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09-03-2009, 06:27
Greetings all. We were at my local gaming club yesterday, and they were talking about the Lord of the Rings game. Now my dad and I play Fantasy and 40k, and we are wary of getting into another system of models we'll never finish painting. However a friend of ours was adamant about us trying it so we went today and had a game.

I got slaughtered. I had something like:
x1 Urak Captain
x1 Goblin Captain
x9 Urak-hai Crossbows
x8 Urak-hai Scouts
x8 Goblin Prowlers w/ Two handed weapons
x14-ish Urak-hai Warrior
x2 Cave Trolls

Against 8 High Elf archers, 8 Dwarven Archers. x6 Expensive knights of Gondor (winged helmets), x24 Dwarf Warriors.

Approximately. They focused this on a hill where I was. They killed 6 Urak-hai warriors before I got there, and then when the elves got into combat we tried doing the 'life is cheap thing' and shot the crossbows at the elves. Killing three Uraks to one elf. That was a bad decision really, based on the doomsaying of one of my friends about how uber-broken-1337-haxx the Elves are.

By the time we got there there was nothing I could do, being shot to pieces, than charge forward. This resulted in me getting surrounded and destroyed by this mass of dwarves that I just couldn't hurt.

Still. I enjoyed the game. It just wasn't an army I would have made. Though the Urak Captain was a complete bad***. He killed elves, dwarves and men like he was trimming daisies. And he was surrounded the entire time, they killed all his support troops.

However I was talking and I got entranced by the Corsairs of Umbar. Ninja-Pirates? That can apparently have gigantic spiders as allies?

It isn't Velociraptors, but I'll take it!

However I'm not so up on the Spiders just yet. I want to be Umbar primarily for the first bit.

There will be a 500 pt tournament sometime soon, and I was hoping to get in on it. The models are very, -very- decently priced compared to the other ranges and extremely easy to assemble (when you have to assemble anything! It's amazing!).

I bought a box of Corsairs, the metal Captain / Bo-sun, and the Fleetmaster special character. The Harad book wasn't there but I looked at a friends and made some quick notes right before we had to leave and I came up with this list. I'm looking for a fun, fairly competitive kind of army. Not an instant win button, but I don't want to struggle for the draw either.

This is what I came up with:

x1 Fleetmaster
x1 Captain
x1 Bo-sun
x8 Corsairs w/ Spears
x8 Corsairs w/ Bows
x16 Corsair Reavers (I have a glut of small sword/knife bits. I'm going to use the basic corsair models, but use some quick whittling and clever gluing to make it seem like the handle for the buckler has a blade on it as well. It looks pretty good and is cheap)

I don't know what else. That gives me 12 points to work with. I was thinking using that for equipment of some kind beyond the basics for the leaders. Or perhaps switch out some Reavers for more Spearman.

Only 1/3 of your army can have a bow as a rule. I haven't quite got up to speed on the official rules but I know it is at most 1/3, possibly 1/4. I love the Arbalester's looks and idea, but I'm pressed for cash right now. I'd like to have 9-10 but for that price I could have like, 50 other guys.

So what do you guys think? I like the Reavers, very killy sounding. However they also seem like they'd die a lot. I don't know. Advice?

I'm a complete novice to this game. Feel free to give any insights.

09-03-2009, 09:57
Reavers can really pack a punch but with low defence and only 1 wound they can be killed quick. However compared to other 2 attack elite troops they are cheap. If you keep them supported are in amougusted a mass of men they should be able to smash thought you opponent. If the Arbelester are to expeince then go with an allied force of Haradim (The best bowmen evil can get without using crossbows). How ever you would have to take alot of cavalry or men to make that allied army of harad up to 33% bow power and no more. I would stick with the bows of the Corsaiers for now. You could take a cople orc with you for numbers along with a orc Captain.

10-03-2009, 01:37
So how does this sound?

x1 Fleetmaster
x1 Corsair Captain
x1 Corsair Bo-sun
x8 Corsairs of Umbar w/ Bows
x8 Corsairs of Umbar w/ Spears
x12 Corsairs of Umbar
x8 Corsair Reavers

More bodies, hide the reavers in amongst the guys for the better Fight Value.

11-03-2009, 00:56
Ok, i am not very avid LoTR SGB player, because there is No-one around me that plays, u are lucky man, the game is great and be thankful u have people to play against... Now, here is what i suggest to beef up you battle line

Abalesters and Black Numenorians.

The shielded crossbowmen are fantastic. they can take a good amount of damage, and dish out a shitton them selves. go half archers, half abalesters

One of the armies greatest strengths is that u can give all the corsairs throwing weapons, which make them hit very hard... if u can spare the points, give all ur corsairs throwing weps, except archers

Now , if u want to go all corsair list. that is very respectable, But, the list is much stronger with the introduction of black numenorians. providing two types of units you desperately need.

morgul knights- arguably the best cavalry in the game. the cause terror, meaning ennemies ( each model!) must take a courage check to charge, every time. And with armoured horses, shields and lances.. they hit really hard.... Their storyline reputation of instilling fear transcends the battlefield, your opponent will almost literally be scared ******** unless he can find a way to kill those

Black Numenorians: ok, these beauties are great, D6, which is the magic # when it comes to defense ( make them twice as hard to kill by S3, which is almost everything). they instill Terror like the knights do, yes, basic infantry that cause terror, and this allows them to choose fight most of the time, and their fight value is up there.

now, im not saying go nuts with these guys, they are more expensive than your corsairs, so use about 9, or 6 ( blisters of 3), and 3-5 knights, this will really cut into your points, so u need to cut some signifigant points.
Also, considers replacing captain Boson, or the captain with the Black Marshal ( one of the nine nazgul) to add some real magic power to the list, and he makes a great infantry leader ( the model is fantastic too)

Heres my point, the Corsairs are very,very,very fragile, and will die quite quickly. they do not have cavalry to boot, and not much in the way of magic. If you have read the books ( Tolkien's ), u will find that the city of umbar was the abode of many black numenorians, who were in control of the city.

These two list can complement each other so well that if used right, it can be considered modern art.. so without any info on point values, heres my list suggestion

The black marshal
Fleet master

6xblack numenorians
3x Morgul knights
6x abalisters
8xcorsairs with spears
10x corsairs with throwing weps
6x reavers
6x bowmen

I think that is close to 500.. but i could be very wrong

11-03-2009, 21:10
Hmmm... Can you get Easterlings and Corsairs together?

11-03-2009, 22:53
Pretty sure you can; basically you take a Easterling captain and then add in some easterling warriors. You should check Legions of Middle Earth; that has the full list of who you can or can't ally with.

12-03-2009, 08:55
Hmmm... Can you get Easterlings and Corsairs together?

Yes, you can. Just remember to take at least one character from each list in your force, and also corsairs and easterlings must separately conform to the bow limit.