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11-03-2009, 15:26
Just wondering what it is that you most often face/the armies that feature in your gaming group. I think it often helps to see why people have certain outlooks on the game when you see what they are up against and often helps to explain bad/good win ratios.

Plus its just interesting for me to see what other poeple out there are running besides the tourny goers, Warseer members and my own group.

Here is my run down, noting the power elements used in each army;

Vamps - Dreadlance Red Fury Lord, 1Blood Knights 10+ Power
Vamps - Ghoul Horde, 1Varghulf, 1Wraiths, 10+ Power

High Elves - 4 Bolt Thrower, Korhil, 10+ Power
High Elves - Twin Dragon, Dragon Princes, 10+ Power
High Elves - 10+ Power

Dwarfs - Thorek Gunline

Dark Elves - Twin Hydra, 1Shades, 1Manbane Stars Assassin, ASF Blackguard, Dark Rider Core, Monster Lord.

Tomb Kings - Balanced

Orcs and Gobs - Grimgor
Orcs and Gobs - Balanced

Beasts - Khazrak
Beasts - Morghur

Warriors - Balanced

Lizards - 10+ Power

Skaven - 10+ Power

Those are the lists I play against more than once, there are of course a fair few one off lists you face in pick up games against people you dont know, or that perhaps somebody in your group proxies. One of mine has been a 16 Power Kairos list but I only played it once and probably wont see it again so it doesnt go on the list.

Here are my own lists that I take against those lists;

Orcs and Gobs - Balanced, 10 Power
Dogs of War - Balanced
Empire - Arch Lector
Warriors - 14 Power
Warriors - Kholek
Daemons - Herald Nurgle Block [Herald NOT BSB], 1Flesh Hounds, Unclean One, 12+ Power
Daemons - Keeper, 12+ Power, 1Flesh Hounds.

Lord Khabal
11-03-2009, 15:36
I usually play with friends but usually our meta is:
WOC (knights)
DE (dragon)
Dwarfs (gunline)
Empire (balanced)
Lizzies (skinks)
Brettonia (Balanced)
HElves (Balanced)

11-03-2009, 15:45
All my games are against friends, my opponents are;

Daemons- (heavy khorne theme, always Bloodthirster, skulltaker)
TK- balanced
Dwarf- balanced
WoC (lots of magic and knights)
DE- lots of hydras, powerful cold one unit
VC- manfred, magic heavy
VC- similar to above, more cav
HE- 2 dragons, lots of bolt throwers
HE- Khoril, lots of hard infantry (swordmasters), chariots

11-03-2009, 17:14
In our area we are just getting into the warhammer game, but so far
we have a 1 dragon High elf (balanced I think?), Balanced WOC,
Sneaky Skaven, and me lizardmen sauras and skink hord with some heavy back up I hope.

11-03-2009, 17:16
Me- Balanced O&G, Balanced LM
Other guy- Balanced dwarves, plays my LM from time to time.

Cry of the Wind
11-03-2009, 17:28
Last 14 games I've played and remember (with win/loss):

Vampires - Magic heavy ghoul summoning army with Black Knight hammer (1-1)

Daemons of Chaos - Nurgle deathstar with Tallyman and some Flamers (3-2)

High Elves - Teclis army (2-1)

Beasts of Chaos - Tzeentch million power dice army (2-0)

Dwarves - Thorek Gunline (1-0)

Ogres - Um...yeah powerful stuff... (1-0)

As for my own army, I've been experimenting with various Lizardmen builds but most commonly use a Slann with Temple Guard and an EotG as a core. I'm been using Lizardmen for years now and found the new book to be more powerful than the previous one thus my high win/loss ratio.

11-03-2009, 17:44
Hmm, the group is roughly:
High Elves (1)- Teclis or star dragon lists only
Wood elves (2)- not played them
Brets (2)- one peasant heavy, one knight heavy
Tomb Kings- Khalida and double SSC
Orcs and gobbos (4)- balanced
Empire (2) - balanced
Dark Elves (2)- one balanced one tricked out
Vampires (2)- both balanced, one with Konrad
Warriors (2)- one too new to tell, the other balanced Khorne
Daemons (1)- mixed army, retired it due to overpoweredness now collecting BOC
Probably a few more I don't know about.

My armies I play with the group.:
Warriors of Chaos (magic heavy, mixed knights and infantry)
Daemons- Horror heavy Tzeentch army with one nurgle block, retired it due to OP
Lizardmen- Balanced army with slann
High Elves- magic heavy, almost never use it though
Beasts of chaos- Mino heavy- Pure Khorne for a while, but now back to Tzeentch. Haven't played it since the split.

