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11-03-2009, 00:00
Can I just take the time to say GW Worcester is where its at! Check out the link below around page 18 for pictures of an Apocalypse game run for the new releases. Looks like they had a huge laugh. Loads of fun had that day with the staff going the extra mile to have fun with the customers. The man dressed as a storm trooper is a full time employee who spent alot of time on his day off to make his kit. Well done guys. Im looking forward to the tournament this weekend. Anyone else out there have pics or reviews of their local store getting into character? Or would you care to share some great stories? Lets sing these guys' praises for a change.


11-03-2009, 13:22
you could say a lot of things about Worcester GW, but that link doesnt point to where you think it does

11-03-2009, 15:07
you could say a lot of things about Worcester GW, but that link doesnt point to where you think it does

You got some sort of problem with Worcester?

11-03-2009, 15:08
Blongbling, it does but the pics are on page 18 of the thread.

P.S 271 shots oh my god thats some good rolling!!

11-03-2009, 16:49
ah page 18...i lost interset before then :) and no problem with worcester at all but thanks for asking :D

11-03-2009, 19:23
blongbling. maybe I should have just posted the pics stright up here, but that thread is all good as well.

Vampking. Yes that dice rolling is awsome, but then Niral is a bit of a jammy git.

so guys any good tales from your stores?

11-03-2009, 20:15
Huzzah for Worcester;)

11-03-2009, 20:21
Huzzah for Worcester;)
Except Tolladine and Dine's Green?

12-03-2009, 10:44
Good Morning all...

Well the original poster SneakyChris has linked by blog into this so i figure it is right to come and say a few words.

Firstly... GW Worcester.

Its a fab gaming room store with a huge set of great core players. The age range is typical of most stores, but there is a real maturity within the younger gamers starting to become more and more noticable.

Secondly... Apocolypse.

It was a mamoth day and we had alot of fun... and thats what its all about!

Finally... Not convinced we get much interaction with Tolladine or Dines Green in GW Jimbo... but thanks for your constructive thoughts on a thread designed to look at possitive Games Workshop things, insteadof constantly being negative!


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12-03-2009, 11:27
Ahh.... GW Worcester where I first wandered in, wide-eyed, 16 years ago. It was around the corner from where it is now but anyway - good memories.

Yay for Worcester!

12-03-2009, 12:20
Except Tolladine and Dine's Green?

Good job you didn't say Warndon;)

12-03-2009, 13:42
Good job you didn't say Warndon;)
Had to give the Tolly army their respect didn't I? :S I'll be moving back to Worcester area from Oxford around June time so I might PM some of you Worcester chaps then... I dunno about fancy dress, but a game of 40k or fantasy is always good! :D

12-03-2009, 18:37
Darn no more room for the torney this weekend!

17-03-2009, 22:44
The weekend bought about my tournement...

I didnt take any pics (sorry if you guys are disappointed) but as it was the first tournement that i've run, i wanted to concentrate on making it run smoothly.

Details of Tournement as Follows

12 players - Only 1 title... (imagine the Rocky Music here...)

The lists

1 Orks
1 Dark Eldar
1 Daemons
2 Eldar
3 Tyranid
4 Space Marine

Ork list - Nob bikers, looted wagon, battlewagon, boyz...

Dark eldar - raiders with lances. mandrakes, incubi, warriors

Daemons - nurgle heavy, Kugath, epidimius, plus 15 bloodletters

Eldar - both had 3 vehicles, farseer, firedragons, and a few other bits

Tyranids - all quite different... details of the one list further down.

Space marine - Mixture of marines list.
3 whirlwinds, 4 razorbacks with small squads, 2 squads of bikes with meltas
ohers included Calgar, another had vulkan plus master of forge...
and one had 2 landraiders and a young general!

First round

Standard battle with kill points, with special bonus missions.

Bonus missions included, kill opponents HQ, hold control of the highest point, keep control of a forest. Get a unit into your opponent deployment zone by the end, keep them out of your deployment zone, by the first to initiate combat, kill the biggest thing your opponent has etc etc...

It was alot of fun and everyone enjoyed the secret missions, 8 out of 12 were completed.

5 wins and a draw.

highlights included, a very sneak ripper swarm high up in a buidling... which completed the, hold the highest ground mission... much to the opponent disgust.

Calgar dying badly to Dark Eldar... having scene the restof his force die around him.

