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Hrogoff the Destructor
07-03-2009, 23:31
Alright, if you were assigned to create a global campaign for GW, what would it be?

Since I'm not a fan of the whole "campaign has almost zero impact on the Warhammer world", I thought I'd try to change things around a bit.

The first thing that would happen is the assassination of Karl Franz. Let's face it; he's boring, dull, and completely uninteresting. Quite frankly, he wouldn't be missed and it would create an interesting storyline for the campaign.

So the Empire is shambles and enters a state of civil war where they are trying to determine the next Emperor. As such they are very vulnerable to outside forces and they know it. From here we bring in the other races:

WoC: they realize that the Empire is unstable and very vulnerable. As such they attack the boarders.
DoC: do I really have to explain this one?
BoC: they're beasts. That's all the reason they need to fight.
High Elves: they're favorite meat shield is on the verge of collapse, and they still need them there.
Dark Elves: send raiding parties to the old world for plunder, riches, and slaves.
Orcs: Grimgor calls a Waagh! on the empire due to the humiliation he suffered during the Nemesis Crown campaign.
Brettonia: goes to the Empires defense.
Tomb Kings: rumors spread that Nagash may or may not be back. Either way Tomb Kings send forces to deal with the Empire. Assuming Nagash is back, the reason is he wants revenge on Sigmar's Empire. If not, there is some other sinister scheme behind this. Either way we don’t find out the truth of the situation one way or another.
Vampire Counts: do the Vampire Counts really need a reason to mess with the Empire or their Brettonian allies?
WE: Ugh… Morghur is up to no good again. Let's go.
Ogre kingdoms: They're hungry.
Dwarves: Damn Orcs! Let's 'em!

No, the Empire won’t collapse depending on the winner. However, the conclusion would determine who replaces the Emperor. No, some Chaos guy wouldn't be taking the throne or anything like that. However, depending on the race that “wins” the campaign will affect the new emperor’s personality and diplomacy towards the outside world.

The character in question could be current Elector counts or something like that.

For example if...
Skaven/Dark Elves won: the new emperor would be a weasily and manipulative ruler. He would care very little for his followers and be overly corrupt. He loves use other races to their own advantage.

WoC/DoC/BoC won: the new emperor would be a total nutcase. In fact, I could see the new emperor being someone like Marius.

Brettonia: Would be an honorable man, but is overly brash and reckless. He loves being on the front line and getting involved with events he shouldn’t be. He would have no problems teaming up with others.

Empire: Would have a very diplomatic, strategic, and organized ruler. He wouldn't be far off from Karl Franz, but would hopefully be more interesting in the way he’s executed.

Vampire counts/tomb kings: The new Emperor might not worship Sigmar. He seems to be involved with crazy occult rituals and is highly secretive. His diplomacy towards others seems unclear as his everything is ruled by him and his crazy cult.

Ogre Kingdoms: would be a glutton and self absorbed ruler.

Wood elves: umm... he's a treehugger?

Dwarves: is an overly stubborn drunk. Has a love for gunpowder, explosives, and Dwarves. He would be alright with other people like Bretonnia. Dislikes elves.

Orcs: is an overly violent ruler that likes to smash things and use brute force. Doesn’t care much about anyone. He would call out things like “crusades” on those he deems threats to the Empire.

Yeah, it’s not the best, but the final thing would be more detailed and whatnot, and this is the best I could come up with. Yeah, it’s not the most drastic change in the Warhammer world, but it at least has some sort of impact.

08-03-2009, 04:43
The Rise of the Skaven:

the council of thirteen finally get's it's ***** together and units the clans. The skaven errupt from thier warrens in untold millions they attack the old world by force, attempting to topple as many enemies as possible, in a single swoop.

