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10-03-2009, 06:26
okay so basically the short run of it is that i am mainly a fantasy player, but i've always loved 40k, it started with me loving marines like most people new to the games, but now my tastes are a little more refined

i still like marines, but i love the guard, and the various other Imperial armies (=][=, WH, DH) all that jazz, i play orcs and gobbos in fantasy but i dont want to play orks in 40k, so i'm debating between doing one of three armies

my ideas are as follows:
Imperial Guard: because i've always like them and i love the superheavies they have...

Necrons: Futuristic metal mummy psychos just appeal to me for some reason, cant help but love them...

Tyranids: Use their rules but model the army to be a highly advanced techno army of xenos, inspired by one on the boards here, but i think its an awesome idea...

alright well i guess this is where you guys come in, i need some help deciding which one would be best to play, and if you guys could give me the pros and cons of each army it would help me decide :confused:

10-03-2009, 07:23
Imperial guard all the way.

reason.. they have the Valkyrie.

The Grey Guy
10-03-2009, 10:18
Out of your 3 choices i'd definitely say Guard as well. The love for the armies already there plus there's an imminent new release coming for them with nice new kits. You also get to field an imposing number of tanks backed up by masses of your average nameless imperial.

You also have the advantage (in terms of your likes that is) of allying your Guard with any one of the inquisition forces. Will provide you with a nice little distraction if you get bored painting up that 100 + or so of infantry ;)

Anyway good luck with whichever choice you make and welcome to 40k :)

Inquisitor Quiznos
10-03-2009, 16:48
I've always liked "counts as" armies so if I were you and had the time I'd go with your idea for Tyranids.

Guard are a great army and as I was telling a buddy of mine the main deterrent to Guard for new players (the massive number of models you need to buy and at least assemble, if not paint) is not as big an issue for someone used to playing fantasy.

The nice thing about Necrons is that you can paint them fast and that you don't need a lot of models to play. Stats wise they are almost as good as Marines. Unfortunately with only 1 HQ choice and 1 Troops choice they are also somewhat boring and they don't have a lot of personality. Most Necron armies are exactly the same. Unless you want to play tomorrow I wouldn't play Necrons.

10-03-2009, 16:50
If you like guard just for the Big super heavies apoc only tanks there is marine options as well then paint baneblade to match your chapter and use it :P

Ubermensch Commander
10-03-2009, 17:07
Ok Pros and Cons of each, given your statements

Guard: -Pros: They already hold your interest and that goes a long way in making an army fun. They also are having an imminent release and if the rumours prove true, they will be absolute monsters on the tabletop. Better start practicing rubbing your hands together gleefully and letting loose a "mwahahahaha" from time to time.

-Cons: No matter how many new cheap sets of plastic models GW may or may not release for them, Guard are quite the investment. We are all no strangers to Warhammer's costs but the Guard are particularly pricy.

Necrons: -Pros: Relatively cheap, easy to paint, and their imagery/character holds some attraction to you
-Cons: In a word; boring. Very difficult to customise or put any personal character into and their army options lack customisation. General all Necron armies play the same and it get tedious fairly quickly.

Tyranids: -Pros: A fairly unique army with some amazing models to back them up. Amazing versatility and customization, although to fair not all options are equal. If you want to go with an army of monstrous critters of fast hunting packs of deadly dealy critters, this is your army.
-Cons: Like Guard, expensive. Also, some of their builds have been hampered by the latest ruleset, although to fair, every army runs into that in some way, shape, or form.

10-03-2009, 18:17
I play 2 of those armies and my best friend uses the other so here is my take on them:

IG as the most character and is really fun to play, but they have no ubber units. With them, everybody is part of victory or everybody dies an horrible death. Whatever happens, it's almost impossible to get a clean victory, you will lose many men even if you win. If you hate seing your guys die in droves it is not the army for you. It is whowever one of the most rewarding army to win with. The new codex might change many things though.

Nids are a great force if you don't mind not having heroes in your army. If you like big monsters they are THE army to get. However, if you would prefer using a horde of little monsters to drown the enemy under a sea of corpse it just doesn't wok in 5th edition.

Necrons are boring. They have glaring weaknesses and only about one list that can be effective. But the real problem is that they aren't fun to use. Lack of options and no wow factor are the main culprits. They are just tough.

11-03-2009, 02:36
Normally I'd recommend Tyranids, but the Valkyrie will solve one problem I've always had with my IG armies: lack of mobility. So go IG all the way. We need more IG players.

[Post #1,000. :evilgrin:]

11-03-2009, 02:55
Imperial Guard vs Tyranids. Double coin flip! Heads/Heads/ Tails #1 = I.G., Tails #2 = Tyranid.

11-03-2009, 03:15
With the new releases coming for IG, I would say IG! However, if you love converting then the Tyranid "counts as" army sounds great. Its always nice to see something original or something unusual.

hope that helped a little :)

11-03-2009, 04:00
I played Guard first then started Marines, does that mean my tastes are unrefined :eyebrows:

11-03-2009, 06:00
well my thanks go to all you guys

i'm most likely gonna go with Imperial Guard, maybe with a small detachement of marines as allies, most likely daemonhunters, but i'm not perfectly sure yet, i've always liked the Imperial Fists so i might just take a squad of GK termies and a grandmaster, and use heavily converted models painted as IF to stand in, sound good to you guys?

11-03-2009, 07:53
Sounds good to me.

Its the same way I make my guard armies, and add in small detachments of allies to break up the painting.