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11-03-2009, 18:48
I'm starting a warhammer club for my pupils and I want to set up a few easy play 750 pt lists for them to learn the rules through. I'm working on an ork list, an army with which I have no experience, and I just wanted to get some advice on my last 100 or so points:

War Boss, Cybork, boss poll.

5 Nobz

12 boyz, nob, power klaw, boss poll, big shoota, trukk with wrecking ball and red paint.

18 boyz, nob, power klaw, boss poll, big shoota.

3 death koptas with rokkits

Do I now bolster the nobz up to ten and trick them out a bit? Or do I take a large mob of grots so that there's four scoring units? I'm inclined for the later because it ecourages them to think tactically rather than violently, but I have no idea how grots hold up under pressure or wat they're like to play with.

Or should I do something completely different perhaps involving war bikes.

Remember this is to teach them to play rather than to crush all before them, hence the lone trukk with the big bulls eye on it.

They'll be playing against vanilla marines, IG and very CC heavy Lost and the Damned

It occurs to me writing this out that the one thing playing orks isn't going to teach them is to spell.

11-03-2009, 19:04
Either drop the Nobz entirely or trick them out with PKs. At the moment your kids are going to look at them and go 'OH COOL WOW' and then two minutes later realise they're not really all that good (plus the PKs are way more 'Orky').

Large mob of grots sounds good, they're invaluable as a scoring unit and will be serve nicely as a demonstration of the sacrificial unit principle. (on top of that they make lovely objective holders in capture & control).

I'd pick up some bikes, because they're cool and visually very attractive, or another Trukk mob and drop the Nobz entirely - Trukks are loads of fun, but with the current list every game is going to consist of 'oh my AV10 vehicle just got popped by bolters, now I have a lone mob running around with no transport). You might want to thicken up the 18-strong mob a bit too, with Horde armies it's really about the bigger the better and you don't want your kids to think everything plays like marines. ;)

11-03-2009, 19:19
So I am guessing that you are getting (or have) the AoBR box for the ork models. Give the Nobs some PK's (as already mentioned) and maybe squeeze in some more ork boyz to give them that true horde feeling. Then mix it up later by switching out for the bikes or small loota units. Good all around setup thats not too aggressive.

Being that you plan to do pitch against some IG, Lost and the Dammned, and SM army in the mix, throw in a good amount of vehicles if you can for each (such as Sentinels, SM Speeders, Deff Dread/Killa Kans). Don't need to be too heavy to destroy, just to make the games more balanced/fun to play for each of your pupils.:)

Tell whoever the ork player is to yell "WAAAGGHHH!!" before each turn. ;)