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10-03-2009, 20:27
Well guys, I'm going to start with a lizardmen army soon, I want to play a magic army list but I've got no ideas of what units to play with... except the slann ^^ (with TG or not?).

I would like to know more or less what units to use because I've done lists but I'm not convince...

Need some help in general guys please, thanks very much beforehand.

Best wishes!

10-03-2009, 20:33
Look up blackjack's list. He's having a lot success with his magic heavy list.

10-03-2009, 22:01
Regarding LM Magic: I've played heavy LM magic at everywhere from 500 to 6000 points with the new book, and I've had great results. Here's my own opinion on the matter:

Put the Slann in TG and make him BSB! Trust me. This will:

-- Make him invincible by making him untargetable
-- Make the TG Stubborn
-- Make the TG Immune to Panic
-- Provide an amazing, rock-solid anchor for your army

Even if your magic phase is completely shut down (which is not likely) you've got an amazing general in an amazing unit, and with your general, BSB, and 600+ points sitting in that unit, your opponent is going to have to deal with it. Even if you don't take another M4 model in the whole army, Slann + TG is amazing.

As far as what to take, don't feel like you have to go crazy -- in the block all that terror and regen and ethereal is kind of wasted, he's already bloody near invincible. The extra die power and the know a whole lore power will already make him one heck of a magic phase on his own, backed up by brilliant infantry. As a rule 16 TG is a good number -- you can run 14 but your Slann's rear will become open quickly. More is never wasted on these guys, but a little support can go a long way.

Don't be afraid to march him in! He's not some weedy Elven mage -- he's T4 W5 with a 4+ ward, buried deep in a pile of rock-hard T4 infantry with 2 S4 attacks (don't use the halberds, that 2+ is too good to give up).

An Engine will take you a long way -- not for the -1 to a lore (as I was originally planning) but by giving you a great 5+ ward while you're waiting to close and an excellent answer to cavalry (which we hurt for) in burning alignment. Strongly consider giving the Priest on the Engine the War-Drum of Xahutec -- this will keep him from being marched blocked, allowing him to squirrel 12" free pivot around the sides of enemy units, and still use Burning Alignment, and cast spells. And to set up a devastating charge -- don't forget, it is in fact an Ancient Stegadon and entirely capable of breaking or annihilating units on the charge, as long as you are careful to hit flanks or rear (to break ranks and avoid challenges, the death of the priest). It's a great combo.

In my experience, at < 3k the Slaan and Engine is plenty ( ~13 power dice), and Heavens isn't worth doubling up on, so another Priest is a little overkill.

Another great contribution to the magic phase is a Scar Vet with GW and the Jaguar Charm -- this will get you a dead warmachine turn one, and cost them two dispel dice every turn thereafter! As useful as a L2 mage, IMO, and a bloody sight harder to kill.

11-03-2009, 02:42
I play a magic light list and these have been my best units so far.

Skink chief bsb, on a stegadon with the stegadon helm. (Stubborn Ld7 with a reroll, and average of 19 attacks on the charge)

4x Kroxigor with portent of far cast on them (S6 so wounding on 2+ and re rolling ones, amazing, combine with the bsb near and they stay there even if they lose, and kill more!)

basic spear saurus with 6 man frontage (used on opposite side of bsb, ld8 with cold blooded and re-roll, 24 possible attacks means they dont go anywhere, allowing you to flank with stegadons!)

A carnosaur: This monster with the right setup has a combined 12 attacks, 14 once the carno gets frenzy, its not a large target so you can hide it behind skinks and M7 is brilliant in a lizard army!

Wolf 11x
11-03-2009, 02:59
and average of 19 attacks on the charge

Does not compute?

11-03-2009, 03:50
I bet he means the Warspear. 2d6+1 impact hits, 3 from the Ancient Steg (which is way more sensible than the regular Steg with only S5 impact hits), 3 from the Chief, 4 from the crew.

Necromancy Black
11-03-2009, 04:04
Skink chief bsb, on a stegadon with the stegadon helm. (Stubborn Ld7 with a reroll, and average of 19 attacks on the charge)

You mean Leadership 8. It basically gives him the leadership of a Saurus.

11-03-2009, 09:21
Yeah, thanks very much for your help guys! I'll definatelly run a magic list with slann in TG and a Priest with engine.
So... what can I buy to start? I was thinking of the batallion, a skinks box and a Steggie.

Desert Rain
11-03-2009, 11:32
That sounds like a good start it gives you lots of points relativly cheap.
Then you'll only need a slann some more temple guards and maybe some kroxigors (krox+skink units rock!) and you will have a full army!