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Authors note:
This is my first attempt at writing for other people. I mostly wirte stuff that I only ever read. Whole novels I've written never released. So please be nice.
If you guys like the story then I will write a Proper Chronicle or saga.
I like ongoing Stories, like Really good TV shows you read.

Quick Breifing:
The Stories are set on Earth but are in a time before our known history kinda like Atlantis. It was there but got nuked. The story starts in the Age of Peace Midway between the Age of War and the Age of Chaos (The end).
Places, People and certain items are fake. I will explain about certains things if I invent them.

Ok here goes.

Story 1:
Tiger Strike

The Academy had not been the easiest place on Earth to Learn the arts of the Assasin. But She had succeded, Ryku Was a fully fledged Assasin trained in the Arts of fighting, stealth and majik. Her skills allowed to deceive enemies confusing them or even allowing her to move past unseen.
Ryku is a shortish girl of 17years of age. She is 5"5'. Shoulder Length Black Hair, with Green eyes. She has a slim build but has alot of hidden strength. Mostly chilled out she plans before doing and is very intelligent but very feminine despite her line of work.

She smiled to Herself as she looked upon the bounties on the walls of the Marshalls office in Zichuiang. It was not a big town, only one suburb with about fifty houses, a Tea house, an inn, a Marshalls office (police station), a Physicians clinic (Doctor) and a Shrine. The total population was about five hundred. The Town was situated in The North of the Empire in the Mountains that were the border between the Empire and the Frozen wastes of the North

As she looked over the Bounties she thought how strange it was that a trade of sorts had emerged from killing her fellow humans for their crimes. She shrugged and kept looking.
Finally her eyes settled upon an interesting Bounty, a class 1 Bounty which was perfect for her, (Class 1 - Newbs).

"1000 Gold, Class 1 Bounty. name - Orion, Second name unknown. Crime - Murder of a Noble."
'Nice' She thought to herself.
"Will pay 2000 Gold if brought in alive for State execution"
Those sleeping toxins she had found would prove to be useful yet.

'I will take this Bounty Marshall' She said handing the poster to the marshall.
'Bount Hunting License please' he said putting out one hand.
She handed it to him. He took it looked it over then just nodded and handed it back with a mission brief.
'You have two weeks before its back on the wall. After that he's free game again' he said boared.
'Thanks' Ryku said sweetly. Her loose clothing (Don't get horny!!! Its Chinese. So its baggy loose not open loose) swaying as she turned. The black and white silk of Her elegant robes flashing gently in the sun that got through the dusty window.

She left the building with all the male bounty Hunters looking at her in awe before getting back to the wall.

'Says here..' She thought out loud as she read the mssion brief 'He was last seen in the ZouKang Province. Hmmmm. This one huh?'
She walked and read the brief with an ever growing sense of discomfort.
She finally rolled up the breif back into scroll form and slid it into her sleeve, as she let go of the Scroll she grabbed her Dirk but left it and her hand in her sleeve.
She turned into an alley and stopped halfway down.

The feeling remained.
She blinked slowly, then closed her eyes.
'What are you doing?'
'Whatever could you mean?' Came a familar voice.
'Tiyan, Your Stealth skills never were that great' she said turning to meet her best friend. She release the Dirk and opened her arms to greet him. he walked over to her and hugged her.
'I don't need stealth. I have raw power and plenty of majiks at my disposal.' he said smiling.
Tiyan was 6"6', shaven head, Brown eyes and very muscular. He prefered Smash now investiagte later tactics.

'What you planning now?' He asked as they walked towards a local tea house.
'I have taken a bounty on a murderer. Class 1, 2000 Gold Live' She told him.
'Your kidding, thats pretty good for a rooky.' he said Teasing her.
'Not all of us can morph into Dragons in front of the academy master' She said solumnly.
Tyian was a class 3 Bounty Hunter.
'Don't worry, your Tiger is pretty good. Dynamic to say the least' he said trying to make her happy.

As they arrived there was a lot of screaming and shouting and they saw a young man run past, Sword in hand.
'Oh!!! that's My Bounty!!!' She cried out.
'Start running Girl. I'll help you if you want me too. I won't even take a cut'
'Thanks Tiyan' She Called back as she started chasing Orion...

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Poorly edited but quite ok. Problem is that it's got nothing to do with GW games, which is probably why you don't get any response. You'd probably have more success with this on Fanfiction.net (http://www.fanfiction.net/), or you'd have to change it a bit to make itwork in the Warhammer world (Cathay, Nippon).