Riders and some extra points...

OR perhaps reduce to the minimum sizes and bring 2x 10 GG, 2x 5 GR's, 3x 8 Dryads, and 8 Wardancers (All with musician)... that'd give you 2 more skirmishing units including the Wardancers... for approx the same points

The rest looks fine but the characters are quite important for WE's aswell imo (that's where the secret tricks of the army is really revealed...)

Good luck,

Dragon Prince of Caledor
08-03-2009, 21:16
nice list but please please please get some magic resistance in some shape or form. Even the lord isnt enough. Wood elves are like fragile high elves and i know how much it sucks to have a magic missiles wreak havoc amongst my lines. I have enjoyed some immense satisfaction roasting 1000pts of wood elves with a dragon mage in a 1000pt game :D

Good luck!

Brother Constantine
09-03-2009, 15:53
Thank you Thargur, your advice and explanations are most appreciated. I am really starting to get an understanding of the mechanics of this army. I am looking into the changes you have suggested. Do you think that I should include Wardancers in my force? I am also working on an Alter Kindred model to include in the force (more Characters!!) and yes, I meant Spell Weaver (Sorry).

Dragon Prince of Caledor, what in your experience has been effective in terms of WE's magic defence? I will have a Spell Weaver, what should she be equiped with and/or what will my army need in addition to her to be adequatly protected from your Dragony wrath!! ;)

Dragon Prince of Caledor
09-03-2009, 18:11
lol. I dont really know besides scrolls because i no longer have posession of a Wood Elf army book. But I will tell you this, before Im dead I am going to play Wood Elves. Lovely models!!!
Anywho, wardancers are pricey but very very good at what they do, hence the massive points cost. They are really cool but I am undecided on whether or not i like the models personally. They can strike before HE, the can killing blow cavalry or characters (best if you charge for this one) they can dish out enough attacks to have low toughness / armour units slaughtered in one go, they have a ward save, they have high weapon skill, and did I mention that they are awesome! Combine them in a combat with something treeish and I think they will do really well. Keeping them safe from all manner of missiles might be a little more difficult. They will also be livy with a four + ward save.
I would love to dust off and open up an organ gun one them lol.

When/if you take wardancers let me know what works and what doesnt im curious. As with the magic defence ;) In 1000pts I dont know what could have been done about that pesky dragon save maybe a treeman.

Take care

09-03-2009, 19:16
I have to agree with DROC wardancers are pretty awsome. Combine them with a unit of dryads of if possible supporting a treeman and you can have a killer combo.

As for magic defense one thing to consider is that wood elves,out of all other armys, have some of the best options for an agressive magical defense. This generally involves units of warhawk riders/ scouts/waywatchers and even glade riders hunting down lone wizards due to there high movement value. The only problem with that is that the newer armies eg vampire counts, demons, slaans are unlikely to be on there own and are very difficult to use. However, remember that wood elves have a few items that allow characters to be targetted even when inside a unit; against toughness 3 elves this is very useful.
Other than that if you really are worried and want some defensive magic protection a good set up would be: Spellweaver- re roll dispel thing/scroll, branchwrath-lv1, cluster of radiants and Alter noble to help with hunting down wizards. This set up gives you 6 dispel dice plus a scroll and combine it with mage hunting units you should be relatively okay.
Hope it helps ( I have fought with wood elves very little but in theory and according to forum talk it seems like a decent defense).

Brother Constantine
09-03-2009, 20:22
Sweet, thank you DPOC and NLH.

DPOC, I am not sure I like the Wardancer figures either. Just another reason for some cool conversions I guess!! I do like the sound of how potent they are in battle though.

NLH, Thank you for the majic defence ideas, I laughed out loud because I hadn't thought of killing a mage as a majic defence before!! But it sure makes a lot of sense doesn't it!!! :D

09-03-2009, 22:40
The spellsinger general isn't bad if you do what I do when I'm fielding more than 1 wizard. Give one wizard Calaingors/dispel, and the other Deepwood/dispell. It's like the surfing forest of death!
Normally I make the Calaingor stave one my general. No reason to why I side with it though

17-03-2009, 22:19
dryads should be in units of 8.

you only need 5 glade riders.

take wardancers.

otherwise not bad.