Most of my games were HOC . Some games with the new WOC but now switching to lizardmen with chaos fluff:

11-03-2009, 17:47
Local Opponents:

DoC: Regenerating nurgle blocks

HEs:4 BTs, 4 x 10 swords, 2 fast cav, 2 x 10 archers, L4, 2 x L2s

LM: 2 x 10 skink blocks, slann, TG, 2 x 15 saurus w/ spears, EotG, 5 COKs

DE: Hydra w/ lots of magic, shooting and assasins

OG: balanced w/ lots of fat blocks and about 8 fanatics

VC: Maxed out vamps foot slogger

VC: deathstar

WoC: Balanced, heavy in Knorne

Ogres: 3 butchers w/ lits of bulls and a few gnoblars

Dwarves: gunline

Dwarves: lots of blocks of dudes w/ strollaz

TK: balanced w/ skellies, tomb guard, 2x3 chariots, and 2 catapults

Me: Lizards: OB on carni, EotG, and lots of skink skirmishers and spear saurus
O&G: super horde
O&G: all fast attack
Empire: 3 priests + pope, with lots of dudes, 2 cannons and rocket
Skaven: always lots of dudes, but builds vary by my mood.

11-03-2009, 17:48
DE; Horde+monsters
HE; Teclis, caradryan, dragon princes, swordmasters
Dwarfs; Gunline
WoC; Nurgle warriors + Archaeon
Lizards; Maz + engines + stegs
Beasts; Balanced
Vamps; PD happy
Bretts; peasent heavy
WE; millions of archers
DoC; Mixed chessy list
DoC; Mono-nurgle list
Skaven; SAD list
Orcs; Grimgor+2giants

Skaven; Can use any list but normally use a balanced list involving all the phases
DoC; Mono slaanesh, sometimes a Ld bomb if fighting something cheesed up
TK; 1 king/3 priests, casket/catapault, tombguard with DoE king, plus lots of chariots


11-03-2009, 23:27
I often thank the powers that I don't face teh same armies over and over. The group I play in is pretty large (20+), about half are weekly regulars, and nearly everyone has multiple armies, often built to high point levels to allow for variety.

Currently in my campaign we have:

2xWarriors of Chaos
1xWood Elves
2xDark elves
2xHigh Elves
4xLizardmen (flavor of the month)

The repetitiveness is due to it being a team campaign.

Personally, I spice things up for everyone at my FLGS as I own every army to at least 4K (yes even Chaos Dwarfs-long live tall hats) and never play the same army twice except in tournaments.

11-03-2009, 23:47
- Vampire raising army- 14 PD
- Vampire deathstar army - 10PD (30 regen GG with 3 characters in)
- Skaven SAD - 14PD
- Daemons with 4x 6 hounds + Jugger herald in
- Daemons with 3x 20 Bearers + Heralds, GUO - 9 PD + 4 bounds (3)
-Daemons with Bloodthirster + Juggers
- Dark elf with Black guard, dual hydra, pendant lord, hotek, hydra banner cold ones
- Dark elf very similar but with lvl 4.
- Lizardmen with slaan + 2 EoTG - 12 PD + Free slaans dice
- Grimgor ork army
- 3 or 4 Khorne knight WoC armies
- Thorek gunline
- HE Star Dragon + 4 Bolt throwers

And w/e tournys may bring. Friendly bunch eh :P

12-03-2009, 01:01
Thorek Gunline
DoC - Tzeentch Bluescribes list
DoC - Nurgle deathstar
DE - beasts, ring of Hotek
TK - Khalida bow-line
SAD - 13PD
Lizardmen - fairly balanced

I usually bring WoC either Nurgle magic spam, Slaanesh combat spam or Tzeentch Vilitch spam, also have a DoC Slaanesh bomb list.

12-03-2009, 01:12
Dark Elves: Usually heavy magic with lots of dispel scrolls
Wood Elves: Friendly list
Empire: Competive build, fairly balanced.
Orc n' goblins: Horde, Tournament build
Vampire Counts: Mass ghouls, +10 power dice, no armor

This of course is against my Tomb Kings (only army), which i think is a mostly balanced and some what competive list.

Lord Dan
12-03-2009, 01:45
Me- Balanced O&G, Balanced LM
Other guy- Balanced dwarves, plays my LM from time to time.

That's my kind of gaming group!

12-03-2009, 02:29
WE - minimal forest spirits, ocasionally brings a dragon
DoC - Tzeetch heavy, including the big chicken
WoC - work in progress list-wise, usually khorne and/or nurgle heavy
Kangs - used to play chariot heavy, now experimenting with a casket list
BoC - Khorne and mor Khorne
DE - magic heavy at the moment
Empire - STank and a bunch of knights
LM - was skink heavy, yet to play with new book though
HE - balanced

My most established list a marching dwarf army
Working on a balanced HE, with a lean towards shooty (2 RBT and reaver and seafarer bows in the list) and playing around with a 2 EotG LM list

12-03-2009, 13:30
Let see here....

