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10-03-2009, 19:56
Hello all.

We're running a 40K Apocalyptic-ish game this Saturday, and I'd like your input on the format I made for it.

Here is the backround - the store ( me ) is running Chaos SM, Orks and a small amount of Chaos Demons. The players coming against me will be about 3000pts Tau, about 2000 SM, 1000 GK and 2000 IG.

There will be 4 Super Heavies - 2 Bane Blades on their side - 1 Nurgle-Blade and 1 Chaos Warhound on my side.

Table is 4x8 - I KNOW it will be cramped - but we're gunning for just a big honking game with death and destruction.

The only real Apocalyptic-ish theme to the game is no FOC, although most forces will be close to - if not FOC legal anyhow just because of collection contents.

I'm including the game layout I made - I'd be interested in hearing any ideas or thoughts.



Marshal Sinclair
10-03-2009, 21:15
The game sounds like it will be fun on the condition that you get more players to use the store stuff. It will be all fun and giggles for you controling 9,000 points of stuff, but your customers will be bored to tears with you taking hour long turns to their 20 minute ones. I'd get another 2 people, just to move your stuff. You can still give the orders, just get some movement helpers.

Secondly, that rule about killing the supreme commander is very one sided. We both know yours will hide at the back, whilst you StrD his with your Warhound on turn one and more or less win the game by default.

10-03-2009, 21:32

Hi - yeah - for the ( me ) on the store side I do have someone who almost never plays that's going to help me shlep pieces. As far as the commander goes - I know the guys I'm playing with are not that dense to put theirs in such danger - at least right off the bat.

Perhaps some balancing rule that rewards actions taken by the commander to counter-balance risking him? Hmm - already thinking towards the next big game!!!

I'm fully expecting them to nominate one of the multi wound SM characters as their Commander, or heck - could be just a lowly IG guy at the oposite kiddy corner of the table.

I don't have a LOT of mobility on my side ( Yes - GASP - I have almost 2K of Orks with NO NOB BIKERS!! ). I'm going to be facing a few JSJ enabled Tau units, handful of SM Speeders, Fast Attack Sentinels, Devilfish, Hammer Head and Pirraniahs. And for reach - at least 3 Basilisk's as well.

But - if we decide we did not like it we'll most likely not use it again.

Thanks for the input!


10-03-2009, 22:10
Are you using strategic assets? Put a ban on flank march. It completely messed up our first apocalypse game. If you'd have a 6*8 table, you can stay away from your own table edge but on a 4*8, it is just unbalanced.

The other objectives... You'll have to tell us how it went!

ard boy stu
10-03-2009, 22:16
That battle sounds great

10-03-2009, 22:39
Sounds like fun. but I'd grab another table to attach it to the existing table so that the Tau can have a better advantage, due to their poor CC unless they are using Kroot Carnivores.

11-03-2009, 01:21
Hello all - we are not using an strategic assets or formations - the only real Apocalyptic aspect to the game is the size for one - and no FOC's for the other. Everything else is spelled out in the little packet I made.

I took a look at the layout and we're adding another 4x4 table. Prob making it a 12 x 4 table - we really don't have room to make it a L shape - which would be my preference.

I know the Tau are bringing one unit of Kroot - and I think proxying 4-6 hounds.

Again - thanks for the input!