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11-12-2005, 11:59
It speaks for itself, so I won't say no more:


please, show your interest

12-12-2005, 04:01
that said Im not sure if its out in the US yet
and its availiblity here is also questionable

that said I do rather like the moves the reactions help to balance out a single awesome model getting all the actions and rampaging through the line

12-12-2005, 07:59
I didn't see that. Sorry. But Infinity if great, in Poland we have it so I think that it can be anywhere... the game is balanced, and it's really nice tacticwise ;)

13-12-2005, 12:28
Infinity is at least coming to the US, if iit's not here yet. The Warstore had them on pre-order the last time I was there.

14-12-2005, 18:43
I love the models, just waiting on them! I like the squad based rules and action counters as well. Also it's d20.

17-12-2005, 07:19
ok,just recently played first proxgame.
i can say that the game is fun, and a lot better that 40k when it comes to detalied stuff...but.they say that in the main ruelbook it will change,but right now HMG is be all-end all of weaponry(well,maybe except missile launcher)-4 shots,absurdly long range, hight strenght,and comes in bucketloads.

17-12-2005, 07:37
yeah, but remember that It's balanced to full version, not to QSrules.

17-12-2005, 10:27
yea,thats why i'm not screaming "cheese" yet:angel:
i know they said they will tone it down,so maybe orc with multirifle will be actually a viable choice(one point cheaper then the HMG one...I'm underwhelmed to say the least)

17-12-2005, 20:46
Hopespeople will play it in Poland ;) - In Katowice I'm thinking of making small gaming group just for it :D Love Yu Jing for life !!!

But seriously - how the game plays - i'm rather amused by the fact that one model can make all the actions - wouldnt it be better that each and every model would get extra stat like nimblnes or something like that - that would mesure how many oreders he can take ??? Or at least orders would have to be conserved because were used in the reaction part of the enemy phase ???

Out of curiosyti - when fule rules are coming out and are we all playing Yus or its just my imagination :D ???

17-12-2005, 22:30
as for players-well, there are at least three of us from poland in this thread alone;) , i know one more from reallife,so,the game wil have some fanbase if we can extrapolate form this little data.
as for orders-after today's game(nr2-Pan vs Ari)-ARO with missile launcher is insane, even more that the caarsed HMG.ARO's should have some sort of limit, right now it's more possible that you'll get shot yourself when trying to shoot from Order.
overall-still enjoyable,but both players must swear bloodoaths of no powergaming,or the game becomes unplayable.
oh.Panoceania rules the waves, no chinese noodles for me;)

17-12-2005, 22:52
i think it will get corrected in the final book :D as i can sense thay are still developing it.

18-12-2005, 08:21
heh that's nice, naprawdę :P :P :P
Polish forum(the strongest one on Infinity subject) http://forum.mythos.pl/viewforum.php?f=68&sid=71669fbdaeac471e2db145d27fa589c7

I'm The Guardian Of This Part Of Polish Forum so be nice :P :D

24-12-2005, 20:04
I just placed a big order for everything that was released. Can't wait to see the models. The new Commandos and Adriana Highlanders look amazing, too!

24-12-2005, 20:55
wow there's a fanatic... :P anyway, somehow I understand you very well... the game is fantastic, minis are one of the best I've seen...

25-12-2005, 14:35
Definitely the best scifi miniatures I have seen in a long time.

25-12-2005, 14:41
Saw some Infinity minis in Static Games earlier this week..... Is it all in such a large (almost Inquisitor) scale or was the guy I saw meant to be huge ?

Still..... one of the staff thought it was a damned good game........ might have to try it ;)

25-12-2005, 14:49
I think the guy you saw was meant to be huge, because there are some big robot mech looking things, probably the Armored Cavalry-Tactical armored Gear. The rest of the human miniatures should be in 28mm.

25-12-2005, 15:04
I saw some quad bots as well.... they were pretty large too..... but those two small boxes were all they had. 28mm is probably a better size though, heheh.

25-12-2005, 17:55
Same size comparisons, posted on Battlefied Berlin sometime ago.

