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11-03-2009, 04:50
so i wanted to do another army, and i hate my eldar, and vanilla marines.
i read over the chaos book and i had two options. do a death guard army, or do a thousand sons army. since one of my friends as an amazing death guard army i opted for a thousand sons marine army that i can go to town with on the conversions.
i decided on pre rubric TS's for the conversion factor, but i wanted some advice on fluffy/unfluffy things.
since my army will try to depict the TS's during the heresy, but before the rubric blue-ness would it be unfluffy to have a daemon prince in the army? or if i did have one, would it be ok to model it with the inquisitor range space marine guy converted to look like a TS?

im thinking about the look of the marines, and they will be around 80% imperial looking, with like a sholderpad that is chaos, or some small bit to indicate that they are starting to mutate. also each marine will have a WoC armored helmet with the horns cut off, like the conversions in WD #300.

so far im looking at an army something like this:
daemon prince
10 chaos termies, tzeentch(still painted red/silver though)
15 TS's, sorc champ
15 TS's sorc champ
15 TS's sorc champ
10 havocs
3 Oblits

any complaints on the fluffness(or unfluffyness)?
let me know what you think guys. :)

11-03-2009, 06:31
If you're going for Heresy era I would think that Oblits would be out of character. As I recall weren't they a later development?

11-03-2009, 06:37
You 'could' convert up some kind of "gun platform/ dreadnought" to use their rules, just not the models. You were talking about converting, and perhaps this is an option. Think of the old old dreadnought models from before 2nd ed. (I think it was). They looked nothing like the current dreadnoughts, but more like some kind of robot gun machine. Let me know what you're gonna do (show pics etc) as this sounds like a cool army.

11-03-2009, 06:40
Preheresy Thousand Sons eschewed close combat, prefering to fight their enemies using sorcery and tactics. They had their Egyptian theme going then, so perhaps raid some Tomb Kings bitz for the big curvy swords and sheilds (just for some extra theme).

Stay away from units such as Possessed, Daemons, Defilers, Lascannon Turret Predators, Oblitorators, etc, as much as possible.

I am considering doing a Heresy era Thousand Sons army one day, and I am tossing up the use of Oblitorators as counts-as "Sorcerers", with the weapons representing the potent psychic powers of the Thousand Sons (so powerful in fact, that with the exception of the Plasma weapon powers, none require a psychic test!)

11-03-2009, 16:45
thanks for the feedback. this might actually make me do a short Plog i guess. im really interested in converting the marines a lot. for example my aspiring champs in my TS squads will be dark angels models with a lot of modification. im probably going to do a test model first, then a test squad. and then finish and paint it.

i was reading the chaos book, and i might forego the oblits. but it seems that daemon princes are plausible since it says that DPs were around before the heresy.

11-03-2009, 16:57
Whilst DPs are possible, I'd shy away from them too. Daemonic Princedom usually comes from years, if not centuries, of service to Chaos. The TS were one of the last traitor legions to (consciously at least) turn to Chaos, I see it as very unlikely they'd have any DPs during the heresy (with the possible exception of the Cyclops).

Oliterators should definitely be out.

11-03-2009, 19:06
Take a powerful Tzeench Deamon Prince and convert him into a raging Cyclops... 'nuff said.

11-03-2009, 21:45
I don't understand? are you gonna make a pre-rubric TS army, but include 45 TS Rubric Marines?

Or are they normal Chaos Marines, with an icon of Tzeench and lead by a normal champ?
Or is the champ carying the icon, and you just model him as a Sorc, with a "5+ inv save for the squad"-power?

I mean, pre-rubric there were no Rubic marines per definition, so including them would kinda break your own fluff.

and as Koryphaus pointed out, you could build the oblits as Terminator Sorcs, shooting awesome psybolts of killyness all over. :)