View Full Version : Anyone from the states ordered from Bits and Kits?

11-03-2009, 00:53
Just wondering if anyone from the U.S.A has ordered from this site

http://bitsandkits.co.uk/shop/page/1?sessid=d6PRh1MF5rzEZAIMM41XdTmVpj2jI8VmNN0Sgqs8Z cG1pavYNXxUOkJStqcyCJDJ&shop_param=

And how it was. The prices are pretty good even with the conversion, but the address form is kinda screwy (asks for city and country but not state) and I'm a little paranoid about things getting sent to Fort Collins, Delaware instead of Colorado.

So if anyone has used them I'd love to hear about your experience most importantly if you just filled out the address form and how long it took to receive your bits.

11-03-2009, 02:33
I haven't, but it would probably be better to order from Apocabitz Now. They are located in the States. I always get my bitz promptly from them with no problems.

11-03-2009, 05:10
Thanks I didn't know about that site, their prices seem pretty good and they carry Mk IV torso, too bad they don't seem to carry any red scorpion stuff.

11-03-2009, 05:16
I happen to know the owner of Bits and Kits and she is a wonderful lady. Her and her husband come to the warhammer fantasy tourny here in NWArkansas every year from England and they are great people.

I would have absolute faith in her product and if something is wrong with her order form email her or the company about it.

She worked for Games Workshop for several years before starting her own company.

Anyways i would get in contact with them if you want to order from them and i think everything should work out.

11-03-2009, 05:55
Have you ever ordered from them? my main concern is the shipping address form doesn't match that of the normal U.S. one (obviously because its not a U.S. business). I really like the prices and the bitz they have I just want to make sure it gets to the right place.

11-03-2009, 06:07
Have you thought of just adding the abbreviation or name of your state after your city in the same box?

They have a section for comments afterwards, and I ALWAYS have to use it because their address system calls Taiwan "Province of China". The obvious problem with this being that my *********** mail gets sent to CHINA instead of Taiwan.


11-03-2009, 10:26
If I'm honest, its refrshing to be asked for your county instead of state, only to be told it is not a legitimate state.

However, I have ordered from them (in the UK though) and I have had no problems.

11-03-2009, 11:20
I have ordered from them quite a bit (ho ho ho) and only ever had 1 problem.
That was entirely understandable, I recieved the wrong bits, probably because they were named the same thing and the codes were very similar, a flaw in the system, but no great disaster.

The only thing I became concerned about, was a complete lack of communication in regard to this.
Multiple calls went unanswered, as were messages and an e-mail.

I have used them since, with no probs at all.

Hang on, that's a point, iirc, on the order form, there is a space for a message to be left concerning your order...just for this type of thing, I would think.
Leave a note re your concerns there.

11-03-2009, 14:53
And how it was. The prices are pretty good even with the conversion, but the address form is kinda screwy (asks for city and country but not state) and I'm a little paranoid about things getting sent to Fort Collins, Delaware instead of Colorado.

I order things from France quite a bit, and almost every place I order from has a similar mailing system. What I do is I put "Michigan, USA" in the country field and I've never had any problems.

11-03-2009, 15:21
I have used bits & kits on many occasions. I'm in Canada.
Prices are good, shipping is cheap, service (in terms of order delivery) is great.
Communication is NOT. I have never received a reply to an email (they have a new blurb up that blames spam, but this is no excuse in my books - just setup a new email address or buy some spam software!!) and have never had the phone picked up.

My second to last order was missing two pieces and said they would be refunded? Never got any paypal back and multiple emails went unanswered. I took the plunge and made another order with "PLEASE ADD MY MISSING BITS" in caps in the order comments. My email that says it was dispatched has no info about the missing bits in it. I'm going to wait until the order is received and if the bits are missing I will be writing a very upset letter and snail mail it to them, as it seems the only way to get in touch.

I will update this thread once my order is received (probably this week)

13-03-2009, 23:29
Received the order and the missing bits were included. I don't think not communicating is on purpose, though they should really just get an email address they can respond to.

Rick Blaine
14-03-2009, 00:21
I had missing bitz once and never got a replacement or my money back, even after complaining through Paypal. Buyer beware.

Mega Nutz
14-03-2009, 01:07
I've used them half a dozen times. On each occasion the order was complete and despatched very quickly...no grumbles with their service!

Industrial Propaganda
14-03-2009, 01:22
I used them. Never had a problem with their service.

14-03-2009, 01:30
A friend of mine in CA ordered from Bitz and Kitz and had no problems with them. Took about 2 weeks for the order to get through, but tat's not to bad since it takes about 4 days on average for me to get my order here in the UK.