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08-03-2009, 16:46
Yeah, I have played some with a Tzeentch sorc lord on a disc+2 nurgle sorcs, and my magic phase turned into "do I get gateway off or not?"-phase, so I decided to try something else. Gateway was effective when it did get off so nothing wrong with that, I just wanted something different for a change.
So, removing the main element, taking more of the sidekicks, and getting some use for the new model* at the same time:

Sorcerer of Nurgle: lv2, chaos steed, scroll, book of secrets
Sorcerer of Nurgle: lv2, chaos steed, scroll, power familiar
Sorcerer of Nurgle: lv2, infernal puppet, chariot of nurgle
Sorcerer of Slaanesh: lv2, power stone, enchanted shield, third eye of tzeentch, steed of slaanesh

5 marauder horsemen of Slaanesh: flail, la, musician
5 marauder horsemen of Slaanesh: spear, shield, musician
10 marauders of Slaanesh: musician, shield
5 warhounds
5 warhounds

5 knights of Khorne
5 Knights of Khorne: lances, musician, standard
5 Knights of Nurgle: musican, standard, banner of wrath
=1998, 12 PD, 6DD, 2 rscrolls and 1 bound+powerstone.

MoN sorcs spam buboes or use the other tasty spells of their lore, MoS sorc slows enemy down with the lash or something depending what he gets. Third eye for taking enemy spells if/when they are better than my own, and powerstone to get that MoS #6 spell, hellshriek, or some big stolen spell through. With his shining shield he can take some punishment and his steed allows him to hunt warmachines and stuff too. Ultrafast sorcerer with a profile of a chaos warrior, nice.

Core was left quite alone as you can see, I had some MoS warriors with that banner of wrath, and some MoS marauders there, but I changed them to third knights with the banner, and the MoS sorc.

Did I take the sorcs+knights-thing too far, could dragon ogres with GW:s be better in this list than knights, any suggestion for different item setups for the sorcs, or something else entirely?

Thanks for reading.

08-03-2009, 17:07
4 wizards and 3 knights.

Looks fun and diffrent *rolls eyes*

Drop the MoS wizard and add another 3 knights + more marauders.

done + fun.

08-03-2009, 17:13
I did not say it was different than everyone else, just different from my usual army, and even then only when looking at the magic phase, so no need for you to moan and whine here too how all WoC armies are the same and the army book suks and your army is ruined and there's no more to live for (like in every other WoC thread here).

Oh, I don't have 3 more knights, and only walking marauders are available (10 more with MoS, and 12 with Mok and flails) so no.

Anyway, sorry for the outburst, and thank you for replying, if not for anything else but raising the thread up again.

08-03-2009, 19:24
What use do you have for your marauders?

09-03-2009, 19:55
Id just play it as is then change up as you go. Peronally thats to many char for my tastes. Then again I run ALOT of core. Most of the time. If anything find the points to flesh out the Marauders to 20-25.