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11-03-2009, 17:40
Running a Troll king army so I just wanted to verify some questions about stupidity.

Can a chaos character use Bload curdling Roar when he is in a unit that fails Stupidity? Just wondering because I don't know if it is a shooting attack (No BS needed to hit) or something that just happens in the shooting phase?

If a unit fails its Stupidity and crashes into another unit during compulsory
moves: Can that unit that got crashed into shoot? Spefically Troll king's vomit template attack, character with Bloodcurdling roar, and Kholek"s lightning attack.

Any feed back is much appreciated.


Nurgling Chieftain
11-03-2009, 17:43
Any attack performed in the shooting phase should be considered a shooting attack.

I'm pretty sure stupidity says pretty specifically what a unit cannot do if it's blundered into by a stupid unit, but I don't remember it off-hand.

11-03-2009, 17:57
The rule book just says that "both units are pinned in place for the rest of fthe movement phase and niether may move further."

Nothing about shooting or any other phases.

Nurgling Chieftain
11-03-2009, 18:45
In that case the unit blundered into may shoot as normal. ...Heck, they even count as stationary. ;)