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09-03-2009, 15:57
Kulgan Blackbeard stands waiting for the orcs thinking back on the previous week when he was at his stronghold, Karak Azul….. The wind blew through the hall disturbing the tapestries. Even this far south it was chill in the mountains all year round. He drew his cloak tighter around his shoulders as he sat at the end of the hall. At either shoulder stood thanes of his clan. Mighty hammers resting lightly in their arms. They were the trappings of a mighty lord but Kulgan knew that they were far too few. Any one of them would lay down his life for him without question. But there were far too few.
His thoughts had been disturbed by his chamberlain racing towards him, panic on his face. He spoke of scouting gyrocopters reporting a large orc army heading this way. There were many war machines in this force, their intent no doubt was to smash the stronghold doors of Karak Azul. Kulgan acted instantly, and quickly gathered as many dwarfs as he could muster to meet this force before they could reach his precious stronghold.
Now he sees the orcs marching towards him, the low rumble of hundreds of feet. Looking left and right he sees his Dwarfs loading their war machines and drawing their weapons. “Let them come to us, and feel the wrath of the Dwarfs” he says in a loud booming voice.

3,500 point Dwarf army
Not got the list, this is as I remember it

Dwarf Lord- axe with Skalf Blackhammer
Runelord and Anvil of Doom- had some spell breakers (same as dispels)
Thane BSB- Valaya banner (+2 all dispels)
Runesmith- lots of spell breakers
Thane- 4+ ward save

30 Dwarf Warriors- full cmd
20 Dwarf Warriors- full cmd
21 Dwarf Warriors- full cmd
30 Longbeards- full cmd
25 Ironbreakers- full cmd
12 Troll Slayers
20 Troll Slayers- full cmd
4 Bolt Throwers- one had str7 rune, one had str7 rune and something else
2 Organ Guns
1 Gyrocopter

3,500 point Orc and Goblin army

Grishnak Paddywack -Black Orc Warboss- hvy ar, boar, enchant shield, effigy mork, shaggas sword…275
Noglar Janglystikk… Orc Shaman (Lvl 4)- Power Stone, Staff Baduum, Nibbla’s Ring….300
Mordead Bigteef -Black Orc BSB- heavy armour, boar, War Banner ….155
Mordakk Beardburner … Black Orc Bigboss- Armour of Gork…………113
Snitchy Fizzbang … Night Goblin Shaman (Lvl 2) … two mushrooms…105
Gumfang SpookTaw-ka … Orc Shaman (Lvl 2)- Power Stone ….. 125

5 Wolf Riders (spears, light armour, standard)….77
5 Wolf Riders (spears, light armour, standard)….77
5 Wolf Riders (spears, light armour)…………….65
5 Spider Riders (spears, shields) ……………..…65
5 Spider Riders (spears, shields) ……………..…65
11 Orc Arrer Boyz (bows, light armour) ………..66
35 Orc Boyz (shields, lgt armour, choppa) full cmd….240
34 Orc Boyz (additional choppas, lgt arm) full cmd….268
34 Orc Boyz (additional choppas, lgt arm) full cmd….268
24 Savage Orc “Big ‘Uns” (additional choppas, warpaint) full cmd …366
24 Savage Orc (additional choppas, warpaint) full cmd …270
6 Spear Chukkas ……………….210
2 Rock Lobbers ……….…….…150
3 Doom Divers ………..……….240

Total= spot on 3,500


Dwarfs (my left to right) 30 Warriors (with lord), 25 IronBreakers (with BSB), 20 Warriors, on the back row; 2 bolt throwers, Anvil of doom, Organ Gun, Bolt Thrower, 12 slayers, 21 Warriors, 20 Slayers, 30 LongBeards, Gyrocopter, on back row; Bolt Thrower, Organ Gun