Brettonia: The brettons are hit in thier heartland, and must rally thier peasants to stop the horrible horde.
Empire: The Followers of sigmar, already weakend from the storm of chaos, find themselves set upon by the rat men.
Dwarves: Beneath thier great halls, the rats surge foreward, takeing the fight to the dwarves
DOW: tilea and estalia are in flames as the skaven try to secure the south of the continent.
W.E.: thier forests befouled by skaven, teh woodelves march to war.
H.E.: The High Elves lend as much assistance as they are able, to thier stlawart allies.
D.E.: with the high elves forces moveing the Dark elves move to attack Ulthulan.
Lizard men: their enemity of the rat men as such, that the Lizard men send thier largest force to the old wolrd in milennia, they use lond lost old one gates, to arrive in the old world by the hundreds of thousands.
WoC: the scattered trbes of arachons horde rally, adn assail the empire allies attempting to take advantage of the situation.
B.O.C.: riseing from the woods, the beasts start fighting the humans, the skaven, and anyone else.
D.O.C: unbeknownst to the lizard men, the use of the gates has attracted the attention of those from beyond.
Ogres: there is monsey to be made in war!
TK's as the skaven move easst, they assail the great black pyramid for it's secrets, and are met with fierce risistance from the undead.
VC: the vampires turn on the skaven, realizing that if successful, they will run out of humans to feed upon. they ally (uneasily) with the defenders.

whattya think?

08-03-2009, 05:10
The Emperor turns up looking for Sigmar and all hell breaks loose.

The Red Scourge
08-03-2009, 12:33
How about this one:

Mighty space men from the future land their drop pods on the planet, within weeks the indigenous human population is interned in quarantine camps, while the invincible star knights starts to exterminate those races anathema to the "God emperor of the stars".

Brettonia: Interned and quarantined the brets starts to fight for their privileges, but horses are scarce, as they are taken to the huge meat processors.
Empire: The industrious imperials quickly accept the rule of the technological overlords and trade negotiations quickly begin.
Dwarves: The dwarves hide in their mountains, but when their mighty runic wards fail to protect against orbital bombardment, they must reforge old alliances and allow grudges to rest.
DOW: The mercenaries of the world flourish.
W.E.: Their forests cut down and treemen made into toothpicks, the elves are given a promise of hope from unexpected (and darker) parties.
H.E.: Ulthuann is beset by the invaders, the dragons awake from their slumber, and Tyrion is plagued by dreams involving beards and a certain sword.
D.E.: The dark elves retreat north, here Malekith impregnates his mother in a prayer to the old gods and fathers an unholy heir.
Lizardmen: The lizards greet the "returning old ones", but when the majority of slann is dissolved in bursts of superheated plasma, the continents start to shake.
WoC: Krakanrok is awoken when a nuclear strike detonates and blasts off one of his horns.
B.O.C.: Morghur rises as the woods start to vanish, and an everchanging horde of flesh sets course towards to bridgehead of the invaders
D.O.C: Are banned from all tournaments, and GWs official statement is "They were all in your mind".
Ogres: As DoW all mercenaries have lots to gain.
Tomb Kings: When the star people land, they start to excavate the land of the dead, soon they stand before a huge black pyramid, and something threatens to awake.
VC: The VC embraces the star people as an endless supply of laborers is needed.

08-03-2009, 14:46
Very funny Red Scourge!

EDIT: I would try and come up with a global campaign that would take place in an area where the Old World and the current background aren´t really affected all that much - players would be very upset to find The Empire has been wiped off the map or to find that the Dark Elves have indeed occupied Ulthuan. Thin of something in the Border Princes or like the Albion campaign.

Kind regards,


08-03-2009, 15:12
Hubman, I think the very point of the OP was the fact that these campaigns always ended in "Empire wins barely and nothing changes". Since it's not an official campaign you can have the Empire be thrown into ruin, the Dwarves driven from their mountain holds, the Orks mighty Wagggh! charging into the North just to get stuck in with the toughest of the humans, etc.

The problem that has always come from these large scale campaigns is the neccessary evil of lumping each race into one goal. There isn't any room for personal gains or larger scale battle plans. Not every Vampire Count is going to all align and attack the Empire head on. Some are looking to acquire specific objects or places of power. Or looking to become the next big Warboss an ork decides to prove his teeth by taking on the Tomb Kings.

Depending on the scale of the campaign it might be possible to run it as a giant map based campaign. With each group of player participating battling over a region on the map. I dunno, I'd have to think it over more to have a more specific set of advice.

08-03-2009, 15:19
Global economic meltdown. Faced with the need to feed/sustain their home population each race/nation declares war to take resources from elsewhere.

...And then Tomb Kings start attacking stuff too ;)

08-03-2009, 16:15
Economic crisis due to a 'credit crunch'. A new source book is made where every metal model/unit for each army has straight 10's for stats and the rules are made official.

Everyone buys metal units and GW wins.

08-03-2009, 16:28
D.E.: The dark elves retreat north, here Malekith impregnates his mother in a prayer to the old gods and fathers an unholy heir.

