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09-03-2009, 01:13
Dear whomever

I am posting this list for my daughters new army. She has been playing a magic heavy shooting army with Teclis. She just turned nine and while she is getting the magic and shooting down, she is losing in the deployment and movement phase. Meanwhile I am learning to depend on magic and am being defensive. I believe a good defense is a strong offense.

So here it is and please feel free to correct me, offer suggestion or just tell me things that work better or these things do not work.

Star Dragon
Armour of claedor
Blade of leaping Gold
Mage first level dispell scroll jewel of the dusk
deploy with spearman HE lore spell 1 for swordmaster protection
mage second level seerstaff dispell scroll
185 deploy with the sword masters
10 archers XXX
24 spearman 5x5 full command banner of lion courage
lion chariot XXX
21 sword masters full command amulet of light
5 Dragon princes banner of ellyrion
195 musician and standard bearer
wareagle XXX


This is a new try with a whole different theme. Freely comment.

Ultimo ninja
09-03-2009, 03:53
Your definitely showing the potential strength of high elves in CC with this list....the only thing that your missing that comes to mind would be white lions, but you cant fit in everything....

lists like this make me want to start a HE army...but dam would i be broke after that.

09-03-2009, 07:48
first of all upgrade your first level mage to second level. Three levels of magic is quite dull. You need either 4 - 8 levels for medium magic or 1 level for scroll caddy.
broke the sword master unit into three units of 7, much more efficent cause they have so low armorsave that kind of big bulk unit is just perfect target for all shooters. And forget the commands for swordmasters as you break them down. if you wanna bulk unit take one big unit of phoenix guard or white lions. They are much more durable under anykind of fire than swordmasters.

IŽd say you go with scroll caddy. BSB with battle banner and into unit of dragon princes. Prehaps even pump up the unit by one so that it is 7 model strong when BSB with them. Blade of Leaping Gold is not good choice for Helf Lord that needs to kill something. Rather take Star Lance or ordinary lance and consentrate on defence. Vambracers of Defence + Armor of Caledor + Halberd is good combination. OR Star Lance + Guardian Phoenix + Helm of Fortune + Talisman of Loec.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
09-03-2009, 11:56
I think its a good list. I agree with Gramolarian on the magic and the armour of caledor and vambraces of defence. Then you could give him a halberd or great weapon (the great weapon looks cooler on the back of the dragon :D . If you are going to cast any magic you must have the banner of sorcery IMO. Besides that I think its a really solid list.

Your daughter is nine and can play warhammer fantasy. She must be bright :) Its a complicated game indeed!
Best of luck (to the High Elf player)

09-03-2009, 14:31
my daughter still needs help as she has problems remembering everything especially movement and deployment. That is why we went to a close combat army or we are attempting to.
Vambraces of defense looks very nice. She is my only child, spoiled rotten and I am to blame. She wants a magic weapon on her lord. Maybe dragon armour, vambraces of defense and a magic weapon.
What would be the best Star lance, white sword or blade of sea gold?
Or go another way A of C, V of defense with sword of battle.

I want to go with three units of 7 swordmasters but there is just no way to defend them all. We have several undead generals and they all run eternal creatures which is why one of the swordmasters need the amulet of light. From this list she does not have the magic to deal with them except for the lord on the dragon.

Side question here, as it is early and I am still on my first pot of coffee, are dragon attacks considered magical? For that matter would that apply to all large models?

Dragon Prince of Caledor
09-03-2009, 17:19
No they arent magical. If you were to give the lord the amulet of light they would be. With vambraces of defense and the armour of caledor you can only afford a 20pt magic weapon. Maybe sword of might or sword of battle or something. I have used small units of swordmasters to no success. Too easy to roll over. If you put them in a unit of twenty, with a character with sacred insence (a mage does the trick) and banner of magic resistance 2 they should be able to make it into combat. I have been planning on trying out this combination but havent been able to play. Thats everyone's worst nightmare. Swordmasters that arent dead when combat comes aroud!

Aside: Have you thought about creating a sheet with bullets on what needs to be done in each phase with the basic rules? Thats a good way to remember. I have a friend who is forgetful and often writes out these checklists so he doesnt forget things :D Good way to learn the game. Im only 19 but the idea of my child playing warhammer when my time comes in like a decade or so makes me laugh. Not in a bad way I promise :angel: Just weird to look at the game as a family thing as my family makes fun of the hobby for the most part, which I dont really appreciate.

P.S. How cool is it that warsee sends a happy birthday email. That made me laugh outloud. If you really want the star lance you could take dragon armour, shield, helm of fortune and guardian phoenix with a star lance. Gives the lord a 3+ rerollable save and a 5+ ward save. Along with 10 strength seven weapon skill seven attacks on the charge, four of which allow no armour save!!!!

The Old Scholar
09-03-2009, 17:57
What about giving one of the Mages the Sacred Incense. Hopefully your daughter can get the Shield of Saphery off as well as have that additional difficulty modifier to hit them at range. Your Prince is fast enough, coupled with the Dragon's terror, to move on the gunline of an opponent. They'll likely ignore the Swordmasters at that point...
I like the Dragon Prince of Caledor's suggestion of Dragon Armor, Shield, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix and Starlance...what an awesome beast this is on the charge!
Gramolarian's 3 Swordmaster units is cool, but I think that this is a tricky method for a lot of players. As your daughter gets more successful and proficient with the game, splitting up units into smaller groups could be an option. For now, big blocks will be the best for her.
You guys have fun and let us know how this army works!

Dragon Prince of Caledor
09-03-2009, 18:04
Well said Old Scholar well said :D

The Old Scholar
09-03-2009, 22:51
Thanks Dragon Prince...you made my day! ;)

Dragon Prince of Caledor
10-03-2009, 15:50
I have got to dig out my dragon I havent played with it in eons. I wil ltry the list with the star lance, 3+ save,rerollable 4+ ward save and let you know how it does. I want to play this weekend so I hope it goes... I also want to try a war of the ring demo if such a thing exists yet.