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09-03-2009, 03:41
Ok, I've only recently played a friendly 1000pt game against some wood elves and got destroyed. I don't mind that, but as I'm ramping my army up to 2250, I have no idea what do to with the characters. I usually play specialist games, so am unfamiliar with WFB.

The idea behind my army is to continue the exploits of my Vampire from Mordheim. Now, he's got his own army. He's a strigoi, and I want the list to be creature heavy.

The list so far is as follows:

1 unit of 20 skeletons with spears, full command - 225pts
1 unit of 20 skeletons with spears, full command - 225pts
1 unit of 20 ghouls with ghast - 198pts
1 unit of 20 ghouls with ghast - 198pts
1 unit of 4 bat swarms - 140pts
1 unit of 6 spirit hosts - 390pts
1 varghulf - 175 pts
1 varghulf - 175 pts
1 corpse cart with balefire - 100pts

So, that's 1826pts and I still have the four characters. Now, this list isn't in stone, but it's the models I have. So, I'm not opposed to say chopping up the spirit hosts into two units or what not.

Also, on the table, there will be conversions so items like the corpse cart will look like a creature of the night to match the theme. It's the list behind the models that has me pretty clueless.

I'm initially thinking a 'werewolf' style vampire with Hunter in the Dark and Infinite Hatred to be on his own. Maybe a 'ghost' vampire with ethereal in with the Spirit Hosts. I don't think I've seen that combo before. I'm also leaning toward two wight kings in with the skeleton units. Then again I'd like a vamp with the Flag of Blood Keep to protect my ghouls. BUT with my general having ghoulkin (strigoi) they may have enough movement to not need the Flag of Blood Keep. I have no idea...help!

Ultimo ninja
09-03-2009, 04:39
Your list has allot of non killy sekels and ghouls.......spirit host can be good, varghulfs are good in pairs, but 400 points left is just enough left for a decent lord for vc....

I suggest you cut the skeles to 10 in each unit,, same with the ghouls, and use those points for a lord, and 2 vamps to help him cast raise skeles and ghouls to boost the units.

Cut down the spirit hosts and use the points to boost your command.

09-03-2009, 05:43
Most players choose a single core choice repeatedly (either Ghouls or Skeletons) and stick with that. It makes raising easier as you only need a single power instead of two (or more). And sticking with your theme, Ghouls would make much more sense.

If you want to do an ethereal Vampire, then you probably want some Wraiths. Cut that Spirit host down (it way too big). In fact, I rarely use swarms at all... I'd be inclined to drop the Bat Swarms for some Fell Bats too.

You'll need to do some cutting out for sure... close to 1k in characters is not uncommon in a 2.25k VC list (Lords tend to be 450ish, and Heroes around the 200ish mark).

09-03-2009, 06:17
Having higher #s on your core isn't bad - I don't like to run 10, but 15 to account for bad Magic Phases or heavy 1st turn losses. If the unit is annihilated, you can't heal it.

I agree that for the points, Wraiths are usually a better ethereal than Spirit Host, and Bat Swarms are an odd fit. Zombies are better tarpits, easier to raise, cheap, and have better static CR. Most armies only have swarms to tie up strong units with, but you have a much better alternative. I'd drop the swarms and grab some Zombies.

Protecting your core from shooting isn't a great use of points, typically. T4 helps a lot on its own, and with Summon Ghouls/LotD, you can easily repair losses from shooting. That banner's typically strong on units that cost a lot of points-per-model; namely Blood Knights and Black Knights.

1000 points on characters is not unreasonable for a VC list. VC rely on their characters more than other armies, and have the some of (if not the) best ones in the game for the points cost. Without strong characters to boost your CR/use the magic your army requires to run, Undead fall apart pretty quickly to more unit-based armies.