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Lord Balor
03-05-2005, 02:09
The Black Count: Fallen Prince

Prologue: Last Testament

Balor blinked, the whole world seemed to phased in and out of exhistance as he did so. The pain was slowly fading, along with the light of the world. Voices and screams, gunfire and the sound of battle all melted and murged into a hazey symphony, growing ever more distant. Turning his head slightly he saw the shattered remains of his family sword, this time, like his life, could not be reforged. One of the bone Pauldrons that bound his tattered cape had been hewn completly in half. A shadow passed over him, the beast had returned to finish its job. A huge mutated hand grasped his armoured neck, and a distorted voice whispered, but he would not reply. Angered, the beast lifted him from the pool of his own blood as if he were nought but a rag doll and repeated the same words. Still he would not reply. The being paused for a second as if listening to the dripping of his prey's blood before casting him straight into the furthest wall. The sound of metal clashing against metal resounded over and over as the newly born daemon vented its unholy rage.
“Why do you still resist Prince, why do you continue to oppose my Will” It snorted.
Balor slumped down from the last throw, a dent in the metal wall nestled his broken body. Feeling had long abandoned him; now, now only remorse remained, alone and unhindered to prey upon his conscience. He wanted to fight as he had done so on countless worlds, yet too much of his life had seeped through the deep gashes in his armor. Blood profusely wept from his right eye, the shattered lens impaled deep within its soft tissue. With his vision clouded and crusted over, only the vibrations on the floor gave warning of the Daemon Prince’s approach.

With one eye, Balor watched the silhouette of a hand reach out for him once more. This time, the bloodied limb dug deep into the gashes rent in his armour before lifting him to meet the monster’s gaze. Blood and oil pattered down his body, dripping rhythmically from his dangling feet and forming a dark pool below. The twisted remains of his bionic right arm spittered and hissed as the beast wrenched it free, tearing the fleshy connections and forcing another trickle of blood. Face to face with the enemy, a second hand grasped his helmet and tore it clean from the cracked Power Armour. Despite himself, he winced at what he saw in the reflection of the beast’s firey black eyes. The once noble face was gaunt and weary, his blonde hair stained red and bood had crusted over the wound where a vicious shard lodged deeply into his right eyesocket.
Disturbed, his gaze unconsciously looked beyond the daemon, and horror overwhelmed him. It took moments to register the enormity of what he witnessed. The beast chuckled as it noticed his gaze,
“You will join them soon enough if you do not submit, Young Prince” it hissed, "To think that this is all your doing" it continued, but it went unheard, for he was paralyzed by the events unfolding before him.

Flickering to life were what seemed to be over a hundred twisted stasis cells, each home to a single still shadow. Gritting his teeth, Balor scanned the room, the humming cells seemed to circled the entire makeshift room. How had he missed them before? Looking back down, he saw the ground was littered with shattered glass while the pool of blood was diluted. As he made the connections, the beast smiled and forcefully turned him to face his fears. It hadn’t been a dent in the wall that nestled his broken body, but one of the cells, now completely shattered. The occupant lay motionless, broken from the force of his body, but what made him scream inside was that he recognized the uniform which the man still wore. It was the standard dress code for the 34th Wulf Dragoons aptly dubbed Balor’s Boys. They were his men and he had failed them. His eye wondered back to the Daemon’s and with what little strength remained, spat a mixture of blood and saliva on its face. The smile faded from the beasts face and it began to chant rapidly, one hand still gorged in his chest, the other began to wave about majestically in the air. At once the humming of the corrupted machines went into overdrive and began to pulsate. The nearest figures in stasis began to slam their fists at the thick glass as the shadow of razor sharp wires arouse and impaled them. In rhythm of the pulsating hum, the clear liquid that enveloped the prisoners was diluted ever more so by a bloody red. Within seconds the cells became completely clouded by the red and the shadows slowed their futile attempts of escape before becoming motionless and eventually disappearing altogether in a sea of red.

Everything was still and silent for a minute before a sickening slurping sound echoed throughout the room. The cells were slowly being drained, the purged liquid flowing through crevices in the ground from under each individual prison to the centre of the room. The slurping gave way to a even more disturbing gargling as the stasis were emptied, not a single body remained.
“You see now Prince” The daemon spoke, “It is not just their blood I take, but their Flesh, their fear, their pain and their suffering. It is their whole being that I require to fuel my ambitious plan, and you Balor, are the ignition. I need you to give in, to submit to my will so that you may remember all that you once were and all that you could have become…”
The beast paused for a second as the crevices began to fill, and an intricate pattern began to emerge on the ground. Satisfied with it progress, his attention fell back upon his helpless prey. With its free hand, the beast raised its fingers and tapped Balor’s Forehead, continuing,
“I need your legacy Prince no matter what the cost.”
As the Daemon Prince slowly shoved its fingers through Balor’s Temple, it yelled defiantly,
“I Will Have The Saga Of The Black Count!”

