View Full Version : 1500 Dark elf, for LGS tournament.

09-03-2009, 23:58
Ok, coming up on March 28th my lgs is hosting a 1500 pt tournament. I'm using my DE and here is my prospective list.

Master (General)
heavy armor, shield, sea dragon cloak.
ring of Hotek, and whip of agony

Death Hag
witches brew, and ruin of khaine.

Sorceress lvl 2
tome of furion, seal of ghrond

2 x 20 spearmen with full command

1 x 11 Xbow men

1 x 14 blackguard fullcommand and banner of hag graef

1 x 10 shades

and Hydra
comes out to 1497

I will be putting the death hag into the unit of blackguard, and screeing them with the xbowmen this way they can't be baited around the field. Also , if someone charges the xbowmen they will just stand and shoot if they die and get overrun the Blackguard will no matter what strike first :D Ill stick the sorc on one flank and the dread lord on another. This way Hoteck doesnt' screw me over.

I have access to 5 cold ones and 14 corsiars. but I really like what i go there, just wondering what you guys think.