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10-03-2009, 14:57
So as those of you who regularly read my batreps know, My son and I will be playing in a doubles tournament in the near future, however, do to some odd fluke in schedules, we'll actually now be playing in three (3) doubles tournaments over the next four weeks. The armies we have will be Daemons:

Herald of Slaanesh, Lvl 1

Herald of Slaanesh BSB, Steed, Icon of Despair

11 Daemonettes, Aluress and Banner

12 Daemonettes, Alluress and Banner

5 Seekers, Siren Standard

2 Fiends

(996 Points)

and the Warriors list will be:

Exalted Hero, Barded Steed, Sword of Might, Shield, MoS

Sorcerer, Level 2, Power Familiar, Dispel scroll, Homunculous, MoS

19 Marauders, Full Command, Flails, MoS

5 Marauder Horse, Musician, MoS

5 Marauder Horse, Musician, Spears, Shields, MoS

5 Hounds

5 Hounds

5 Chaos Knights, Full Command, Rapturous Standard, MoS

(998 Points)

OK, now here's some of my thoughts, I already know for the first tourney, well be facing Lizards and Daemons Paired, Daemons and High Elves paired, Lizards and Woodelves paired, and Daemons and Wood elves paired, just to mention a few. I know every lizard will have a steg with EoTG in the list, DE will all have a Hydra, etc. So my questions are, should I drop the standard and Aluress on the 12 strong 'Nettes, and kill the Lvl 1 on the BSB in exchange for an Aetherblade? The other option to go alon with this option would be to swap the 'Nettes altogether for 12 horrors with no command (rules specify no more than three casters total, so I would drop the Lvl 1 from one herald and add the Lvl 1 for horrors, who have a much better default spell.) I am quite happy with Chris' list, as it not only is fluffy, but it can do a lot of damage, and has a lot of maneuverability. I just think that I should get some killing power in my list as it is relatively weak at the moment, though it is extremely fluffy.

The second tourney is a 1500 point per player list, and I already have a good list for it. I have made the above changes as noted, except that instead of replacing the 12 'Nettes, I added 12 Horrors with Icon of Sorcery, 6 Furies, and 5 Flesh Hounds, and gave both units of 'Nettes the Banner of Ecstacy. Chris' list saw the addition of 5 more Marauder Horse, 5 More Knights with the banner of Rage, and a Warshrine, I am quite content with the 1500 point lists, and expect them to do well, its just the 1000 point lists that concern me.

Finally, as each tournament is three games, how well do you think we will do? This will be the build up, and I will photograph the games and write up the Batreps as we progress.

10-03-2009, 15:04
Three doubles tournaments in 4 weeks?!?!? I am truely jealous...

The main worries I have about your list is that it seems to be fast but with no shooting or solid units you will have trouble (if the marauders had shields rather than flails they would be solid).

I would work the synergy a bit. Use your deamonettes to force them to charge and then counter them with the hard hitting WoC. All you have to do is get a few more hard hitting stuff like another unit of knights or a unit of offensive warriors.

Andrew Luke
10-03-2009, 15:11
Is there comp scoring? Or everyone just tries to break there list as much as possible within the given restrictions?

As it is, you daemon list is about as soft as it can be, which is fine, but your suggestions would toughen it up a fair amount. If you wanted to charge across and destroy **** just put a BSB on a jugger in a unit a flesh hounds and have them run around with the knights. A combo charge from those two units eats anything in the game.

If you were to just tweak the list slightly i would definitely go with the horrors instead of the second unit of daemonettes. I'd also consider putting the BSB on a chariot with many armed monstrosity and the +D3 CR banner. This is a fun little combo that is incredibly fast and can hold things up seemingly forever. Would also be great to combo-charge with fiends or chaos knights.

Drop all standards from daemonette units. They are incredibly easy to kill, you can't affor dto be giving up the extra 100 points.

The chaos list looks pretty damn solid, only change I'd consider is squeezing the infernal puppet in somehow rather than the haemonculous, and droping the banner from the knights. Its a cool banner, but they really shouldn't be losing any combats unless something has gone horribly wrong, and is just so expensive at this points level. (Take a few more knights instead or more dogs so you don't get into combats where you are losing in the first place!)

10-03-2009, 15:25
@Mal, I never did get around to painting the 30 or so Marauders with HW Sh combos, so even though I agree with you on this point, its just not doable in 5 days. (If you look at my painted armies, you'll see why. layers and layers of paint on them, and I just can't seem to ever consider them finished, so there's always tweeking, and fixing chips and the like, plus rebasing, etc.)

Chris and I did take some time out from painting this weekend to discuss tactics, and I think he'll be a little better now that he understands the lazy W formation just doesn't provide good mutual support to his units.

@ Andrew, there is no comp scoring, there never is in Belgian tournaments, which is why I never feel bad about taking big nasty things. Its just that for some reason, I wanted the army to be completely complementary and fluffy. As you can see, I am having some reservations. As for Juggers, sorry, don't own the models, don't have the time to paint them (see above) and it would be nearly impossible to convert them to females in time. Yes, with the exception of my Flesh Hounds, which you can't tell from anyways, my entire Daemon Army is female, and visibly so. I think keeping the standard on the Herald's 'Nettes is still a good thing as it gives them atleast 2 CR. I will drop the other one. As to a BSB in Chariot, I had considered that as well, but I kind of like the idea of my Seekers having +2 CR as they charge into a nasty shooter unit that suddenly finds it can't stand and shoot.

10-03-2009, 16:58
The problem with those banners though is that it also provides the enemy with a nice easy extra 100 VP if they can kill those units off in combat, which isnt too tough to do over a couple of turns with only 12 models T3 and a 5 + Ward.

10-03-2009, 18:29
I would add to your slannesh heralds the musk that makes the oppents charge you. Its really good. I had that vary same ability tear my army apart. If you put it on your herald with the mount and have it travel with the seekers then you can use that unit to tear apart other armys march blockers and flank chargers by makeing them charge your seekers and maybe kill them or at least block them from hitting your blocks of warriors. I like the banners though thats ganna be really mean.

15-03-2009, 03:47
Well, sadly, we will have to miss out on the first of three tournaments due to an unforeseen case of the flu. I have it, my wife has it, and Chris has it. And its not pleasant.

15-03-2009, 09:07
That sucks mate, hope you all get better soon.

15-03-2009, 11:46
Get well soon and get reporting soon :D