Orcs (my left to right) Spider Riders, Wolf Riders, 2 Doom Divers, Spear Chukka, 34 Orc Boyz (with Black Orc Bigboss), 34 Orc Boyz (with general and Shaman), 35 Orc Boyz (with BSB and Shaman), on the hill; Doom Diver, 2 Rock Lobbers, Wolf Riders, 24 Savage Orcs, 11 Arrer Boyz, 24 Savage Orc Big ‘Uns, on the hill; 4 Spear Chukkas, N.Gobbo Shaman behind hill, Wolf Riders, Spear Chukka, Spider Riders

For spells I roll;
Level 4 Orc Shaman; Gaze Mork, Eadbutt, Bash ‘em Ladz, Gorks Warpath
Level 2 N.Gobbo; Hand Gork, Mork Wants Ya
Level 2 Orc Shaman; Gaze Mork, Bash ‘em Ladz

The table is 8ft x 4ft. Orcs win the first turn.

Orcs Turn 1
Grishnak sees all the Dwarfs set up on the hills before him, and roars his defiance. His Ladz respond and sprint forward. Three 6’s, and no squabbling!! The generals unit moves 1” extra, Savage Big ‘Uns 5”, Spider Riders on the far right 4”. All units move up.
All the magic is dispelled with Runesmiths and the Standard of Valaya.
At the back of Grishnaks horde is the sound of goblins cackling as they eagerly harness themselves in to be launched into the air. A Spear Chukka and Rock Lobber kill another 5 Ironbreakers, and out of 4 Spear Chukkas on the hill, 3 hit!!! This kills another 6 Dwarf Warriors. A great start, Grishnak has obviously been telling those goblins to concentrate on shootin’

Dwarf Turn 1
A lot of the Dwarfs move up. They don’t normally do this, it makes Grishnak frown. Orcy shooting must have scared them.
Two Bolt Throwers miss, and the Organ Gun next to those misfires. Two bolt throwers on the far right and an organ gun kill 6 savage orc big ‘uns. The gyrocopter is unlucky, killing only one spider rider. The anvil misfires, and can’t be used this turn or the next.

Orc Turn 2
Alot of my units are now 10” away, so I declare the Waaagh! However, this backfires on me. The Arrer Boyz squabble, 6 die, and they flee. One Savage Orc big ‘un dies, and they are now stuck in front of his warmachines. A spider rider (near the gyrocopter) dies, but somehow they pass their panic test. Most of the orc units need to roll a 2 or more, and move up.
My great plan for charging with Waaagh didn’t work. The orc units that were 10” away rolled 1 for movement. The only charge is Wolf Riders against an Organ Gun. The Wolf Riders and Spider Riders on my left flank move into a position where they can charge either the warriors in the back, or a bolt thrower next turn. (making sure they don’t show their flank to the bolt thrower)
Bash ‘em Ladz is cast on the Wolf riders with irresistible force, the rest is dispelled.
Three goblin doom divers kill another 10 Iron breakers (they pass their panic). A rock lobber misfires (can‘t fire this turn, or the next), and 5 Spear Chukkas kill 4 slayers.
In combat the wolf riders lower their spears and skewer 2 of the dwarf crew. The wolves jaws snap shut on thin air, narrowly missing the last dwarf. He holds his nerve, and remains to protect his machine.

Dwarf Turn 2
The Dwarf Warrior unit near the Wolf Riders turns 180. Most other units move up.
Two Bolt Throwers (one is str7) hit my generals unit, but he rolls a 1 for both wounds. The Bolt throwers on the right and an organ gun kill another 5 Savage Orc Big ‘Uns. The steam powered Gyrocopter blasts all the Spider Riders, killing the whole unit.
Wolf Riders and one dwarf crew parry each others hits, the dwarf stands firm.

Orc Turn 3
For Animosity; Wolf Riders near the ruins start squabbling and the blue-headed savage orcs squabble. Both Orc Boyz units either side of my generals unit move forward 4”.

All the magic is shut down, Gumfang shakes his fist at the banner of Valaya.