I'm sigging this and it will haunt you for atleast 3 weeks.

My idea for a global campaign.
Plague monks messing around in a temple city triggers a weakening of the vortex.

Que daemonic invasions on a huge scale and a mad rush by most of the evil races to bind weaker aether entities while the getting's good.

08-03-2009, 18:07
The Last of the Old Ones.

Rumors of the last of the Old Ones has been discovered in the Dark Lands and the Races are trying to discover his plans and to help or hinder. The races God(s) all are looking for favors to become the true ruling power of the World.

Chaos - the followers of the Chaos Gods are feuding while trying to destroy the Old One trying to gain it's powers. Allies Warriors of Chaos, Beasts of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos and for Slaneesh Cult of Slaneesh (Dark Elves) all gods for themselves.
Chaos Dwarfs - Hashut is getting the Sorcerers to find the Old One to gain it's favor. Allies: None
Skaven - The Horned God want's it's followers to capture and torture the secrets from the old ones. Uneasy Allies: with Orcs and Goblins
Lizardmen - Confused by the signs and portents the Slann have be predicting they try to find the Old One to discover their plans for the world. Allies: High Elves Uneasy Allies: Wood Elves, Empire, Bretonnia
High Elves - Following the signs and portents they determine they have to protect the Old One to prevent it's powers from being misused. Allies: Empire, Lizardmen, Wood Elves. Uneasy Allies: Dwarfs, Bretonnia
Dark Elves - division caused by the followers of Slaneesh has a civil war on the horizion. The two sides want to capture the Old One to gain it's secrets to win the upcoming war. Uneasy Allies: Slaneesh ally with Slaneesh Warriors, Daemons or Beasts of Chaos.
Wood Elves - The hippy/treehuggers forsee that if any of the Chaos Gods gain control of the powers of the Old one the balance of power in the world would change and could destroy the world. Allies: Bretonnia Uneasy Allies: Empire, High Elves, Lizardmen
Empire - Following signs and portents the followers of Ulric (Knights of the White Wolf), Sigmar and growing Myrmidia (Knights of the Blazing Sun) have put aside their differences to protect the Old One from harm. Allies: Dwarfs, High Elves, Bretonnia Uneasy Allies: Lizardmen, Wood Elves, Orcs and Goblins
Bretonnia: Looking to the Old One for Glory and Power. Allies: Empire, Wood Elves Uneasy Allies: Lizardmen, High Elves
Orcs and Goblins: Believe that the Old One is really their two Gods. They will fight and against anyone to reach and protect them.
Dogs of War: They are mercenaries, the princes of Tilia would like the old one to give them power but the lure of money wins all. They will fight with anybody.

Did I miss anyone?

The Red Scourge
08-03-2009, 20:26
I'm sigging this and it will haunt you for atleast 3 weeks.

Be my guest ;)

08-03-2009, 20:34
Did I miss anyone?
You missed the Dwarfs and Ogres :D

Also, seems like the "evil" armies are at a wee bit of a disadvantage, what with the Orcs on the "good" side.

08-03-2009, 20:53
A rise of Nagash would be interesting. It would come down to who can attempt to destroy him.

HE: Just because. Teclis and a High Elf force land to destoy him.

Woc: Abbadon needs to redeem himself in the eyes of the Chaos Gods, and this would be a perfect opportunity.

VC: Mannfred and Neferata could temporarily ally (uneasily) to stop him, all the while plotting against each other.

TK: Settra, since Nagash brought him back to life too early and as a rotten corpse.

Orcs/Goblins: Grimgor wants a piece of the action.

Lizardmen: Just because.

Skaven: To get warpstone.

Im sure Empire and Bretonnia would adventure to destroy him.

08-03-2009, 21:07
You missed the Dwarfs and Ogres :D

Also, seems like the "evil" armies are at a wee bit of a disadvantage, what with the Orcs on the "good" side.

O&G are on their own side, will join nearly anyone.

Dwarfs are seeking the old one believing it's one of their ancester Gods. Must be protected from Chaos At All Costs.

08-03-2009, 21:26
Rise of Nagash i think is the most possible of the campaigns. Because its
a) been rumoured forever and a day, cancelled i think at least once and
b) interesting effect on the world. If Nagash is 'killed' again, then who gets some more of his stuff (i.e. Vampires with more books, good races with more methods to stop vampires, TK get bloody revenge, etc)? If not, with whom does he ally? Does he ally at all?