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11-03-2009, 02:59
I want to start a Tyranid army during Spring Break, I will deffinately buy the battleforce, but how do they play? Is it like the Guard, where you just get 115+ Guardsmen and pray to the holy Emperor himself that you survive? Or would you use specialized units to specifically combat significant apsects of the game?

On Day1 of Spring Break, I'm buying a Battleforce, Tyrant, and Codex. Im hoping to have them all assembled by the end of Spring Break.
Edit: Also white spray, and other paints used for the Leviathan Swarm.

11-03-2009, 03:07
Well Tyranids have become one of those armies that requires a good amount of finesse to use as a horde army. The gaunts are pretty expensive compared to other troops and can suffer pretty badly with the current assault rules.

NidZilla/Stealer flanking always seem to do well in a competitive sense, but if your like me you do assaulty/horde and hope that things get better with the new codex comes out.

11-03-2009, 03:09
check out nid and anti-nid threads in the tactics forums. nids are one of the most diverse armies in the sense that you can run them in so many different styles (from swarm to nidzilla).

you'll need at least two of the battle forces though, and I would recommend a couple zoanthropes and a broodlord, but look into the codex before making any more purchases.

good luck!

11-03-2009, 03:16
if you're starting a nid army from scratch, I highly recommend the Tyranid Assault Force. You get 3 Carnifexes, 6 Warriors, 16 genestealers and 32 gaunts.... a fantastic backbone for most nid lists and you can generally find them listed on ebay closing for about 150$US. The battleforces are also a good deal, but for a totally new army I think the Assualt Box is the way to go.

Nids have diversity in the amount of lists they can field, but the most effective lists tend to be very shooty. Thats not to say a CC-orientated army isn't competitive, but it's not anywhere on the same level as Ork CC, for example.

11-03-2009, 04:13
Welcome to the hive mind, you will find the tyranid codex is the most mutable of army lists in the game.
There are only 2 units in the list that can not be changed in some way (Lictors and gargoils), while every other unit enjoys at least a half dozen upgrades (ranging from mediocre to excellent) and a choice from almost as many weapon options. You could take a power build (I.E Easy to play with), However I would Just go with what you think is cool, it takes a little longer getting good with them, However once you get the hang of the army it wont matter but you'll probably have a lot more fun if you just buy what you like, instead of what people tell you is good.

This gives you the ability to personalize your army in a way not even close to possible with any other list and there is no such thing as an unfluffy list. Personal paint schemes are easy to make up, and almost all of them look good (take a look at my painting log to see what I mean)

The army itself plays in a couple of different ways, here is a few examples:

the Nidzilla swarm: The idea is put as many Monsterous creatures on the field and your opponent wont be able to kill them all without tooling his army, plus they dish out the hurt like nobodys bussiness. This one will probably lean more towards shooting and not one of the funnest builds IMHO

The elite swarm: The idea is that you buy upgrades for most, if not all of your broods (most people will tell you that it is a waste to spend points of upgrades and that more bodys is always a better Idea, however it has worked for me quite well so far) to make them more killy, I give you an example: A naked hormagaunt (pretty weak in almost every area), But will have a good deal of buddys to go with it so you can drown your opponents models in dice, I however give it almost all of its upgrades, this increases its cost by 50% (so I only get 66% as many if I do this, but meh, 22 is still a decent number) Now I have a unit that will hit almost everything in CC on 3's, Will always strike before anything that isnt eldar or a CC monster, and is S4 with a threat radius of up to 24". The beauty of this style of play is it allows for almost untold customizeation, and you wont have to move 200+ models. This one is a ton of fun to play (The most fun IMHO which is why I play it) It has a nice balance of shooting and CC

The control swarm: The Idea is that you put as many synapes models in (or brood telepathy models) so you dont have to EVER worry about synapes. These include your stealer lists, warrior attack lists and elements of nidzilla. It will probably lean more towards close combat, but can definatly shoot.

The Close combat swarm: The Idea is you take lots of casultys coming in, but once you get there, in the words of pvt Hudson "Game over man". This list will probably include a decent amount of stealers, hormagaunts, lictors, flying tyrants, broodlord, carnifex's. Definatly favors CC, can be fun to play, however it can be frustrating if you play on planet bowling ball.

The endless swarm: The Idea is put so many bodys on the table that your opponent simply cannont shoot you enough to kill them all, This list will probably include at least 2 - 3 units of gaunts with without number (yep, doesnt matter how many of the buggers your opponents kill, he cant kill them all.), This list will probably be lacking in Monsterous creatures, and will probably lean more towards shooting. Lots of fun too look at, a real bastard to actualy move all of those units though.

Hope you enjoyed my little summery.

11-03-2009, 04:59
MasterDecoy summed it up pretty well.

I run a balanced list (in my opinion). 40 termagants, 8 cheap as dirt warriors, 4 little better warriors, 2 shooty fexes (1 dakka, 1 DS/BS), a flyrant (usually shooty), a CC tyrant with 3 guard, and 3 zoans for anti tank threat. Then usually 18 stealers outflanking to take care of basilisks and whatnot. Or i run them in the main force sometimes.

Gaunts give cover to warriors, warriors give cover to MC's. It's beautiful.

And even though Zoanthropes are fairly unreliable for anti tank, just tell your opponent they have a S10 Ap2 shot and he'll keep his tanks away ;)

11-03-2009, 05:17
Thanks guys!

Im thinking of painting my guys Skull White and some sort of pale blue.

As for my list, I don't know the points yet but....

Acid Tyrant
3 Guards, for the cover and the general dangerous pit-bull feel.

3 Warriors hopefully to outflank isolated groups.

2 Carnifexes one CC one shooty

3 Zoanthropes keep my pesky tanks away

16 Genestealers, to outflank

?? Amount of gaunts.

3 0f 6
11-03-2009, 09:19
nice list there.

Mine is as follows;
tyrant- wings, 2 sets of twin linker devourers
another tyrant
2x devourer fex
20 stealers
60 ish gaunts
2 more fex

I may change some of this list up to maybe make it more stealer heavy, and maybe throw at least 2 thropes in.

I agree with the aboves poster's, it would be wise to consult the codex, then find what you want in the most ecconomical way!

11-03-2009, 14:41
great army to choose - provided me lots of fun. In 1500 points I generally run

Tyrant with venom cannon and couple of guard
Carnifex with strangler
3 zoanthropes with synapse and blast
4 raveners
32 termagaunts
25 spinegaunts
20 stealers
broodlord or lictor

not the most competitive of lists but have done pretty well with it and it has a sufficiently swarmy feel about it with plenty of synpase cover

11-03-2009, 15:18
I'm guilty of running nidzilla (a list of 5 Carnis and 1 Flyrant, among other things) though I plan on switching it up to 6 & 2 with countless gaunt swarms. When you get your list going, you would do well to remember a couple things that I have picked up over time:
1. If you plan on playing in a friendly atmosphere your gaming buddies will probably allow you to run a CC nidzilla, as this tends to stack the deck against you.
2. Get a trio of Zoanthroapes - they are one of the most functional units in the game.
3. NEVER forget synapse.