ORC trooper <-> GW space marine (http://www.battlefield-berlin.de/INF_06.jpg)
GW marine <-> Vet Kazak <-> some VOID fig (http://www.battlefield-berlin.de/INF_07.jpg)
GW marine <-> Line Kazaks (http://www.battlefield-berlin.de/INF_08.jpg)

To me the scale seems much closer to 30mm than the official 28mm. But who cares! The figs are awesome!

25-12-2005, 19:43

What sized battles have you been playing? What is the standard size, about how many models per side?

For army composition do you want a little of everything and a balanced force?

25-12-2005, 20:44
We triad to keep 200 maximum as in qs book, but last time we hit 260, to check a little of everything. But I think that bigger battles should wait until full rules are buyable ;)

26-12-2005, 00:40
That makes sense. My gaming group was thinking 150-200 depending on what we will have painted up.

26-12-2005, 21:16
and I don't even have minis :P we just test it cause we're w8n' for full set of rules - mins are now my secondary hobby so I have low budget ;)

27-12-2005, 16:53
Ahhh okay. I just got a shipment of the minis in the mail. They are amazingly sculpted, definitely worth it. And from what I see, you only need a small force so it's not that expensive.

11-01-2006, 15:17
Hi Guys,

I just joined the Forum.

Just so you know, Infinity miniatures are available in the Us at http://www.fantization.com and at http://www.basementminis.com

I also am looking for Infinity players in New York. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

19-01-2006, 15:38
you are all invited to forum especially for infinity players!
there is a decent number of people interested in so far the best skirmish I've seen

19-01-2006, 15:42
This is a Djanbazan with HMG. This figurine will be released in March.


19-01-2006, 15:46
haha - Charles - I can play with you I always wanted to see NY... :D come to Infinity forum There you can find somebody easier than here

19-01-2006, 16:20
I am already registered. My username is SPK. So far, I didn't find any Infinity players in New York City.

I am French and I came back to France for Christmas. I realized that this game is getting really popular over there. I have the felling that it is not the case in the US yet.

19-01-2006, 16:45
I suppose it's because in U.S. there is strong WH40k group - in France there are lots of Confrontation players which is also skirmish, but fantasy skirmish so there is no[or less] competition. And GW is difficult to fight for customer with :roll:
Come to Poland... we have players here :D

Hey, ya've got one on Infinity !!

20-01-2006, 08:34
I'm definitely ordering some of these. They look fantastic. And a cursory read of the rules shows a lot of promise.

20-01-2006, 08:46
yeah it's great. if you need assistance you can fin id on their forum

22-01-2006, 18:51
Do the starter sets come with the QS rules? I want a hardcopy but don't want to kill my ink cartridge.

The shop I work at just ordered the Pan Oceana and Yu-Jing lines off of Wargames. Figs look incredible, can't wait to get them.

22-01-2006, 18:55
I find the Infinity site a bit confusing.

Anyone fancy posting a brief overview of the game...the minis look prety cool, but how many models in an army? Factions? Anytning...?


22-01-2006, 19:10
There's everything in english on the site, also on the forum http://www.infinitythegame.com/foro/forum/index.php
If you click on the ring with army name below, you're on the site for this army. And there you have fluff written for the army and buttons 'more' and 'gallery' - and more shows you more arts while gallery shows you all models produced for the army. The ones updated are Yu Jing, Ariadna & PanOceania.
If you want rules you will find them under 'quick start rules and walpapers' button on main page infinitythegame.com
If you want more fluff just click 'personnal guide to human sphere' on the main page.

I don't understand how anyone can have problems with the interface. And what's the point in rewriting what they wrote on main page and forum.

I created this topic for people to know about Infnity and gather in a place that unites almost all infinity fans, which is great because on that forum you can speak your native language whichever that is with your fiends, or in english and spanish with infinity staff.

Factions: 6 Nomad, Yu Jing, Ariadna, E.I, Panoceania, Haqqislam.
models in an army? I don't know whether you're speaking about existing or average on the table

22-01-2006, 19:13
Just average on the table... how does it compare to 40K, army size...?

Thanks for replying, and the link...

I'll have another go at the site...


22-01-2006, 19:17
A *big* game will have 20 models per side, but people are finishing their 10-15 model games in half an hour. So I'm guess you could easily do a much, much larger game in under 2 hours.

