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08-03-2009, 16:37
After reading the VC book I decided that I really liked the idea of the Krudenwald Fiend, so I decided to make an army themed on what's written in the book. This is what I came up with:

The Krudenwald Fiend- Supernatural Horror, Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Bloody Hauberk, Sword of Might, Talisman of the Lycni- 375
In keeping with the fluff he won't actually have the magic items, but the benefits they give will represent his natural strength, damage resistance and speed, while the Vampiric powers turn him into a fearsome fighter- 4 S6 attacks that reroll to hit and gain an extra attack for each wound caused.

Vampire- Flying Horror, Summon Creatures, Powerstone, Wristbands of Black Gold- 195

Vampire- BSB, Ghoulkin, Summon Ghouls, Helm of Commandment- 170

Necromancer- 2 Dispel Scrolls- 105

19 Ghouls- Ghast- 160 (BSB goes here)
15 Ghouls- 128
15 Ghouls- 128
17 Direwolves- Doom Wolf- 144 (Fiend goes here)

4 Fell Bats- 80
4 Fell Bats- 80
3 Fell Bats- 60

Varghulf- 175
Varghulf- 175

Total- 2000 points.

This combines everything the book says about the fiend, the lord represents a "bloodthirsty beast" very well, he "stalks the forest at the head of a great pack of monstrous wolves" while "gigantic bats swoop down through the canopy" and "man-like yet depraved things follow the spectral hunt".

I will probably have to convert my own Fiend, as I'm not sure that GW ever released many werewolf models...Bjorn the Bearstruck (although technically he's a were-bear...) and the Blood Bowl Star Player spring to mind, but thats about it. If anyone has any other suggestions I'd appriciate them. I'm also going to make a ghoul shaman to act as the necro.

I'd more often than not use the wolves and ghouls in the centre, using Ghoulkin and a bit of magic to get into combat quickly, while the flying Vamp, Varghulf and unit of 3 Bats take one flank and the other 2 units of bats and Varghulf take the other (or possibly Vamp + 2 larger units of bats/ 1 unit of bats + double Varghulf...but I do like being able to cause terror from the centre and both flanks!)

The BSB will try to avoid combat for the first couple of turns, buffing the other Ghoul units and letting the Dire Wolves use his WS whilst slowing any crumbling with the battle standard.

The army has 7PD and 6 DD, plus 2 scrolls and a powerstone.

I think it would be fun to use, not sure how effective though. The Varghulfs and Fiend are the only true heavy hitters in the list, and the other 2 Vamps are woefully under-protected in combat. The ghouls will make decent units in combat if bulked up enough, and the large number of fliers should be able to deal with war machines and then provide flank charges. But with this in mind I do have some questions...

Do I need a little more magic? If I could find 50 points I could give the Fiend an extra magic level...or I could tweak the other Vampires gifts to fit a Dark Acolyte in there. Should I drop a few points and get another powerstone?

Is the unit of Dire Wolves too big? I intend to run it 6 wide, and they don't benefit from ranks, so is it worth having more than say, 12?

I don't often use large units of ghouls- usually a unit of ten to annoy people is as far as I go. I have a total of 49 in this list, and a Vamp with "Summon Ghouls", would they benefit from being split into smaller units, or just generally drop some to give me a few more points?

I'd appriciate any hints or tips!

09-03-2009, 16:43
A model that immediately came to mind for me was the Thing in the Woods model from the Mordheim Range. You coulde probably fit him on a cavalry base. Other than that, maybe get a minotaur or rat ogre model and convert it up to look like a giant werewolf. Hope this helps and happy converting.

Andrew Luke
09-03-2009, 17:03
Yeah, The fiend idea sounds awesome, but you might have trouble fitting your model on a 20mm base!

The best item to represent the fiend is the accursed armour. When you have hatred, WS is greatly mitigated, and T6 really is a huge difference and seems to represent a brutish fiend very well. (You could even use your Helm vamp on him if you want him to be WS6) Besides, the Bloody Hauberk is a little overpriced when not combined with Dread knight for the 1+ save.

As for your other vamps I think you need a few tweaks. Your BSB is a high priority target and right now he is too easy to kill. I'd put ghoulkin on one of the other vampires. The lord will have space if you put his terror in the form of a magic weapon. You could then take dread knight for S7 charges and 2+ armour. You could also get your other vamp flying by using a hell steed instead, freeing up room for ghoulkin here. Now you can give your BSB the 2+ save he needs and S7. I also really think you need to give him the +1 CR power and the Drakenhoff banner and put him in the wolves. As they are now, the dogs give up way to much CR to risk putting the lord in with them. Even if he gets 6+ wounds, he still gets crushed by pretty much anything with spears, as even things like DE spearmen will still kill 2-3 dogs on average +ranks and outnumber. ASF HE spears or Black guard will destroy this unit to a man. Put the regen banner on there and now you have an unending tide of slavering wolves! (Fluffiest and least cheesemongering way to use the Banner, IMO.)

09-03-2009, 20:20
Cheers for the feedback so far...

Slayerthane- some good ideas there...but unfortunately as a Vampire he has to come on a 20mm base...:(

Andrew Luke- I don't really want to mount either of the Vampire heroes on anything, as it strays away from the "savage" theme I'm trying to get...which is the main reason I went against mounting the BSB and putting him in the wolves with the Drakenhof banner.

If I make the unit of Dogs smaller it makes them more maneuverable and able to pick fights better...and if I can flank charge with enough US to negate ranks it should help the wolves in combat? M9 coupled with the odd bit of magic should help me do this.

15-03-2009, 18:55
How about MSU of wolves instead of the big one? It still counts as a large pack, even if they have formed "sub groups"...It's just a thought, but the unit with the lord in could be protected by other units, which could also flank charge to reduce opponents rank bonus.