Round 2

corner to corner, take and hold

nothing very interesting. a very good nids versus space marine battle... Orks versus dark eldar match up hilarious... Dark eldar player had a great list, but just wasnt suited to taking on orks.

2 people on 2 wins... (excellent... an overall winner easily chosen)

Round 3 dawn of war, objectives... 5 objectives on each table.

Nids versus orks for the win... ork player makes a couple of howlers... and the nid player hoses the boys down with concentrated fire...

Overall winner, Steve (nice chap... good gamer) with shooty nids... dakka tyrant with tyrant guard, fly rant, 3 carnifexes with stranglers, couple of tyranid warriors 3 zoanthropes... and alot of guants...

dakka tyrant with devourers is SICK!!!!
barbed stranglers hurt mobs of boys...

I think it was a fab tournement... Not only did i enjoy myself, but so did all the guys who came. It was great to make full use of the gaming room within our store...


Overall Winner

Steve Tim - Tyranids

2nd place

Nagle (who is donuter on here for those of you interested) - Orks

Best painted army

Rob White (who is called legionaire of bloodlust on here- see above) - Eldar

Best painted single miniature

Jacob chester - Eldat Farseer

I hope this gives you all a low down on our weekend


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

Khornate Fireball (Ork)
18-03-2009, 05:55
Hey, I'm in Mass, I may have to go to the Worcester GW sometime... Once I have my Orks in a more playable state, that is.

18-03-2009, 11:11
Hey, I'm in Mass, I may have to go to the Worcester GW sometime... Once I have my Orks in a more playable state, that is.
I presume by "Mass" you refer to Massachusetts? If so then a million blessings to you my American friend! Not all place names that you are familiar are, by default, in 'the land of the free'! The GW Worcester of this thread is the English one! :D

18-03-2009, 16:51
Good job you didn't say Warndon;)

You a warndon warrior awsell then? lol

18-03-2009, 17:02
Unfortunately, yes. Live just off Cranham

18-03-2009, 22:36
Im in the flats on cranham, gotta love crackhead central lol

18-03-2009, 23:05
Hehe, Warndon is great, smack-head capital of the Midlands. I live opposite what used to be the garages on Chatcombe Drive. I hate going up to the Spar, you get to see all the pikeys buying their weeks supply of tennants super:D

18-03-2009, 23:43
Props to the Worcester store for the apoc Game, that looked like a corker!
I don't game down there (mostly due to the shameless lack of painting I have historically been guilty of!) but the staff are always very friendly (always ask if they can help, but never hassle), and always have the time to answer questions. Now, once I get these damnable Ravenwing finished for Carnage I might get myself down there!

19-03-2009, 00:14
Sorry Dan for hijacking your thread to mock where I live. I agree, the staff at GW are always helpful and friendly, even when I managed to lock-out my account and was refered to as " special " :D .
I'm the exact opposite, I haven't played in well over 20 years, I much prefer the modelling/painting side of the hobby.

19-03-2009, 15:35
Messiahnide and Fluffy...

I accept your points that your saying, although i do believe that the worst bits of Worcester pale in significance to the worst bits of other cities!

Fluffy... re your pology for Threadomancy... always accepted!

Generally though, this is a thread about GW Worcester... and im trying to say... sod the rest of Worcester... GW Worcester... the shop... is a shop trying to make moves to become super...

Great kids..

great staff...

great events...

If you live local... or god... if you dont... come over... have a laugh with us at some of our big event...


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

31-03-2009, 09:14
Games Workshop Worcester has a new policy for unfunny chavvy tw@ts...

They usually come into the store with there whiter than white trainrs on, and tracky bottoms... and walk about the store smiling insanely... before walking up to a staff member or kids and saying one of the following line....

'aaahhhh man thats sweet'
'which is harder....'
'are you battlin...'

etc etc...

All the time whilst this is happening... Baz, Gaz, Daz and Maz there 4 mates are waiting outside...

Our new policy is this...

Hi there, Are you interested in learning about all this and how it is played?

Alright, yeah man... dis is total wicked, alright... yeah man... wicked wicked...

Role this dice

I got a 4 man... wicked yeah yeah alright... whats that mean?

Thats how many seconds you have to get out the store before i shove this Stompa... up your ********!

Dealing with Chavs.... The Worcester Way!


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

31-03-2009, 10:02
that's one way. though I know of stores that probably have different problems, like GW Amsterdam... 'nuff said? ;)