With everyone engaged in combat near them, my two doom divers on the left have to shoot a looooong way. I manage to guess correctly, and hit the warrior unit 58” away. They kill another 6 warriors. Inspired by that shot the goblin in charge of a spear chukka licks his finger to test the wind, cranks up the spear, and hits a dwarven bolt thrower (2 wnds) The rock lobber able to fire and the other doom diver kill another 2 slayers. All 4 spear chukkas on the hill kill another 4 long beards.
The wolf riders on the left have decided to charge a bolt thrower, they kill 1 but the dwarfs flee, which means I overrun into the bolt thrower with a huge spear sticking in its side.
Valiantly trying to defend his Organ Gun from slavering wolves and goblins, the last dwarf crew finally falls. A wolves jaw snaps and breaks his arm.
The savage orc big ‘uns have to charge the slayers, they chop up 4 and the giant slayer cuts down 2 of the huge orcs.
Two big orc boy units crash into the Ironbreakers, but they form up into a tight formation, deflecting the choppas. I kill 2, he kills 2. He loses and holds. Ah! That didn’t to plan, I had expected to break those Ironbreakers so I could overrun into the rear of the warriors (already engaged) and attack again
The orc boy BSB unit flank charges a unit of 20 dwarf warriors, the flank was set up by a “we‘ll show ‘em move“. These dwarfs were unprepared for the burst of speed, and 4 of stunties are cut down by choppas. In complete disarray they flee and are caught.
The spider riders in the flank of the dwarf warriors don’t wound, and they decide there’s too many big axes and run for it. The dwarf warriors have to pursue, but don’t catch them.

Dwarf Turn 3
On the far right a small unit of Troll Slayers and Warriors charge the blue headed Savage orcs. Near them a huge unit of Longbeards flank charge my Big ‘Uns.
The dwarfs are getting stuck in now. The Dwarf warrior unit with the general stop pursuing the spiders, and turn 180 to face the 3 unit combat
The shooting phase isn’t very effective (not many machines left) His Organ kills 4 wolf riders (the only unengaged target), the last wolf flees into impassable terrain (the ruins) and dies. Everything else misses.
The Anvil gives the dwarf warriors containing his general a surge of energy, and they flank charge my orc boyz. Uh oh, I didn’t see that coming.
This unit takes down 7 orcs, in the same combat (4 units involved) my general tries to challenge his BSB, the Ironbreaker champion accepts. I overkill 3, and also manage to take down 2 Ironbreakers because of very unlucky armour saves. I think that’s saved the game, I still lose by 3, but just manage to make my Ld tests because of my general and BSB (I needed the re-rolls)
On the far right the Dwarfs get their revenge on my savage orc units. The warriors and slayers kill 6 savage orcs for no return, I flee and I’m caught. In the combat next to them the Longbeards and slayers kill 4 big ‘uns. I flee again (I needed insane courage), but they aren’t caught this time.
The only other combat was wolf riders killing 2 bolt thrower crew. The last dwarf crew member easily pass his stubborn break test.

Orc Turn 4
My spider riders and Big ‘uns rally. The orc boyz with BSB charge the rear of the Ironbreakers.
Gorks Warpath kills 1 long beard, then 4 warriors (the unit that has killed my blue-head savage orcs) and they pass their panic test. Bash ‘em Ladz is cast on my BSB unit
Shooting across the table again, 2 doom divers kill a BT crew and a warrior. Rock Lobber kills 4 slayers. Five spear chukkas kill 7 long beards. The arrer boyz miss the slayers.
Wolf riders kill the last dwarf B crew.
My general challenges, his BSB accepts, and I overkill 4. My BSB kills 3 Ironbreakers, and another warrior is cut down. (test at -10) The dwarf warriors have had enough and flee, they are caught and destroyed.
He decides to concede

W/ D /L
45/ 2 /3

Post game musings
Wow, those are the best shooting phases I’ve ever had. It was close on turn 3, and could have been a different game if I had failed both break tests on the far left (2 orc boy units v’s iron breakers and warrior/gen unit) It’s a shame he was so unlucky on turn 1, it would have been a lot closer.
We weren't sure about the fleeing Big 'Uns, hopefully we did it correctly. I fled directly away from the Longbeards, turning 90 degrees and running in a conga line. It looked strange, but i think it was correct.

