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Tybalt Andrus
10-03-2009, 17:38
The Dark Magenta team is delighted to announce that Issue 3 is finally ready for publication! After another predictably long production period, Issue 3 is upon us, and has a distinctly Xenos-feel to it. Heading up this alien-infested rush of articles is the first part of Nathan Dowdell’s huge Eldar treatise, and Frank O’Hanlon provides some insight into the alien Demiurg as an accompaniment. Combating these perversions, the Deathwatch are back, courtesy of an additional section of rules that accompany last issue’s Adeptus Astartes feature.

On top of all that, there’s the penultimate part of our on-going battle report series, two excellent pieces of short fiction, two modelling articles and even a little competition for you all to get your teeth into!

You can find Issue 3 of Dark Magenta here (http://www.darkmagenta.co.uk/magazine.html).

13-03-2009, 14:47
Is the final version of issue two up yet? I checked the DM website for it when you posted, but the file was still labeled as the interim version. I didn't download it to check because it does seem to take a while.

Feedback on this issue as soon as it's done downloading.

13-03-2009, 16:53
Raellos, you should really read Issus 2 first. Some of the articles in DM2 are continued in DM3.

13-03-2009, 19:10
Is the final version of issue two up yet?You'll find an answer to that as soon as you start reading DM3.

Before I start, you’ll notice that Issue 2 never appeared in the same, highly-designed layout as Issue 1 (eventually) did. Unfortunately, the additional time that it currently takes to transform a “plain” copy such as this into the all-singing, all-dancing version we produced for Issue 1 is introducing an unacceptable lag time in getting Dark Magenta available.

13-03-2009, 21:55
And the guy with all the templates is AWOL, but Derek's too polite to tell you that.


14-03-2009, 12:57
Ancelyn1331, I did read issue 2, I just wasn't sure if the full version was out. Kaled, Precinct Omega and the editorial cleared all that up.

I must say, it's another top issue. While I do miss the shine of issue 1, the content is top notch (plus all that pretty stuff can be added later).

Just one gripe; Mr Gillespie, your space marine has no eyebrows!

Tybalt Andrus
14-03-2009, 20:25
Just one gripe; Mr Gillespie, your space marine has no eyebrows!Well, that's a new gripe for me! ;)

As long as you the issue (and the model) beyond that, I can live with it! :D

29-03-2009, 09:59
I really love the Recongregator Sourcebook (not really dark magenta3 but its on the same download page :D )

The mentioning of the Ordo Hydra is awesome, btw. Thumps up!