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09-03-2009, 18:05
I have been helping my daughter learn the HE because she liked the magic and shooting. She really liked Teclis but she has a problem with deployment and moving. And of course I do also. Looking at her HE army I have been able to come up with this list and having to purchase anything else but what I have on order. Korhil is the only hero, lord or special character who can ride in a lion chariot. That just calls out for him to be used. I think I have discovered a way to place him in the chariot where he can be removed if the experiment is a failure. Since he is a special character I do not want a couple of models of him. Gluing him in the chariot is not a choose as that would be the one time my glue job really stuck.

Boy that was longwinded just to post my list. So here goes. I want to hear all comments, advice, things I might have wrong, personnel experience and just your two cents worth. Generally I learn more from loses than victories.

2250 Korhil White Lion themed army even if he is not the general because of the chariot.

Korhil with a lion chariot
mage 2nd level with silver wand and two dispell scrolls
185 appro lore placed with spearman
mage 2nd level with ring of corin and sacred incense
185 probably HE lore for protection
deployed with larger sword masters
24 spearman 5x5 full command
266 banner of lion courage
10 archers no upgrades at all

lion chariot
23 white lions full command banner of sorcery
425 deploy Caradryan here
7 sword masters blade lord with amulet of light
11 swordmasters full command banner of ellyrion

RBT and war eagle

TOTAL 2248

None of this is set in stone but the white lions and the two chariots. They have to be there and maybe I should get rid of the swordmasters and take more white lions. That means I would have to purchase more white lions but that is okay. I just love the looks of the swordmasters even when I am pulling them off the table due to magic or shooting.

09-03-2009, 18:15
A couple things perhaps

You probably want to make the unit of 11 swordmasters just 7, with no ellyrion banner. That will leave you with just enough points to get 7 more! 2 units of 7 plain beat 1 unit of 11 w/ banner any day I think.

Otherwise I think most of it looks pretty good. 23 white lions is a huge point sink, but they should do well if they're not getting shot to death.

Korhil in a chariot is US5, so he'll go around breaking ranks, getting flank bonuses, etc. But the opponent will likely direct some serious shooting or magic at him, especially anything with S7 or better. You'll probably want to use him as a support role rather than main line offense.

09-03-2009, 19:04
I had not thought of that with the swordmasters. When I originally started out I had pictured having three units of seven sword masters but I do not have the correct sleds for them. Well I know I am going to purchase more so I guess that is a none issue. I had to stop and think about it for a minute. Now I remember why I went with this set up. The mage has a place for protection and with only two units I have only 2 units to protect. Hopefully with only two units I will be able to block shooting at one or the other every turn. That is why one mage is getting the HE lore as shield is always the default. Then the other choice is what ever. With the banner of sorcery I should at least get a couple of extra die every phase.

White lions have a fair armour save and with the PG captain there it would take a lot of magic to hurt them. It is a shame that our HE special characters work better in other units than the ones they are assigned to.

That is a good point about Korhil in the chariot. I did not really think about that but maybe that is why I wanted two chariots. Two chariots with impact hits should be able to take on a big unit of T3 infantry. Or a least your opponent might think about that.