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09-03-2009, 20:10
I am ready to paint a squad of dire avengers and a wave serpent. I thought it would be cool to theme the transport to match the shrine colors of the avenger squad.
I play mostly with friends and we play open list. The 2 tournaments i have played were both open list. I intend to start playing more tournaments.
Are most tournaments open list or closed? I would hate to show up to multiple closed-list games with a wave serpent that is screaming "doom + bladestorm enclosed. shoot me" on it's paint job.
What are your experiences in this area? Opinions on my idea please. Thanks.

09-03-2009, 20:25
Personally, I'd go with the paintjob regardless of how tourneys you play in treat lists. If it looks like what you want, you'll enjoy using it more. Also, a closed-list game with your wave serpent screaming out to get killed means something else of yours gets some time to breathe. If you expect the avengers to be a priority target, take advantage of that and come up with a couple gambits based on them (worst-case is the other player doesn't notice or doesn't fall for it, and so they get to where they are going!) instead of going with a look you'd rather not. I don't remember who it was but I read a post by someone on here about how the nice shiny well-painted stuff tends to get killed first because it makes sense for that to be your Big Important Unit. It really is true even with experienced players once you involve things like time limits and excessive attempts to figure out what you are up to, so as long as you don't just hope nobody notices it they should still be plenty effective specifically because the other person *will* know what's in it.

(as for the base idea, of having the transport match the shrine (I'm assuming the squad also matches the shrine), I think it's a great thematic concept and given a few pairings like this in your army you could have a very unique look (especially if you have a fair number of vehicles and also tie your transports into the main army theme with part of the paintwork and the shrine with the rest)!

09-03-2009, 21:28
Painting the serpant in DA colours is a great idea, go with it!

Most tournaments are open list, and it is part of the rules that you should tell your opponent which squad is in which transport (p92, in the deployment section)

Most Wave Serpents scream shoot me. After all what do they tend to have in them???
Blade storming Dire avengers
Fire dragons
Other nasty aspects
Sometimes Wraithguard or seer council

anything there you don't want to kill, or stop getting to it's target, and fast?

09-03-2009, 22:31
I appreciate the feedback. I am near convinced to run with it.
My only doubt is how it will look alongside the rest of my vehicles. I think if I display my craftworld symbol on one side of the hull and on the exarch's banner that will be enough to tie it in with the rest of the army.
I might have to fire up the airbrush tonight.

Brother Loki
09-03-2009, 23:03
Tournaments I've played in have all been open list - you give a copy to your opponent at the start of the game and go through any questions they have.

I like the idea of the shrine serpent a lot. I would try to work the colours of the craftworld into it somewhere though, to tie the army together. When I was working on Eldar back in 2nd Ed I made sure all my aspect warriors had some of my craftworld colours on them somewhere, though not on vehicles as I didn't have any (I never finished the army). I was doing Biel Tan (green and white), so I did the aspect warriors in traditional shrine colours, but made sure I had green and/or white on each somewhere. For example my Dire avengers had green and white crests, my hawks had green and white wing feathers, the banshees had green masks and so on.

10-03-2009, 01:07
I like the idea of the shrine serpent a lot. I would try to work the colours of the craftworld into it somewhere though, to tie the army together.
Yes, I was hoping that my craftworld symbol (seen in my avatar) would do the job. I would have to enclose it in a red border or background to include the red which is dominant in my colors.
Thanks for the input.

Brother Loki
10-03-2009, 01:25
Perhaps pick out a couple of the armour plates to have the red of your craftworld - maybe the flattish panels on the sides of the engines? You should have space to put the symbol there as well. Alternatively you could look at doing the weapon shrouds and/or the shield projection spines in red.