Empire: Balance of infantry/ranged
Vampire Counts: balanced Infantry
Ogre Kingdoms: mix of bulls & ironguts
Dogs of War: Infantry heavy, backed by a few light cav.

HE: Cavalry
WE: combat heavy - Spirits and dancers
Beasts: Minotaurs
Tomb Kings - archers & light cav, magic heavy
Bretonian - Tons of lance formations
Demons - Slanesh heavy
Dwarves - gunline; heavy infantry
Warriors of Chaos - Khornate, lots of infantry
Orcs & Gobblins - fairly balanced
High Elves - Magic heavy w/ lots of archers
Dark Elves - balanced; monster heavy

All of these armies had been started before 7th edition. Some of the 'Others' armies are owned/played by the same person. There are 6-8 people that play in our group.

The Red Scourge
12-03-2009, 13:38
I've never faced the same list twice, nor used the same list twice.

Sure there are some stable elements, but the people I play with have a tendency to experiment and try out various builds and focuses for their lists.

12-03-2009, 13:59
Our group consists of 6 players and we all have a variety of armies, certainly too many to mention on this page, but we all try to bring balanced lists to the game. I have never seen 2 hydra's even in 3k games, no steamtanks, no RAF or SAD.I suppose I'm lucky in that we all try to have fun, whilst trying to win.

Panzer MkIV
12-03-2009, 14:02
This is what I face regulary (we don't allow special characters with a few exceptions like the Troll King)

Deamons: balanced
Deamons: balanced
Empire: balanced
Orcs and Goblins: infantry horde
Warriors of Chaos: Mono Khorne (mix of infantry and cavalry)
Warriors of Chaos: Mono Tzeentch (infantry and magic with around 10 dice)
Dark elves: balanced
High elves: balanced
Skaven: balanced or horde style
Vampire Counts: Magic heavy
Tomb Kings: balanced
Lizardmen: balanced
Wood Elves: Only elves (no tree spirits)

I guess I can count myself lucky:)

12-03-2009, 23:34
Don't you all tire of playing the same armies over and over?

From many of the posters it appears that their opponents play the (nearly) exact same list every time they play (ex: 10 PD, Tzeentch motals, mostly mounted with altar (or something like that)).

I would shoot myself. It's like one big long tournament. Is it that unusual for a gaming group to have multiple players with multiple armies each?

Off the top of my head, there is exactly one (1!) player in our group with only one army, of about twenty players. The norm is around three-five armies each.

Is the main factor age? In my group The median age is likely around 30-34. We have one "kid" who hangs around, he's a senior in high school and only has three armies... Nearly everyone else is mid-twenties or higher, and I am one of 7 with a family.

I'd be curious to see what the age range is and the median age for the groups are as well.

13-03-2009, 00:01
See. As the store i play at still sticks to the old 1,500-2,000 pt system with none of this new fangled 2,750 for fantasy and 1,750 40K nonsense (where did that come from anyway?) most of the lists are fairly balanced and standard. Its quite hard to sufficiently cheese out alot of the armies at these point levels. Unless of course you take Thorek (which no-one does) for dwarfs or some of the sillier HElf lists.

The exception are of course VC and Deamons. Lists which you must actively try not to beard to the hilt.

13-03-2009, 10:26
See. As the store i play at still sticks to the old 1,500-2,000 pt system with none of this new fangled 2,750 for fantasy and 1,750 40K nonsense (where did that come from anyway?) most of the lists are fairly balanced and standard.

I think it's an american thing, bigger is better... or a teenage spotty kids take all the shiny stuff. I think its neither great nor challenging either, smaller games are much more challenging, especially as you need to really think about army construction.

But no topic, we're just starting up wfb after playing FoW and 40K for ages, so lots of starting up armies. Though the vets of wfb, have
BoC - minotaur heavy (though he's not fielded it yet)
O&G - boarboy heavy, but fairly balanced
Drawf - fairly balanced
(Me) HE - mixed and fairly typical HE with no dragons

Lord Dan
14-03-2009, 01:10
I think it's an american thing, bigger is better

I both resent and agree with your statement wholeheartedly. :)

16-03-2009, 14:58
See. As the store i play at still sticks to the old 1,500-2,000 pt system with none of this new fangled 2,750 for fantasy and 1,750 40K nonsense (where did that come from anyway?)
We usually play 1000, 1500, 2000, or 3000 point lists in our group. Of course, our campaign games see lists from 400 points to 3500... sometimes all in the same battle.

16-03-2009, 15:03
new fangled 2,750 for fantasy

I thought it was 2250 for WHFB?

The idea was that after the 4 characters(which basically all players took because they are a bargain for their points and generally define how your army will play) many armies looked too small or similar. The idea behind the extra 250pts was always to get that unit that you just couldn't squeeze into your normal 2k force and hopefully open up some variety amongst armies. Did it work?
Well, the armies certainly are larger than before...