09-03-2009, 16:17
It is a seriously odd game when the Dwarves are out-shot by the Greenskins. Good job breaking them down.

09-03-2009, 16:25
Yeah i seem to go from one extreme to the other. Last time i played against dwarfs i had 10 misfires out of 20 shots. I didn't expect to do so well this time :)

09-03-2009, 16:49
nice one nuada, with all that artillery something had to hit ;) guess he regretted not taking miners then.

09-03-2009, 17:18
Wow, he certainly had a lot of anti-magic.

"6 Spear Chukkas ……………….210
2 Rock Lobbers ……….…….…150
3 Doom Divers ………..……….240"

Too bad you could take a anti-warmachine rune ;)

09-03-2009, 17:33
I'd like a game using all my war machines ( 6 spear chukkas, 6 rock lobbers, 5 doom divers) , but it would have to be a 7K game. hhhmmm a big legendary battle would be sweet

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
09-03-2009, 18:08
Great report:), I enjoyed reading it:) good job on crushing those dwarves.


09-03-2009, 18:45
Seing the W/L ratio of Nuada and Ghazak, I wonder if they have ever done a battle against each other. Goblins vs. Orks, that would be cool...

09-03-2009, 18:51
It would be a difficult game, two top tier armies against each other ;)

09-03-2009, 18:54
Seing the W/L ratio of Nuada and Ghazak, I wonder if they have ever done a battle against each other. Goblins vs. Orks, that would be cool...

This must be done!

Malorian demands a 3K game, no special characters, pictures for each phase, due by the end of the month!


If something silly such as an ocean divides them then Malorian demands a Waaagh-off. The army to win the most games by the end of April wins... GO!!!

09-03-2009, 19:34
ooh a big battle (and yeah! for the orcs), nice report :-)

must be hard finding big enough tables once you start getting into the several thousand point battles! Gratz anyway :evilgrin:

09-03-2009, 20:22
Congrats on the win, they were some awesome shooting phases.

Any chance of some 2000-2250 point games? Easier to get a feel of whats going on in smaller games.

10-03-2009, 01:24
Really nice report, easy to follow, nice phots (like your painting and modelling nuada) One of the best battle reports on warseer !
I'd prefer a 2ish k battle too but you made this work, so props to you.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
10-03-2009, 18:44
haha:d I'm sure it would be a great game:), altough hard to arrange, maybe if I ever go to UK. ( ps my games with a mixed horde are also placed in it cause my gobbo army only sees the field for demonstration games and fun games for the moment).

@crazydu: I have to agree it is hard to find the right tables if you play bigger games.


11-03-2009, 13:45
Yeah difficult to arrange that, you'll maybe have to settle for an online game of paper, rock, scissors :D I'll go for scissors

@ Arguleon and selone... ok, i'll do a 2kish size game next

And i think i might buy a battle matt, and glue it on. I'm not keen on that green paint on my boards, it's too light

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
11-03-2009, 15:52
@ nuada: I always go with the good old rock:p

Golden Lion
11-03-2009, 20:36
Wow! This is warhammer :). Classic match-up and great armies. I join the surprised chorus on Orcs outshooting Dwarfs. You did well taking out his warmachines so soon.

Your orc army looks the part! So much paint-work, you have my respect. I have to disagree with a few here in that I would love to see more battles of this size rather than 2k size. Would not turn down a report on that either though. Good quality pictures make for easy to follow reports.

Too bad the dwarf player had some bad luck at crucial times. You didn't fare too well on the waaagh! though.


13-03-2009, 12:02
Seems that Warseer's Dwarfs are all a bit unlucky :)
nice report, great pics, and really a great paintin' job.. Dice's Gods saw that, so u deserved victory! :)
i fear a bit of luck in artillery too, i usually field 4 Bts and 1 doomdiver, but seldom manage to hit as well as you!