Broken, beaten and emotionally crippled he could fight no longer. This would be his last testament to the life he restored. With that, memories flooded back and dark terrible secrets that had long been locked away and forcefully forgotten began to stir.


Hideous Loon
03-05-2005, 19:32
B-e-a-utiful! Why is it that everybody here can write while I can't? Who *is* Balor, btw? Certainly not a Chaos character, is he? And what happened to him before he got eaten by that Daemon Prince? So many questions, so few answers.

Lord Balor
03-05-2005, 23:20
Well it looks like you guys gotta wait a bit longer as i've had to last min rush an assignment (3000 word argument on the crusades) due in some hours. I've had way too much cofffe and still a little annoyed that word crashed. Once i get back from Uni (3:30-4ish) i'll see if i can finish it.

B-e-a-utiful! Why is it that everybody here can write while I can't? Who *is* Balor, btw? Certainly not a Chaos character, is he? And what happened to him before he got eaten by that Daemon Prince? So many questions, so few answers.

Maybe, maybe not, you'll just have to wait until i get around to posting more ;)

25-05-2005, 01:06
now is this before balor was imprisoed or after?

Lord Balor
25-05-2005, 06:44
Sorry i havn't posted for so long, i've been up to my head in trouble at Uni and at home (Not me personally, but affected none the less) but hopefully thats behind me.

Balors Big Project is getting a total revamp as after writing 6 of the stories and dotpointing the rest, i felt that there was so much more i could do if i made some character and story adjustments and tweaks. As such, the project has expanded and possibly going the way of a novel instead of the short story compilation. I'm in the process of organising a site to host the project and will get back to you guys when its all ready (Exams run for the next month so don't expect anything soon).

Sorry for the Dealy, Exams will be over soon!

26-05-2005, 01:03
ah i see yea you complete did rework the story

Lord Balor
16-06-2005, 03:42
(1) Sight Without Seeing

Karran woke, clutching her temples in mock agony and her mouth open in a silent scream. Sitting upright, the beads of sweat that still caressed her forehead fell rhythmically down her ascetic but delicate face as she struggled to control her breathing. It was only a dream she thought to herself still panting. It wasn’t real; or at least it wasn’t a possible reality yet. The room as if sensing her discomfort opened up marginally to allow a dull breeze to flow into the simple quarters. The soft scented air took with it the Eldar’s irregular heartbeat and left behind an eerie sense of serenity. This was the third consecutive night her dreams had been invaded, forcing her to bear witness to another’s final testament. Previously the visions were mere glimpses of what could lie in store for the future or an event that had already transpired in the past. The possible strands of fate comprised of nothing more than vague flashes of an epic duel intertwined with burning worlds, including her very own. The only certainty she could previously derive was an overwhelming sense of urgency and the ill tidings the dreams bode. However this time was different, this time, she had lived it.

It was of no surprise that the Mon-Keigh in her dreams would ultimately fail, she could not expect any more from such weak willed creatures. But she had also felt his suffering and born his pain, for there was much and far greater than any could expect to bear alone. Despite this burden, there was also such strength in him, more than she thought was ‘humanly’ possible. Even now her blood still burned as it coursed through her veins and her body was in a state of perpetual agitation. How could a mere man hold so much power in him? Such a feeling was somehow familiar…no she thought to herself: he was not all human at all. Karran turned her head in disgust, no such creature deserved pity for he was an abomination in her eyes and in the eye of the galaxy. Why was she drawn to such a wretched being without home or identity? Did he hold the power to save or the power to destroy her world? Would he Responsible for it?

Upon pondering the last question she was filled with absolute contempt for him. Karran took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. She was a skilled warlock but no matter how advanced, she could not hope to gather any insight in her current state. She closed her eyes and let the cool breeze calm the ocean of her raging thoughts. She focused on the dream, having trained most of her life to remember and interpret them, but to no avail. The nightmare was fading faster than it should. In a desperate attempt, she reached out to the closest strands of fate, hoping to recapture the lost moments. As she grasped at it, a flash flickered in her minds eye, a bright light fading in the dark. It was a man, not the one she had witnessed but strangely familiar. Another flash flickered, a child born not of mortal man. Yet another one, entire worlds were set aflame. A further flash of an epic duel, the positions somehow reversed and the participants slightly changed. The visions came faster and faster, too fast to even decipher until there came a final flash. So great was it, that it sent a psychic backlash through her conscious body and she let out a yelp of pain. She was awake once more, the dream passed away, but the final image still burned in her mind. A face she had hoped never to see again. The Dark Wonderer had returned.

Just a small Update today, i've been soooo busy lately and almost forgotten about this. Well here's the first part of the first chapter and i'm beginning to introduce the main characters. I'll try get another decent update done shortly, just two more Exams to go. This first part will be expanded upon, right now its just a shell to work around. Enjoy!

17-06-2005, 02:24
i like it alot speically with how ur bring the eldar into to this.

im getting the feeling that when Lord balor became a DP some how he was destroyed but then was reborn?

i proply gave something away