I typed out a much larger post detailing what I saw as the highlights of the system, but the internet ate it, so here's a short version:

1) Reaction firing -- every time any enemy model carries out an action in your line of fire, you can react. You can shoot, dodge and probably a few other options too.

2) Shooting is deadly -- no charging across an open field to stick someone with a pointy stick because it's more effective than the guns you're carrying. Not only is shooting deadly if your enemy only had their turn to shoot, but every time you move during your turn, they can shoot again. You pretty much need to use real world tactics to neutralize the enemy's ability to cover lanes of fire, and then move as needed. There are some very sneaky units that have light bending camo (like predator) and orders where your guys crawl on their bellies (or sneak or something like that) from cover to cover.

3) The order system lets you choose who's useful or not -- every model gives an order, but you spend them where you want them and can give any model as many orders as you like. Each order done in enemy line of fire triggers a reaction though. So you can't just give all your orders to close combat guys and have them run across the whole table. You'll want to combine your guys and use squad level teamwork to get the job done.

4) There are no superheroes. A well placed bullet in the skull will take everyone down. There are some pretty impressive units as far as technological advancements in firepower and armour are concerned though. The robotic drones and suits can take a bit of firepower. You'll have some specialists that have some very, very unique abilities.

5) Hacking -- as there are drones and communications nets, you can have hackers. They can do things like delay reinforcements, cause robots to freeze up until they reboot/reset or even take over their function in a very limited way (though they can still reboot and turn on the hacker at a moment's notice). Hackers are communications specialists that will likely be useful in both offensive and defensive roles.

22-01-2006, 19:32
the cheapest soldier is 6pts, the most expensive 93. Base infantry costs about 10, heavy infantry about 40, super heavy suits about 90. Quick start rules are for 100-200 so it's about 8-16 minis. Battles to 500 should be like 2000 in 40k. It's a skirmish, not a battle game.

23-01-2006, 10:49
I kind of found the rulebook to be poorly proof-read and hard to read. The layout was snazzy looking, but hard to read none the less. The miniatures were interesting, as was the artwork, but the background material seemed a bit mediocre or bland.

I'd try it out if some of my friends started playing it.


23-01-2006, 11:16
you know, they were in a hurry to give us some previevs and ther aren't brilliant in english. They did their best, and gave us a lot of free stuff before actually selling the game, which is truly unique nowadays. So I would w8 with review for full game, which is IMO going to be great.

23-01-2006, 11:27
Which country are they based in?

Anyway, I can forgive bad grammar to a certain extent (since it's QS rules), but in the finished product, they should have it strapped up. As for the layout, there are some nice principles about how to make a readable text and yet retaining some sort of style. These guys went out to hard.

But don't get me wrong, I wasn't attempting a review or anything. I just expressed my experiences with what I'd seen so far. And notably, the miniatures and the artwork is impressive.


23-01-2006, 11:47
All I said - this is trial, it's free and quick written. Im sure they will have pro to translate it when they sell it, they are really reliable as I can say after mail exchange and writing on their forum.

They are from Spain.

23-01-2006, 18:56
I wound up taking the .pdf to kinkos and having them print it out, and it's MUCH easier to read on paper. The layout is a little bit off in that armor saves are described at the beginning, before you know what they're really talking about, how you take damage is described at the end, and the amount of acronyms is a bit mind numbing on the first read-through. Still, they're just QS rules (I'm hoping for better in the main book) and they actually look pretty solid. I have yet to play the game, but I like what I see.

23-01-2006, 21:07
The translation into English isn't the best. It is readable though. And the way they always refer to things by their proper term in captial letters lets you know exactly what they're talking about. You know they're talking about reactions with they put ARO, for example.

25-01-2006, 19:53
Anyone when the newest releases will be in the US stores? Like the Hospitalers, Yu Jing Mech and Tiger soldiers and Ariadna Highlanders?

25-01-2006, 22:43
wargames just got the january releases this week, so probably this time next month is when you'll see hospitalers and such.

05-05-2006, 03:03
I just bought the boxed set for the Yu Jing here in the US and love the minis! I'm really sick of GW but they were the few good scifi figs out there. still reading rules and hope to play game soon. got my friend to get haqislam to so i have somebody to fight. Hope to talk more about it.