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11-03-2009, 20:45
Hiya, I use ebay a fair bit (both selling and buying) and I'd always wondered if I'd ever see any of my sales turn up again. Well, whilst traipsing through the bloodbowl section, what do I find but this:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170309133090&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.ebay.co.uk%3A80%2F%3F_from%3D R40%26_trksid%3Dm38%26_nkw%3D%2B170309133090%26_fv i%3D1&_rdc=1

It's an Ogre I definitely converted and sold as part of a team (probably last summer). I picked up loads of Morg n Thorgs in the old sale days for 1 a blister, and intended to convert them all up and enter them into GD one day. Last summer I realised I'd never get around to it and sold them. I can tell it's mine because the leg's made of balsa wood, the top knot's a horse's tail and there's a very badly sculpted fur loincloth going on there!

Good to see he finally got painted though. Has anyone ever come across their former belongings on here/ebay? If so, what state has it been in?

Angry Lawyer
11-03-2009, 21:33
I've seen a lot of stuff get bought, stripped, and then relisted for five times the original value.

-Angry Lawyer

The Judge
11-03-2009, 21:49
Sold my Black Templar army, fully painted for 400. Saw it resold individually by squad and character, for around 50 a unit (15 a character). I lost a lot of potential money there.

11-03-2009, 23:09
I'm guilty of this except I was the guy who bought the army and then later put 'em back on Ebay.

I bought a bunch of painted and unpainted Praetorian Guard however when I got out of the hobby I sold them back to Ebay. Gotta love auctions.

12-03-2009, 07:59
Not Ebay but I made lots of terrain over the years and sold it at Historicon.
I often see a piece of it here and there in the conventions flea market for resale.

12-03-2009, 10:34
A lot of my 4th ed Dark Elf stuff was bought up by a guy who had a retro model e-store.

What can you do? I got what I needed from it and its his time to resell it all. Probably made a fair whack off me, but such is life.

12-03-2009, 19:11
I paid a guy to paint a small 400 point 40K force for me about four years ago. Last year I stuck it on eBay and it ended up that it was he who bought it off me. He'd spotted them on sale and thought he'd like them back after all the effort he'd spent on them.

12-03-2009, 22:07
not seen it sold, but I have seen it enter painting competitions grmble...

12-03-2009, 23:09
I buy old minis from a particuliar friend all the time. He is terrible at assembling stuff and get bored very fast of is ugly miniatures, so he sells them to me at a huge discount. I just need to repair and trade or sell them locally for cheap, I still make money and it helps me buy more minis for my personal use. I always make it very clear that the minis are far from mint, so it's not like I'm trying to rip buyers off and they can see the minis in person before paying.

13-03-2009, 23:19
"Ever seen your old stuff up for sale again?"

I think for that to happen I would have to sell something, which isn't going to happen because it's mine!

Scryer in the Darkness
14-03-2009, 20:03
Not only have I seen my own stuff on eBay, but I've bought it as well! (Part of an army someone was selling) And then sold it again! (Didn't need that particular model) Oh, did that tickle me. :D :D :D

EDIT - And the tale of it's condition: I originally bought the model on eBay fairly cheaply as it was in a rough and ready state and one of the weapons was broken. I repaired the weapon and gave it a nice new paintjob. It served in my army for a couple of years (character model) and then I sold it on eBay as it had become superfluous my needs. Got a decent price for it as it was well painted. About a year later I saw it in an army on eBay I was interested in buying, and I got it for a good price. The same weapon was broken again and one of the small parts I had originally used to repair was missing... luckily I had an identical part in my bits box as I had used before! :D A couple of small touch ups on the paintjob and back onto eBay where it got a decent price again as it was (still) well painted! :D

15-03-2009, 05:43
"Ever seen your old stuff up for sale again?"

I think for that to happen I would have to sell something, which isn't going to happen because it's mine!

What mweaver said, with cheese, pickles and a large helping of NEVARRRR!!!!

The thought is tantamount to human trafficking; no one may purchase my miniatures for they are plastic* and metal** like any human and thus protected by a big mallet (or the Human Rights convention, I get confused). Kidnapping is right out.

* Most of our dry weight is hydrocarbons
**Or Calcium (a metal)


15-03-2009, 11:26
Yeah ive seen a few of my items crop back up here and there on ebay - mainly my paint forgeworld stuff.

Its a moving market though the wargames industry and supply and demand - what someone doesnt want someone will happily take off there hands and vice versa.

Ebay will always be a place gamers, collectors etc always use to find a cheap bargain or better pricing on that either the highstreet, carboot, bring and buy etc - Its here to stay!

15-03-2009, 20:37
I keep seeing items, think about bidding, then go and check the seller details and find out it's someone I know in RL, which does save on postage :)