View Full Version : Need help choosing an army with a lot of player-made fluff opportunities...

07-03-2009, 20:02
I'm probably not going to be playing Daemons due to lack of fluff opportunities. While the player written stories I did were more about a cult of Nurgle fighting alongside daemon allies, the Daemons army gives no opportunity to use mostly cultists.
The armies I'm looking into are...
1. Inquisition (although I always viewed Inquisitors as investigators rather than soldiers of the Imperium. Maybe Grey Knights would do, but don't they only fight Chaos-related enemies?)
2. Space Marines (I'd make my own chapter up, but theres already so many player made chapters out there. I don't want to use an overused idea.)
3. Imperial Guard
4. Necrons (I like the look, but I'm not sure how much opportunity mindless robots would offer for lore.)

I could also pick a Warhammer Fantasy army, if the Warhammer Fantasy universe gives a lot of player-fluff opportunities (I imagine it'd be difficult. WHFB is set on one world, where 40k is set in an entire galaxy). The price of an army for a 1500 point list will also be taken greatly into consideration, as I'm finding it difficult to buy even $35 blister packs every month when I'm usually buying an MMORPG (I have a hard time sticking with one MMORPG).

Edit: I called my local gaming store, and the owner recommended Fantasy Battles since he's doing the league for it now, and to play lizardmen for cheapness. I prefer 40k over fantasy though :(

07-03-2009, 21:05
Imperial Guard gives you a lot of options for fluff. Though you might want to wait until the new codex comes out to make any major decisions as to what to field.

You have several different options for what they look like (so you can decide what you want to field, including several extra ranges of figures for them from Forgeworld.)

You can do a planetary PDF force.
You can do a Genestealer infested force.
You can do a Chaos tainted renegade force.
You can even do a force that has thrown in with the Tau empire.
You can do ultra elite soldiers

Things that probably won't be in the next codex as far as options however:
You probably won't be able to do a feudal backwater world where everyone chages forward in a huge mass of humanity swinging axes and wearing platemail :)
I have heard that the conscript platoons have been cut down a fair bit in the upcoming codex as well so no huge mass of poorly trained rabble to draw fire either :(