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10-03-2009, 21:02
Makeing a VC list for a upcomeing turny. There some hardline list in this turny. So i need my list to blance to deal with these threats. One is the 3 steam tank list i posted about in the VC thread. Also there is mgaic heavy deamon list lead by that gaint pegon they got. My goal is go in magic heavy with a casty ld.

VC Lord lvl 4
Skabscrath Helm of Commandment The Cadaverous Cuirass
ex magic lvl Motba dark acolyte lotd
Vampire lvl 1
Tomb Blade the flayed hauberk
Infinite hatred walking death
ex spell Sceptre de Noirot mount in Corpse cart balefire
Nercomancer Corpse cart balefire
ex spell The book of Arkhan
Skeleton Warriors x 25
full command
Banner of the dead legion
Skeleton Warriors x 25
full command
Banner of the endless Nightmare
Crypt Ghouls x 10
Grave Guard x 25
great weapons
full command
banner of the barrows
Carin wraiths w/ tomb banshee

Right the list is at 2220 needs to be 2250. So I need to do some point tweeking. One thing that i was thinking of doing is droping the crypt ghouls to pick up another warith. The tomb banshee shooting power witll key when i go up agasint night gobs army in the lest and works well in support atttacks with my skeles and zombz.
I will be running the CC in one of skeles and the other in grave guard. The thrid unit will be the bunker for my lord, and will be behind the grave guard for ex cover. If i kept the ghouls they will be on a flank to support chagres, as the wariths will be on the other one moveing in to hit flanks or take on smaller and week tgts.
my goal is rise many units of zombies to use a tarpits march blocks. Also to bring out fantcis and lure frenzy units to chagre.
As sits i have 3 bound spells that are pretty nasty if left uncheck, and running balefire times x2 that makes -2 to the opt magic.
PD = 11
DD = 7
So any thoughs plase add them if the list all d*** up tell me.

10-03-2009, 21:11
How the hell is someone getting 3 stanks under 3K?

10-03-2009, 21:16
I whish i knew, he brings the list every time. I

10-03-2009, 21:20
One must be a war alter, otherwise he's cheating.

Anyway, the best answer to stanks are wraiths. I'd drop some skeletons, give the lord lord of the dead and maybe drop the banshee upgrade too. You want the unit to have as great of punching power as possible.

Keep in mind that these wraiths will be next to useless against deamons...

10-03-2009, 21:30
Yeah if i drop the skeles down to 20 strong that would free more points to add another wraiths. I know there uless against deamons. But i can't one side my amy to much. But my goal is beat the deamon in the magic phase. To shut down the pegon thing and hopefull kill off his core units.
The war alter thing sounds right. I thinking the GG will be a great anvaile and if all works well for me in the magic phase and spell go the way i need them the s6 KB ASF will kill off most units.

10-03-2009, 21:35
But overall how does the list look. Is week and going to smack around a lot?

Caine Mangakahia
10-03-2009, 21:41
In my experience Ghouls are better all rounders than skeletons, although I see you have the Tomb blade, a maximum of 3 extra skeletons per turn, not all that great IMO. Some people swear by Skeletons however.
Can you fit the skullstaff or at least the common +1 to dispel Staff in your list? Swap out the scepter of neriot for that or dispel scrolls, an extra +1 to dispel will help against the Doc Pidgeon and Empire Pope lists more than extra zombies.
Wraiths are handy against most armies, use them as you would any other skirmishing unit vs Demons, lure units away from the main combat. Furies could be a pain.

10-03-2009, 21:44
Personally I think the list as it stands now is weak.

Three blocks and a bunker supported by marginal magic and one small wraith unit. The reason for this is that you have so many points tied in these blocks. Most people start them at 10-15 and just raise them.

Don't get me wrong, 11 PD is a good amount, but it won't be overbearing without a mastery to allow efficient 1 dice casting.

I run this:

Lvl 3 vampire lord w/ master of black arts, summon ghouls, ghoulkin, sword of might, crown of the damned
Vampire w/ master of black arts, helm of commandment
Vampire w/ master of black arts, book of arkhan
Necromancer w/ scepre of noirot, dispel scroll
16 crypt ghouls w/ ghast
16 crypt ghouls w/ ghast
10 crypt ghouls
Corpse cart w/ unholy load stone
Corpse cart w/ balefire
20 graveguard w/ FC, warbanner
6 Cairn wraiths
7 Black knights w/ barding, banner, banner of undead legion

Three blocks and a bunker supported by two solid hammers and a lot of magic.

In your case just turn the ghouls into skeletons, drop ghoulkin and change the mastery.

I tried grave guard with great weapons once and they got their butts kicked. T4 and 5+ save isn't much and they get killed pretty fast. With shields they are cheaper and win through straight combat res.

Edit: Fixed list. I had posted the 2k and not the 2250 list.

10-03-2009, 22:20
Thanks thats the types of imput i needed. I Think i am going back to drawing board on list, I do like ghouls as well as well. i have about equal amount of each. I chose skeles over ghouls for the command and banner opts. The gg with great wepons i hear mix things on. I like S bonuse i get and well the killing blow is great to. But haveing the save does help. As far as adding the staff i think i might switch some stuff to put in.
As well as drop a nerco or another vamp to help out magic/combat powers.
Has anyone had any good things happen when the split the list with ghouls and skeles. Have a mix match things going on. Trying to combine combat ablitys may prove usefull but with a 2250 point limte may be a bit hard.

10-03-2009, 22:45
easiest way to kill steam tank is to give your lord the frost blade, or have some wight kings in your army with black axe of krell or sword of kings, but frost blade will kill it outrite if you wound it once, which shouldnt be too hard since you auto hit the ST in CC and if you have infinite hatred you should be set

10-03-2009, 22:59
The list most definately needs a mobile element. As it stands, it could be outflanked and encircled with virtual impunity. Get some Dire Wolves and some Fell Bats. Both are flexible and invaluable.

10-03-2009, 23:19
it is a non moblie list wolves will help that. Not a fan of fell bats have a lot wolves
Frost blade never look at as choice. That might be good one, i would just have to switch from a mgaic heavy lord, to a combat lord. But i think some reworking would help that.
So i guess if i switch the role of the lord. Now would what be a good load out for him.
i was thinking frost blade avatar of death MOTBA and dark acolyte mounted on hellsteed, for a flying could be great boost.

10-03-2009, 23:30
Side not is worth use a zombie dragon the points are set at 2250. Some at the culb said dragon would a nice touch, but i can't seam to find point to fix it in a 2k list. i think its point dum at becuase the games are only 2250.