View Full Version : SoCal Slaughter Reveiw (3rd GT Circuit Event)

09-03-2009, 04:06
So I have to say that after the Broadside Bash (the 2nd GT Circuit Event this year) my hopes weren't very high for the next Indy GT. I don't know if I'm gonna make to more than 1 other GT this year so to get my points for this years circuit I had to attend. It was also being run by a league I used to parcipate in and am planning to do so again so I figured what the hell, i'd give it a shot.

That being said, holy hell! This tournement was absolutely awesome. Probably the best event that i've participated in in year, possibly ever. There only 31 attendees due to the short notice and lack of advertising (something they are already fixing for next year) but it seemed bigger.


1) Additional category called Skull Champion. Basically you kept track of the total number of enemies you killed each game. You nominate one of your models as a Skull Champion. For every game your Skull Champion survived the total kills you got got counted. At the end of the event the person with the most Skull Kills won a prize on par with best general/army/sportsman. I loved it as it added one more element and encouraged people to get out there and smack each other around.

2) Major, and I mean MAJOR, prize support. There were prizes for all 4 (counting the Skull Champion) categories down to 3rd place. Winner of best army got the the painting and modeling equipment and case (the big one) from GW. Overall won a Space Marine Strike Force. Most of the Best category winners got a battleforce and additional box set. All Bests got a laser etched plaque. 2nd and 3rd places got over $50 in toy soldiers and neat little metals with the mark of Khorne (SoCal Slaughter)

3) Fun random prizes and things happening all weekend. (i.e. first to destroy a unit one game)

4) GW staff from local stores showed up to hang out and the Battle Bunker manager was giving out blisters for cool stuff he saw happen (my 4 GKT's killing a fortuned Avatar, DIE DAEMON!)

5) Excellent 5th edition terrain. It actually blocked line of sight! A good amount but placed so vehicles (even LR's) could fit between buildings while moving.

6) Games started on time and went for the full 2.5 hours they were suppose to. Even gave a little extra time on the first game this morning due to it being daylight savings time.

7) They had BEER! And good cheap food.

8) The TO's were very open and available. Rules issues were almost non-existant from what I saw.

9) Checklist style sportsmanship/comp was used and I think used well. Only a few people got truly dinged I think for comp and they deserved (Eldrad/Avatar Combo, 24 Bloodcrushers)

10) Real emphasis on the hobby as a whole I felt. And this is coming from a person who doesn't always like that. They seemed to have found a good balance.

Middle Points:

1) Scoring on the scenarios was pretty nasty. Not necessarily done badly just created a large spread where even a tie resulted in a pretty low score for both players (normally 4-7 out of 20). That said massacres were pretty hard to come by as each mission had 4 objectives each worth a certain number of points based on it's level.

2) That was pretty much it for anything that could be considered a low or middle point.

Hopefully some other people post their experiences here. I'd heartily recommend this tournement next year for anyone looking for a good Indy GT experience.