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10-03-2009, 14:21
So I have my biggest vampire game this weekend (just finished putting together the last models I need last night) and this is my planned list:

(Lahboura) Lvl 3 vampire lord w/ master of black arts, summon ghouls, ghoulkin, sword of might, Lahmian ring (van carstein)
(Lahdorrae) Lvl 3 vampire lord w/ master of black arts, summon ghouls, black periapt, power stone, helm of commandment
(Deducee) Lvl 3 Vampire lord w/ master of the black arts, etheral
Vampire w/ master of black arts
Vampire w/ master of black arts, book of arkhan
Vampire w/ master of the black arts, rod of flaming death, nightmare
Vampire w/ master of the black arts, nightmare
Necromancer w/ scepre of noirot
Wightking w/ lance, hand of dust, barded knightmare
BSB wightking w/ barded nightmare, sword of kings, night shroud

15 crypt ghouls w/ ghast
15 crypt ghouls w/ ghast
15 crypt ghouls w/ ghast
15 crypt ghouls w/ ghast
10 crypt ghouls
20 skeletons w/ spears, champion, standard bearer, banner of hellfire
Corpse cart w/ unholy load stone
Corpse cart w/ balefire
Corpse cart w/ balefire

20 graveguard w/ FC, warbanner
7 black knights w/ barding, banner bearer, banner of undead legion
4 spirit hosts

7 cairn wraiths
6 cairn wraiths
Black coach

Total: 5000

He will be playing empire, no idea what will be in his list.


Edit: Oh and the game will be blind setup, so if you have any thoughts on that feel free the share em.

I could overload one side, but I think holding the center will be fine.

10-03-2009, 15:30
I think one problem you could face is that in such a large game, the Empire player could very well bring enough fire power to wipe out a couple of those Ghoul units first turn if he gets it and you use ghoulkin before you ever have a chance to increase those unit sizes as their starting value is only small.

10-03-2009, 15:38
Hmmm that's a good point. In blind setup would I use ghoulkin before or after the blind is removed... I guess we'll have to talk about it before.

Well I could drop the spirit hosts (-260) and 5 ghouls to each of the units (+200). Then they would be farily solid right from the get go. Don't know what I'd do with that other 60 points... 3 power stones sounds nice ;) There's the other added bonus that I would than actually have spirit host to use when I cast winds of undeath.

What do you think about that?

10-03-2009, 16:46
That seems good to me.

Spirit Hosts will be amazing in this kind of game when the Empire magic wont be able to get past your dispel, but as you say, you can rasie them with Winds of Undeath and you will be raising massive hosts with all those War Machines and detatchments anyway.

20 Ghouls should give you enough models to survive a first turn barrage or at the very least only lose 1 unit.

Not sure about when to use Ghoulkin. I do like the fluff image of some nervous gunners sighting Ghouls advancing in the dark and opening up a barrage to signal the start of the battle for the rest of the army though.

10-03-2009, 22:51
yeah i would add the 5 ghouls to the units and the power stones, they are good for when he thinks you are out of power dice and he has no more dispell, then you use your power stone to cast another spell